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A Permanent Lockdown Planned for You

Two years to flatten the curve turned into two years imprisoned in your own home. Those behind it largely got away with it as a result of fear driven mass compliance. It was a social engineering plan as was the worthless mask wearing. It was also used to coerce people into allowing themselves to be injected with an unapproved and untested cocktail that was not a vaccine until the definition of a vaccine was changed to accommodate the lie. Now people are dropping dead as a result at rates beyond anything previously recorded. Well they did say they wanted to reduce the population. That is of nothing compared to what they are planning already being implemented and if you comply life won’t be worth living. Are you prepared to sacrifice your children with your passive compliance?

The Permanent Lockdown Has Started

The latest World Economic Forum lockdown plan is euphemistically called “urban reorganization”. The nefarious plan is designed to limit dwellers to a 15-minute radius of their home confining them to bicycle or foot traffic. It all comes under the World Economic Forum’s excuse of mitigating global warming. Its goal is to pave the way for outright “climate lockdown” similar to but worse than the pandemic lockdowns and it is permanent. It starts with a “15-minute city” to confine everyone in an “urban gulag where people will by kept like ants in an ant-farm”. ⁃ Technology News Editor.

The World Economic Forums Insane Plan

This ‘15 Minute City’ idea is a UN and WEF ghetto based plan and an excuse to lock you into a confines space and restrict you’re driving to protect the climate. That applies to electric cars as well. In the WEF’s own words this rearrangement of society is absolutely about climate change: “As climate change and global conflict cause shocks and stresses at faster intervals and increasing severity, the 15-minute city will become even more critical. Their solution was the pandemic. They said: “The obvious, yet incomplete, answer is the pandemic… with COVID-19 and its variants keeping everyone home (or closer to home than usual). The 15-minute city went from a “nice-to-have” to a rallying cry. Meeting all of one’s needs within a walking, biking or transit distance was suddenly a matter of life and death. The dark hand of the totalitarian city managers will oversee this.

Human Guinea Pigs and Lab Rats

Psychologist Jonathan Freedman recruited high school and university students for a series of experiments to measure the effects of population density on behaviour. He measured their stress, discomfort, aggression, competitiveness, and general unpleasantness. He claimed in 1975 to have found no appreciable negative effects. The study was confined to a limited time span. However, Claus Schwab decided that entire populations could be confined permanently in the same way with no negative implications. He had never heard of or ignored the term “Behavioural sink“.

In a series of over-population experiments conducted by John Calhoun on Norway rats between 1958 and 1962 rats were housed in a series of “rat utopias” of enclosed spaces with unlimited access to food and water, enabling unfettered population growth. Calhoun described the resulting behaviour as follows: Many female rats were unable to carry pregnancy to full term or to survive delivery if they did. An even greater number, after a successful birth, fell short in their maternal functions. The male behavioural disturbances ranged from sexual deviation to cannibalism, and from frenetic over activity to a pathological withdrawal where they would only emerge to eat, drink and move about when other were asleep. The social organization of the animals showed equal disruption. Calhoun coined the term “behavioural sink” in his February 1st, 1962 report describing his findings in an article titled “Population Density and Social Pathology” in Scientific American. Humans aren’t rats but similar social breakdowns take place in overcrowded populations. With population reduction as his primary goal that would be an additional benefit for Claus Schwab.

Where it Will All Go Wrong

With Claus Schwab the living embodiment of every James bond movies psychopathic arch villains all rolled into one running the world things are bound to go crazy. Schwab loved the lockdowns and persuaded his lap dog megalomaniac politicians that he would make them powerful beyond their wildest dreams. Like all mad plans it is not well thought out and is fatally flawed.

Human ingenuity will destroy his ghetto plan starting with children and teenagers who are already adept at getting around parental and teacher confinement. All adults need unrestricted space especially young adults with a desire to explore. What about school and University attendance? All amenities and services cannot possibly be found in those confined ghettos. The more repressive the plan becomes the more opposition it will meet. People will carefully choose their own representatives and leaders, political or otherwise. Since everything is cyclical a whole counter movement or revolution within the next decade will return humanity to sanity. Political careers are limited and Schwab is not long for this world. Following his demise all his stunts based on lies and manipulation will fall apart. Meanwhile the shit show goes on.

The Insanity of the ‘15-Minute City’

This fake green agenda is inspired by the totalitarian days of lockdown and is the price of mass compliance. Oxfordshire County Council in the UK which is run by Labour, Liberal Democrats and Greens, and who think Claus Schwab is god plan to divide the city into six ‘15 minute’ districts of ghetto style confinement. Within these confinement districts, the planners say that most household essentials will be reachable by a quarter-of-an-hour walk or bike ride. This they say eliminates the need for cars, even electric cars. These ‘15-minute’ neighbourhood ghettos are being presented or sold as pleasant and convenient, reminiscent of “rat utopias”. But they don’t mention the coercive edge.

Car Travel Restrictions

Meanwhile the Oxford council plans to reduce car usage by strictly regulating car journeys. Residents will be required to register their cars which will be tracked electronically through key confinement gateways. This is the Chinese social credit scheme starting with cars. Any of Oxford’s 150,000 residents driving outside of their ‘15 minute’ confinement ghetto exceeding a 100 days a year could be fined £70. The ‘15 minute’ city concept started with ‘C40’. Chaired by London’s woke mayor Sadiq Khan, C40 describes itself as a ‘network of the mayors of nearly 100 world-leading cities working in collaboration to deliver what they describe as the urgent action needed to confront the climate crisis’. If you think that isn’t being planned for your city or town, you had better think again. This creeping madness plans to get you. Dublin, Cork, Galway or Waterford could be next.

Climate Lockdowns? Seriously?

If the suggestion of a lockdown “for the climate” sounds ridiculous, the BBC are working very hard to persuade you that it is for your benefit — knowing that voters don’t want this. They are busily connecting the “15 Minute City” to what they describe as the fun of Covid lockdowns, and are setting this up as though it’s totally normal. They tell us that lockdowns in Paris were great social occasions where we all made friends. Only alternative media showed us the riots in Paris. Imagine how much fun you will have being told you can’t drive far? For their mouthpiece Fraioli, the two-month lockdown starting on 17 March – confining her to a 1k radius of her home. They tell us that it gave her a nuanced, enriching view of her neighbourhood. “I discovered it’s possible to feel like you’re in a small village in Paris,” she says. “To get to know your neighbours, to maintain good links with shopkeepers, to favour local craftsmen and shops over large supermarkets. I even joined a citizens’ movement where people prepare food baskets for homeless people. I thought I would have a hard time living the lockdown, but I was perfectly at home, in a quiet place.” Do you recall “getting to know neighbours” as being part of any lockdown anywhere? The ‘15-minute city’ will not be confined to Oxford. This disease of madness is turning up in ‘woke’ run cities everywhere such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Barcelona, Paris, Portland and Buenos Aires. It’s contagious.

Oxford City Council moving fast

Claiming that not enough people are using buses or bikes the totalitarians will impose it by tracking your movements and imposing fines. Oxfordshire have already approved their “traffic filters” trial starting in January 2024. In a Nanny State local dictators are making rules about who can and can’t visit whom and how often. They want your car registered with them so they can track you with cameras and fine you. They do offer a few exemptions, but you ‘have to apply for them’ and get permission to travel.

Aggressive Over Management

This aggressively over-managed scheme means more paperwork, more tracking, more jobs for bureaucrats and more free passes for “friends” of the regime.

The more rules imposed the more corrupt the system becomes. Already certain city blocks are included in the favoured list with 100 passes, while others get just 25. This will result in property prices in favoured ‘100 pass’ areas rising. Property developers on councillors ‘favoured list’ can arrange for ‘100 pass’ rezoning just after they buy the property and voila — sales prices double. It says a lot about the attitude of one councillors who said the ‘15-minute city’ scheme was going ahead “whether people liked it or not”. Road blocks preventing motorists from driving through Oxford’s city centre will divide the city into six “15 minute” neighbourhoods, a county council travel chief said insisting that the controversial plan would go ahead whether people liked it or not.

Oxford’s Climate Experts

The council has adopted the position that climate change is real,” sceptic and long range weather forecaster Piers Corbyn told the council.  He said “The point is that the basis of these documents are false – man-made climate change does not exist and if you don’t believe me, look at the sky. You should have a special meeting to discuss whether man-made climate change exists or not.”

Responding to this, councillor Andrew, the council’s cabinet member for highways management, said: “Mr Corbyn said climate change is not real – this council has formally adopted a position that climate change is real. Mr Corbyn you are wrong, we are right.”  Oxfordshire council infuriated local businesses earlier this year with road closures and traffic calming measures which have reduced the customer base significantly. Drivers destroyed 20 bollards in less than three weeks, and one frustrated cafe owner put up a giant billboard in protest saying “So much for democracy”.   Canterbury is planning something spookily similar. It is dividing the city up into five ghetto districts with drivers unable to travel between zones without being fined. The old city grid system offered shorter distances and more choices. The new system offers more obstacles and less freedom.


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