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A Thousand Ukrainians Face Eviction from Hotels Owed Millions – Irish Taxpayer to Foot the Bill

Over a thousand Ukrainian refugees and others claiming to be Ukrainians are facing eviction from Irish hotels that are owed millions of euros in payment arears by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth. The Department can organise everything except payment on time. The hotels are being left with no other option as there is no sign of payment.

The Long Term Damage

Meanwhile tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees and other dubious migrants continue to be housed in Irish hotels. This is crippling the Irish tourist industry as well as inflicting a multi-million-euro drain on the Irish taxpayer. There has not been any government attempt to evaluate the long term effects on the tourist industry, the hotel industry and the communities that are being dumped on. The entire project is being conducted in secrecy like a military operation. Maybe that is what it is. There seems to be no accountability.

The Cheque is Not in the Post

The Department is to increase staff numbers in its accounts section and hoped to have outstanding payments dealt with as quickly as possible. That is what hoteliers are being told. Meanwhile the cheque is not in the post nor is it likely to be any time soon. Some hoteliers say they have had to borrow money to keep operating as a result of not being paid by the Department.

Irelands Homeless Ignored

While the scandal of Irelands ten thousand of their own long term homeless people remain ignored as they have been for years the government is fast tracking the building modular housing only for Ukrainians. They are even redirecting some badly need and overdue social housing projects designed for Irish people to house Ukrainians.

Popular Resistance is Building

The government is ramping up the plantation of Ukrainian and other dubious refugees throughout the country. As a result, popular resistance is building to boiling point, particularly in rural communities, villages and towns where Irish citizens are increasingly expressing their growing frustration and anger to the point that they no longer fear being condemned as “racist” by the bought and paid for government controlled media. Meanwhile the government continue to inflict their globalist agenda on Irish communities. As Yates said “The centre cannot hold” as people are being abused by what they increasingly see as ungrateful intruders. The Gardaí ignore complaints of crime and abuse under government orders in order to avoid the statistics that would embarrass the government. “The centre cannot hold


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