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Beware of Mainstream Media Garbage Contamination

Reading or listening to the mainstream media is reading or listening to lying garbage. The Irish mainstream media ranks among the world’s worst.

Have you heard the expression ‘garbage in – garbage out? Don’t be compromised by garbage.

The mainstream media should carry a mental health warning

The mainstream media won’t allow the truth, but the truth cannot be stopped.

The mainstream media fear the truth.

The mainstream media don’t have your interests at heart and only allow their narrative of fear creation, manipulation and their agenda.

The people who have the truth will discuss and debate with anyone, the mainstream media will not or edit if needed or cut you out.

The mainstream media fear the truth.

Please everyone research to see all the mainstream media lie about.

The mainstream media is the world’s biggest weapon, and their biggest threat and fear is truth.

The truth cannot be stopped, but it depends upon you as to how long we allow the mainstream media to continue to lie to us. Or cover up the truth.

You cannot hide the truth

We will reveal the truth and expose the lies in the online Irish People newspaper irishpeople.ie https://irishpeople.ie/.


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