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Sinn Féin Abandons Republicanism

The assimilation of Sinn Fein and what’s left of the Provisional Movement into the rotten political establishment is now complete. History repeats itself as Sinn Féin follows in the path of its nemeses once known as Official Sinn Fein before changing its name a number of times before finally merging into the Labour Party and oblivion. Sinn Fein or Provisional Sinn Fein as it was formerly known has taken a more direct route by somewhat emulating Fianna Fáil’s journey who like them transformed itself from being a militant revolutionary party into a constitutional party but on a faster route than FF whose first steps were as a “slightly constitutional” party (in the words of Sean Lemass) on its journey to the Leinster House trough.  Sinn Fein unlike FF plunged straight in and is now to a fully sanitised party of the regime.

Up the Rebels and Pay Up

Meanwhile Sinn Fein’s begging boxes are to be found in every Irish Bar in Boston, New York and elsewhere where people’s purses and wallets are loosened with rebel songs and republican slogans where the message of Sinn Fein’s sell out of all things republican has not reached. They call for a 32 county united Ireland but they don’t tell the dreamy eyed Irish emigrant and those of previous generations, that Sinn Fein’s United Ireland is modelled on Castro’s Cuba. The State Department promised SF that if they conformed to his blueprint they would get their united Ireland in 2024 and a load of loot appeared mysteriously in a Welsh Mans will to Sinn Fein as a good will gesture and to cement the deal. Sinn Fein were told they would get all the glory of this move which would catapult them into power in Ireland for the next century.

Diplock and Criminal Courts

With its support for the Special Criminal Court, Sinn Féin finally brought itself into obedient sanitised compliance on both sides of the border where in the North they similarly uphold the institutions responsible for the notorious non-jury Diplock Courts.

A former Sinn Féin Councillor, Toiréasa Ferris, in disgust said she would “have to find another party to vote for” following these changes. Having served as a Sinn Féin counsellor for some fifteen years Ms Ferris described the abandonment of opposition to the Special Criminal Courts as “total and utter bullshit” calling it “electoral expediency and power at any cost.” Martin Ferris, her father who joined the Provisional Movement in the 1970’s served several prison terms for republican activities and was named in 2005 by Michael McDowell the then Minister for Justice as allegedly being a member of the IRA Army Council.

The Transformation of Sinn Fein

The Sinn Fein Provisional Movements culling of former staunch supporters is nothing new and has rapidly accelerated under the hammer of Marylou McDonald. With every major policy u-turn Sinn Féin has lost more of their backbone members with many more while disillusioned hanging on because they have nowhere else to go.

Following the 1986 takeover by the MI5 engineered Gerry Adams Northern faction, many senior Republican’s left and established or joined Republican Sinn Féin, including men who were instrumental in the establishment of the Provisionals – Ruairí Ó Brádaigh, Seán Ó Brádaigh and Billy McKee to name but a few.

In 1997 more left to form the 32 County Sovereignty Movement including Bernadette Sands-McKevitt in opposition to the Peace Process. More Republicans left in disgust in 2006/7 when the Party made a summersault to recognise and support the PSNI. In recent times a newcomer Saoradh, allegedly has several former Provisional members who left because of their dissatisfaction with the current leadership.

Aontú was a more recent parliamentary party spat leading to a split from Sinn Fein which at first showed strong prospects but when several republicans left it on the grounds of its apparent similarity to Sinn Féin sans abortion it fizzled out. It has become disparagingly known as Sinn Fein Light.

Yuppie Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein is now a yuppie left wing party with no allegiance to its past but instead the allure of power as the primary glue holds the party together. This will only hold as long as it is expediently beneficial for those concerned. The slow haemorrhage of deeply disillusioned members thwarts the prospect of them forming into a cohesive or viable alternative to Sinn Féin. Today Sinn Fein attracts young people with no knowledge of the recent Irish freedom struggle out of which their party emerged, 20th century history Irish or European. They see Sinn Fein as a vehicle to power, for its ability to promote what passes for the latest social justice media promoted causes whether that be immigration, LGBT rights, the globalist agenda or whatever the latest media fad is. Their ignorant short-sightedness will be the downfall of Sinn Fein.

Name Calling Bigots

Calling East Wall protesters “Far Right Racists” in Marylou McDonald’s constituency against the Cromwell like plantation of busloads of undocumented migrants in their midst shows the new Sinn Fein in their true colours. East Wall people’s protest remind me of the great people of Derry’s Bogside. Sinn Fein’s name calling is the lowest form of political rhetoric where the argument is already lost. You can now buy the loony left Antifa’s sinister paraphernalia on SF’s website or in their Parnell Square shop.

Climbing in Slime

In their climb to the top Sinn Fein are wallowing in the slime at the bottom with vermin such as Antifa. That’s where they are now, can they go any lower?

Is that what our patriotic men and women who sacrificed their all throughout the centuries and up to recent times have given their lives for? Sinn Fein to their eternal shame have turned their back completely on them and what they themselves once stood for. Do you want to be associated with or part of such a wriggling slug?


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