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500 Modular Homes for Undocumented Migrants and Refugees in Killarney Creates Crisis

Killarney has seen its population increase by more than 30% as the state plants huge numbers of undocumented random migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Ireland’s showcase tourist town. Local people are now “afraid to walk the streets” where increasing harassment from migrants are terrorising the locals in what until recently was one of Irelands friendliest and safest towns. 

Apartheid Irish Style

People are waiting for what seems for ever for housing in Irish communities, towns and cities, while in Killarney at least 500 modular homes will be handed to random refugees, with no questions asked. This is also happening to communities, villages and towns as the government implements the globalist plantation agenda. For those who think this is a conspiracy theory go and ask the people in Kinnegad or Killarney. Meanwhile, any locals wanting to build traditional or modular homes have to go through expensive and painful planning permission processes. There is no chance of a local authority house if you are Irish. This is apartheid Irish style.

Red Carpet for Migrants

Local politicians in Killarney, Co. Kerry, are highlighting the apparent preferential treatment given to refugees. It is red carpet treatment for migrants all the way. According to Killarney authorities, not a single house is being built for local people waiting on the housing list for years across the whole of Killarney, but hundreds of modular homes for migrants will be built there in the near future. Meanwhile not a word from government as their globalist inspired plantation of Ireland goes on at an accelerating pace.

Ukrainians Out Random’s In

Killarney has hosted Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the crisis, and there was an outcry a month ago when without notice well settled Ukrainian families were told they would be moved to Mayo to make way for asylum seekers from other countries.

There has been a surge of migrants from countries not experiencing war, such as Nigeria and Albania, arriving to Ireland after the announcement that anyone claiming asylum would be guaranteed their own door accommodation after 4 months together with a multiplicity of other supports and benefits amounting to inducements.

Migrant Hooligans

Recently a video of young males harassing local women has gone viral on social media. The perpetrators engaged in threatening and abusive behaviour when a local man stepped in to protect the women. The Gardai, the media and the politicians invariably turn a blind eye to such behaviour in their desire to facilitate the globalist plantation agenda.

Cllr Marie Maloney told a recent meeting of the Killarney Municipal District that: “I know for a fact that there are people actually afraid to walk the streets or walk down along the road. I’m not being dramatic. I’m telling you the truth.”

Another councillor, Dónal Grady said that: “They (the planted migrants) are the ones causing all the trouble. They are not respecting our town. There are people afraid to walk down the Park Road.”

The “Racism” Slur No Longer Works

International Protection seekers is what the authorities are calling the trouble making migrant hoodlums (which they would be called if they were Irish). Locals expressing their concerns for their own safety are being completely ignored by the authorities who brand them as racists to shut them up. “That worked for a while” one young man said “but we have had enough and we will have to organise to protect the community because the authorities wont”.

Community Destruction

The numbers of migrants planted in Killarney has now exceeded 3,200, in a town with a previous population of just 10,360. Up to 40% of the tourist beds in Irelands premier tourist town have now been requisitioned by the state to provide accommodation for undocumented migrants,

Is Killarney next March going to be a major tourist destination or a direct provision centre? Big accommodation providers in Killarney are going to have to be asked that question,” Independent councillor Brendan Cronin asked.

A Tourist Town or Dumping Ground

Local businesses are becoming increasingly fearful that tourists and tour operators will cease to see Killarney as a desirable destination with so much tourist accommodation no longer available and the towns safe friendly image becoming tarnished by the hooligans taking over the streets at night. Killarney’s future is either that of a tourist town or a dumping ground. Business owners say that they are angry that the government did not engage in local consultation before flooding the town with busloads of migrants and refugees. They engaged in their globalist plantation agenda with military precision and stealth.


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