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Freedom Wins & What You can do for Yourselves

There are two types of people in this world, those who see evil and those who are blind to it, and those who can see it can rise above it because they can see what they need to rise above, but those who can’t see evil are not only more susceptible to being controlled by it, they probably will be without knowing it.

  1. Know your principles and values and stand for them.

“Give me liberty or give me death.” That’s a principled statement. People who don’t stand for anything will fall for anything but people who know what they stand for will fall for nothing so know your principles and values and compromise them for absolutely no one.

  1. Honour your heart and gut feelings always.

I think your heart and gut feelings are God directly communicating with you through your physiology. “Don’t see your friends and families and take this super untested injection. It’s for your protection.” That doesn’t quite feel right, does it? When evil shows up masquerading as the angel of light something will feel off in your heart or gut. Honour that, even though most of the time it will feel uncomfortable to do so. Now some people do know what their heart is telling them but they lack the courage of the warrior spirit to stay true to themselves but luckily you and I get to learn from this mistake. So have the courage of the warrior spirit because the times we are living in calls for it.

  1. Think for yourself.

Outsourcing your thinking puts your thinking in the hands of someone else and typically good people don’t want to inject your mind with their ideas because that’s a violation, but evil people will always carry syringes and are always eager to inject your mind with their propaganda. They would even like to mandate it.

  1. See the Evil.

You can’t get out of a jail that you don’t know that you are in, and that means you can’t get out of an evil influence that you can’t recognise. So learn to see when evil shows and learn to see for yourself.

  1. Stay aligned.

The more you and I can allow our words and actions to stay in impeccable alignment with our heart and our own critical thinking, the more we are allowing ourselves to express the will of God letting your words and actions to fall out of alignment with what your heart and your own critical thinking says means you are not letting the will of God express through you, so unapologetically keep your words and actions impeccably aligned with your heart and critical thinking.

Editor’s note

The above are excerpts taken from a ‘must see’ video by JP Sears a comedian and a great exponent of, and fighter for the truth in a world of media and authoritarian lies that can and will destroy your life unless you discover for yourself what you can do to free yourself from their evil agenda and make the world a better place for yourself and for many others. We all owe it to ourselves to listen to this video over and over and pass it on to every family member, friend and acquaintance you have.


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