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Gender Delusion, Gender Quackery and Gender Cheats

The US paediatric endocrinologist Dr Quentin Van Meter, president of the American College of Paediatricians has said that using puberty blockers for children with gender dysphoria was akin to child abuse. “Transgender is actually a delusional disorder,” he said. “It’s a state of mind with no biologic basis for it that can be found.” Wasn’t that always the case? Don’t you remember a time until recently, when there was a great outcry against gender mutilation? Whatever happened to that? Has it gone out of fashion? With a man taking a beauty queen title, is liberal insanity running the world?

Genders, Orientations and Pronouns

Throughout history there have been fads and mental delusions but none of them required surgery in their involvement barring accidents. Now gender has become a liberal driven fad with applicants looking for transgender benefits in San Francisco. This is the only fad that can result in bodily mutilation. The latest count has identified 97 genders as well as 19 sexual orientations and 18 pronoun choices. If this keeps up at its current rate, there will be more genders than there are countries as liberals run around imagining new ones and trying to identify and quantify them all. That’s a new fad all in itself. By the way, who is counting and how?

Designer Ass Tattoos

The problem of changing your sex like getting a tattoo, it is not something you can reverse when you grow tired of it. You should stick with tattoos if you have identity problems. They result in much less mutilation and you could have a designer tattoo on your ass strictly for identification purposes. After all the whole gender thing is asinine. Whatever happened to harmless non-permanent fads like being a punk, a Cure Head a Yuppie, having a pet stone, engaging in break dancing or raves? I hate to break it to you but you can choose from a whole host of delusions that don’t involve irreversible painful mutilation and you can change them at will.

Binary Deluded Liberals

I also hate to break it to you deluded Liberals but gender is a biological term referring to two genders, gay or straight. All the rest reside in your imagination driven by your deluded narcissistic ego. Isn’t it all just about you looking for attention and trying one-upmanship on another narcissistic liberal in your drive for self-importance and imagined or pretended uniqueness? The same attention craving crowd try to validate themselves in their loudly expressed over complicated coffee orders. The more extreme ones end up screaming for attention and attempting to validate themselves with an overly complex gender identification.

Gender Cheats

There are no long-term benefits for gender reassignment even for second rate sportsmen and athletes. It’s a bad self-destructive choice. In the short term you will outperform women and girls with your testosterone muscle mass and bone density that will enable you to cheat your way onto the podium and take the women’s medals and trophies. You were a second rate cheat then and you will end up being a third rate non entity. In the long term this fad will pass and you will be outed for the frauds you are. You will be ostracised by society and you will have nothing left but a chemically or surgically mutilated body and no self-respect.

Gender Quacks and Quackery

And doctors, just because someone tells you they are a newly imagined non binary pansexual, it doesn’t mean that you have to surgically mutilate them in your attempt to turn them into one. You are just not capable of doing so but you are capable of inflicting horrific and irreversible mutilation on your deluded patients. No matter how hard you try, mutilation doesn’t turn delusion into reality. Go back to what you were trained to do.

  • Don’t be tempted by the money of gender quackery.
  • You can make a good living without engaging in gender quackery.
  • You went to medical school to be a doctor and not a gender quack.

Rather than being gender affirming no matter how politically correct, isn’t it well past time that instead you start to affirm gender with integrity. You will never truly succeed in gender reassignment no matter how much mutilation you indulge in. Go back to what you are good at or at least what you are trained to do.


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