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Trudeau “Hex” Dooms Zelensky

Justin Trudeau Canada’s bumbling woke Prime Minister made a surprise visit to Ukraine over the weekend. Trudeau arrived in Kiev on Sunday to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Of course both of them have the mutual patronage of Claus Schwab.

Stage Performances Don’t Win Wars

Zelensky has enough problems of his own right now with the war going badly against Russian forces and increasing dissatisfaction at home with his handling of affairs as he fights a war of words on the international stage which has little or no impact on the battleground at home. Somebody should tell him that stage performances don’t win wars, but then he is an actor. Many see Trudeau as a “Hex” because of his mishandling of the truckers in Ottawa and his subsequent sudden climb down when the bankers put pressure on him following his interference with people’s accounts that caused a run on the banks.

Trudeau’s Jackboot generals

Then there is the mutual embarrassment of the Russians capture of a top Canadian general whom they caught trying to sneak away from the Azov Neo Nazi bunker in Mariupol. He will come in handy to the Russians for horse trading later. There is reported to be still one more Canadian general trapped inside. Does their presence reflect Trudeau’s true political leanings which it seems to with his jackboot handling of the truckers in Canada? Is he a secret Nazi?

One way or another he is regarded by many as a “Hex” or bad luck to everybody he encounters. That plus blundering Canadian general’s getting caught in Ukraine is the last thing Zelensky needs right now.


The First Casualty of War

The Canadian general who was captured in Mariupol was running a bio weapons lab with thirty five people under his command is now being transferred back to Moscow for a war crimes trial. Neither the Canadian media, nor indeed the West’s media will breathe a word of this or the reality of what is really going on in Ukraine. The first casualty of war is indeed the truth.

Russian soldiers take away captured Canadian general for transference to Moscow


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