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A Future Based on the Best from the Past Blended With New Ideas

Ireland is under attack from several crises and from several flanks. Look at the facts and the evidence behind the serious crises in Ireland today. They cannot be ignored and should not be ignored. The Irish nation and the Irish people are being sacrificed, mistreated and destroyed to serve Globalist interests. Politicians such as Michael Martin have rejected Irish national sovereignty and continue to act against it. A disgraceful speech by Irish political leader, Michael Martin, where he rejects and opposes Irish national sovereignty is indicative of this.

Replacing the Party System

The above is a paraphrased introduction to a new alliance of politically minded Independents throughout Ireland who have come together to form a new kind of political organisation. They go under the banner of “Nationalist Anti Corruption Independents.” Do not mistake that name for another anti everything but pro nothing bunch of protestors. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A Proactive Alliance

A proactive alliance of likeminded people would better describe them. They are certainly thinking outside the stale old party system box. Their system is not based on the political party system but rather on the mantainance of their individual integrity rather than being bound by the party whip system which they believe is compromising to the point of being anti democratic. They plan to field a large number of independent candidates in future elections. What binds them together is the recognition that by working together with the cohesive front similar to a political party to offer the electorate a set of agreed policies and a viable alternative to the same old stale parties with their empty promises they will continue to remain independent of party whips and other constraints. Independent groupings working together within Leinster House may have influenced them but their views are closer to those patriots seeking office in the 1919 election that led to the formation of Dáil Éireann. It is certainly refreshing to see the principles of our founding fathers forming the core of their philosophy. I will let them speak for themselves with the following extract from their website.

Nationalist Anti Corruption Independents is an Alliance of Independents around Ireland. This alliance is based on core principles and values and on serving the ordinary people of Ireland and restoring Democracy, Sovereign rights, Constitutional rights and Human rights in Ireland and bring in Full Accountability for all state employees and politicians, judges, the banks and corporate sector and end slavery in its many forms. We follow in the tradition of the First Dáil of 1919 and the 1916 leaders pictured above, and the tradition of Daniel O’Connell, Wolfe Tone, Emmet, Parnell, Stephens, Devoy, Kickham, O’Leary, Pearse, Clarke, Connolly, McDonagh, Collins, Breen, Brugha, MacEoin, Barry, Flanagan, Griffith, Hyde, Browne, McBride, Costello, Aiken, Lemass, De Valera, Hume, and others who worked for a more democratic, free, independent sovereign and just nation for all Irish nationals and citizens and work against corruption and injustices. These leaders from the past are the inspiration for us and we will continue their unfinished work in modern Ireland.

Core Principles and Policies

We are an Alliance of Independents around Ireland. Independents in this Alliance agree on certain Core Principles and Policies and form an alliance on this basis. This will govern voting pacts when elected at local level and national and EU levels. Local issues and Issues outside the Core Principles and Policies will be left to the personal conscience of each Independent. Independents will canvass on the basis of;

(i)                 Local issues – which are of great importance to ordinary people in each Constituency and deliver on these when elected. This will be facilitated via voting alliances and pacts with other elected Independents and politicians.

(ii)               (ii) National issues – will involve agreement on Core Principles and Policies which affect the Nation as a whole, and deliver on these when elected. And this will be facilitated via voting alliances and pacts with other elected Independents and politicians in Dail Eireann, the Seanad and in city and county councils.
(iii) Large numbers of elected Independents – in an Alliance can form a government in Dail Eireann and also form governments in local councils within counties.
(iv) Strategic cooperation in legal and court cases and political issues – by many cumanns, county groups, and national groups to defend Constitutional rights, Democratic rights, Human rights, Civil rights and Sovereign people rights in the courts and help end corruption in the legal system and state bodies.
Real sovereignty can only be gained from winning court cases, winning referendums, winning parliamentary votes, winning elections, and develop a strong political opposition in the form of independents who can win elections and win over the hearts and minds of the people and nation.

(v) Inform the public – how political parties are dictatorships serving their own pocket, the elite and Globalists and are the root causes of the problems in Ireland and around the world

There is a Balance between serving the local Constituency and serving the Nation as a whole. This Alliance provides strong and effective policies which can radically change Ireland for the better while providing flexibility to Independents to serve their constituents and their Constituency.

Independents have the power to make promises and keep promises to voters and constituents and deliver on these promises when elected. And to serve the people who vote for them. The main political parties cannot do this as they have become compromised, misdirected, corrupted and are dictatorships run by party leaders and their cronies who serve elitist interests and globalist interests. They constantly break election promises and ignore, fob off and betray the voters who voted for them. You may have experienced this yourself. We aim to replace the corrupt party system which has destroyed Ireland. We are actively replacing the corrupt party system in many counties of Ireland, building a national alliance of independents in all counties who will run against and defeat the corrupt political parties in elections. This national alliance is spread across many counties and this will give us the numbers to contest elections across Ireland and the high numbers of elected politicians to form governments or be a dominant part of coalition governments.

Corrupt party leaders are dictators and they use the party whip to enforce obedience and dictatorship on all party members and to bulldoze laws and policies through which benefit the leader’s and party’s donors and financial backers – the corrupt elite and Globalists and their lobbyists. The leaders and their cronies force party members to ignore corruption and not speak up against it. This is a well known fact and was exposed in several state tribunals in the past. Charles Haughey was only the tip of the iceberg, there were and are far worse politicians than him. Men and women who would sell out their country and people to Globalists for money, property, and wealth.

Political parties are dictatorships ; there is no room for dissent in the party or for serving the people and the voters. There are many examples of elected politicians being expelled from political parties or being threatened with such.

Our Main Objectives

We are an alliance of Independents whose Main Objectives are to end corruption and slavery and promote sovereignty, democracy and justice, through implementing the following:
(a) Expose corruption and fight, prosecute and end corruption throughout Irish society. Enforce Full Accountability especially in the state sector, in government and the Dail, and the financial sector. Reverse the damage caused by this corruption and injustices which affect many areas of Irish society. Full Accountability is essential for Democracy
(b) Solve the High Inflation crisis, High House prices, High Rents, High Fuel prices, Hospitals crisis, etc. through ending the creation of money out of nothing by banks and accompanying Debt Slavery.

The creation of vast amounts of money out of nothing by the banks and lent to governments and businesses is the fuel which drives up house prices, rent prices, the price of goods and services, inflation, overcharging, economic crashes and massive bail outs, high national debt and taxes, and Debt Slavery. The interest is not created when the money is created and the compound interest charged by banks creates a vast suction of money out of the economic system leading to economic instability and crashes and recessions/depressions. This money created out of nothing by banks and lent out is a fraud, it is fraudulent money and fraudulent debt ; in law, fraud vitiates everything. Money created out of nothing by banks on Computers can be easily written down, written off, or re-set meaning massive national debts and business debts can be written down by 50% – 90% or written off entirely so as to make room for massive strategic public investment and massive private investment in Ireland and a new national currency backed by hard assets. Create new economies and societies based on production and high productivity and sustainable economic growth NOT speculation in asset prices, commodities, land and derivatives accompanied by debt slavery.

Ending this money creation fraud and Debt Slavery will end high taxation, high national debts, high inflation, overcharging, high and over inflated house prices, high rents, high fuel prices, gombeenism and accompanying ‘Casino Economics’ which has crippled the Irish people and Irish nation. This will provide Ireland with a vast amount of new resources and monies to invest in :-

·         people, families and communities

·         radical housing solutions and ending homelessness for all Irish nationals and citizens. End high rents and evictions. Affordable homes for our Irish youth and young families. Treat the root causes of homelessness.

·         well funded and effective hospitals and better healthcare for all Irish nationals and citizens

·         well funded and excellent schools and third level colleges and trades and apprenticeship courses

·         big reductions in taxes for the working class and for businesses. Stop the robbery and looting from ordinary Irish people and businesses.

·         pay rises and proper wages and conditions for ordinary soldiers, sailors and airmen, and for ordinary gardai. An end to slave wages and bad working conditions.

·         new production-focussed investments in Irish businesses, cooperatives, employee owned firms, farms, and farmers and agri-businesses. An end to speculation in asset prices, land prices and house prices.

·         in technology and innovation, in vast scale continuous innovation across industries, in productivity, value added services and goods, massive increases in production of goods and services, and mass job creation. Massive increases in Irish productivity and wider distribution of the financial benefits to nationals and citizens via economic democracy.

·         in Economic Democracy in all industries and agriculture, and other productivity measures and anti inflationary measures and anti deflationary measures

·         in new forms of international trade and investment to benefit ordinary people and communities

·         in a new public banking infrastructure to serve small and medium sized businesses, communities and farmers

·         in a new hard asset backed national currency to provide long term economic stability. And cryptocurrencies which are based on this and are stable and usable

·         new more effective types of crime prevention

·         innovative and radical solutions to the fuel crisis. And get rid of carbon taxes and reduce other taxes on fuel until conditions stablise nationally and internationally

·         invest in alternative green energies and radical new energy technologies, and a gradual move to energy self sufficiency over 75 years while using fossil fuels to keep energy costs cheap and affordable in the short to medium term. Keep fuel inflation low which will keep Inflation low.

·         more food production, more tillage of lands and more investment in rural Ireland to end the food crisis and high costs of living. Keep food inflation low which will keep Inflation low.

·         the measures listed below would complement this and help control inflation, deflation and prevent economic crashes

And stop the vast robbery and theft from most people in Ireland. Ending debt slavery will restore sovereignty and democratic freedoms. The present system has turned governments into beggars, begging for fraudulent money created out of nothing by banks AND created false scarcity where governments are deliberately deprived of the resources necessary to run their countries. We will end this begging and this slavery.

(c) Build Economic Democracy and give everybody and communities a financial stake in the capitalist system which will increase the wages and incomes of all working class people and all people in society AND promote social and economic inclusion on a vast scale.
This will replace the vast speculation in asset prices and crashes and a speculative derivatives market which is worth over 20 times the world economy. Economic Democracy is a more democratic and inclusive capitalism to give everyone a (long term) financial stake in the economic system, and it has proven to be both anti inflation and anti deflation. This will be production-focussed employee share ownership and community share ownership, geared to vastly increasing goods, services and productivity and wider distribution of profits combined with social responsibility. It will be used to end high inflation, deflation, high unemployment and deficient demand, and end speculation manias and crashes and high concentrations of wealth and income. It will facilitate the development of businesses, the economy, communities, society and social goals and environmental protection. By ending high inequalities, it will end the social injustices, poverty traps, racism, class warfare and social exclusion which create violent divisions in modern societies. Importantly, it would provide the means for consumers to buy up the extra output produced by more productive economies, thus ensuring a sustainable feedback cycle between production and consumption, and stable economic growth over time. This will achieve full employment and plenty of work, and a more just, prosperous and better Ireland for all of it’s citiziens. Economic Democracy is superior to communism, socialism, fascism and globalism. Socialists, Communists, Fascists and Globalists give all wealth, property and power to the state and a dictator, we will give all wealth, property and power to the people, ordinary people and communities, and promote a Deepening of Democracy!

(d) Build a public banking infrastructure nationwide and a hard national currency to assist Economic Democracy and serve small and medium sized businesses and farmers and working class families and create a stronger system of Credit to fuel sustainable economic growth and social progress. Copy the successful public banking model of Germany and Far Eastern countries and that promoted by Ellen Brown (USA) and focus on productive investments and expanding production and productivity in industry, services and agriculture. Break down the division between the real world economy and the financial class economy so that all people can benefit from credit expansion and economic growth. Create a hard national currency backed by both gold and silver and the productive and infrastructural assets in the economy which would gradually increase over time as production and infrastructure increases. The use of this credit and finance to expand production, productivity, efficiency, more effective use of redundant resources, and technological innovation would provide the means for low inflationary or non inflationary economic growth. An international Tobin tax on currency speculation will stop currency speculation by speculators and parasites. The Bancor system proposed by Keynes would promote international trade and investment. Full reserve banking would also help control inflation, allowing prices to become much lower and more sustainable over time. These new measures would provide the means for strong economic growth while preventing high inflation, deflation and speculative crashes.
(e) A Deepening of Democracy through education and incentives. Educate all Irish people about their Constitutional rights, Human rights, Civil rights and Sovereign rights and how to express them and defend them in public, courts and tribunals beginning in national schools and secondary schools. Compulsory courses in schools and colleges. provide many incentives for ordinary people to learn about theior rights and use this knowledge. This will be the foundation and protection of Democracy, Freedom and Sovereignty. Constitutional rights and Human rights and Civil rights came under severe Globalist attack in Ireland and other countries from 2020 – 2022. We will defend Constitutional rights, Human rights, Sovereign rights, and Civil rights in Ireland and an educated public will assist this defence.
(f) Restore Ireland’s National Sovereignty and restore Individual Sovereignty and Irish Constitutional rights and Democracy and Freedom to living Irish men and women by democratic and peaceful means. Protect Irish national sovereignty from Globalism and Globalist attacks and control. Rejection of the new WHO treaty, and No WHO control over Irish government health policies and the healthcare decisions of sovereign Irish citizens. Restore Democratic Nationalism in Ireland where the Irish government and Dail Eireann are held accountable to the Irish people and are the servants of the Irish people. And end foreign control and globalist control over Ireland. End Open Borders and the drug trafficking, child trafficking and women trafficking associated with it. The Irish government will take control and responsibility over the Irish border in line with Irish national sovereignty.

So called “Pooled Sovereignty” under the leadership of a a foreign unelected elite is promoted by Globalists such as New World Order supporters, WEF, the WHO, and EU Federalists but this ‘Pooled Sovereignty’ was attempted by Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, the Japanese empire, Communist China, Napoleon and his empire, the British empire, the Mongol empire, and the Imperialist empires of the past and they all failed. Globalism and it’s “Pooled Sovereignty” will fail for the same reasons. Restoring national sovereignty and individual sovereignty would restore dignity, respect and empowerment to the Irish people and nation.

(g) Preserve, Grow and Expand the Irish language, culture, identity, and traditions against Globalism and Globalists which is the new Imperialism. This will include investing in Urban Gaeltachts in all towns and cities and Digital Gaeltachts to promote online communities. A sovereign Irish nation requires its own native language and Irish Nationalists and Nationals should be able to communicate in Irish. Padraig Pearse stated that Ireland should be “not free merely, but Gaelic as well; not Gaelic merely, but free as well.”
(h) reduce the high crime rates and drug problem in every city, town and village in Ireland. More new investment in rural policing and urban policing including community policing. And massive new investment in Communities and building up Community Spirit in communities all over Ireland. Restore the Meitheal all over Ireland including cities, towns and villages. End the atomisation and alienation of individuals caused by governments over the last 25 years. These new measures will replace the selfish, self centred, backbiting, alienating, ‘me, me policies’ and social system of the present and previous governments.
(i) Oppose Communism, State Socialism, Fascism, Nazism, Technocracy Fascism and Trans-humanism, and especially Globalism which is the new Imperialism. Stop trading with tyrannies such as communist and fascist countries. Make democracy and freedom new conditions for international trade and investment. Reject the Chinese-type Social Credit system and the seizures of private property proposed by the 39th amendment to the Constitution in Ireland. Support Democracy and a deepening of democracy in economics, business, politics, education and society

(j) Work with other nations to achieve Peace, stability, justice, national sovereignty, trade, investment and goodwill between all nations internationally NOT more ‘regime changes’, invasions and lies, NOT more expansion of Globalist alliances and organisations, NOT more proxy wars between NATO and other countries NOT more globalist crime networks and people trafficking and elite paedophile rings, NOT more Globalist manipulated conflicts and wars for more profit, natural resources, wealth, geo-political domination and Globalism.

By Joining Nationalist Anti Corruption Independents and working for them, you are helping Ireland and the Irish move from being a slave people to being a free, democratic, prosperous, and sovereign peopleYou become empowered.

This is just an introduction but you will find much mere is much more on their website which I recommend you have a look at. The Irish People would also welcome your comments.

Nationalist Anti Corruption Independents (irish-independents.org)


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