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Dutch Farmers Protesting Irish Farmers Sleeping

The Netherlands is in turmoil with huge farmer protests largely supported by the population. This has all been brought about by the actions of Claus Schwab’s golden pin up boy the Netherlands woke Prime Minister Mark Rutte. He is busy fulfilling the agenda of the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ by driving farmers off their own land because bureaucrats deem that there is too much nitrogen in the soil and they can legislate it out.

Schwab’s Poster Boy

At the World Economic Forum’s ‘love in’ Rutte said “In the existing E.U. Fund there is still a lot of money which is also partly funnelled towards greening our economies. That’s exactly what we need to do to become less gas and oil dependant.” Schwab in reply said “Where do you find such a prime Minister in the world? You find it in the Netherlands and its Mark Rutte”.

In a media interview later Rutte said “At the same time people aren’t aware that the climate is.., the climate is changing and we need to step up our collective efforts to make sure that we counter that and that we mitigate it”. Dutch farmers have already made great strides in the reduction of nitrogen which is commendable but nitrogen incidentally has very little to do with the computer model that used to be called global warming but is now called climate change. We would all be under the sea by now if its original computer projections were right with the oceans supposedly risen by more than 100 metres by now.

The Protests Spread

Now German and Italian farmers are also rising up against the madness that is threatening their existence and food production for the rest of us. Italian farmers in Rome chanted “We are not slaves. We are farmers. We cannot make ends meet.” Now Polish and Spanish Farmers and indeed farmers throughout Europe are protesting. All of this is down to the agenda driven ‘Globalists’ insane Climate policies. Irish farmers are still asleep as their very existence is being threatened with the same E.U. mandated madness that farmers are now experiencing in Holland and other parts of Europe.

Media Silence

The media is showing very little coverage of these massive and widespread protests but despite that the public support for the protests has been massive. The Irish ‘Farmers Journal’ in its articles seems to be intent on lulling the Irish farmers into a false sense of security. The rest of the media’s silence is doing a massive disservice to itself and the people it pretends to serve.

The Stark Reality

“The Netherlands accounts for just 0.46 % of the worlds CO2 emissions, and while a further reduction may be desirable, it will not be decisive in combating climate change over the next 8 years. It may make the country’s elite feel good about themselves, but it will also result in large parts of the population seeing their living standards decline and their economic existence targeted by the state for ideological reasons. Ultimately there is a risk that climate policies will do to Europe what Marxism did to Latin America, A continent with all the conditions for widespread prosperity and a healthy environment will impoverish and ruin itself. In the end the people and the climate will be worse off.”

Ralph Schoellhammer, Webster University, Vienna

Ideological Madness

Back in the early part of the 20th century it was the Soviets driven by mad Marxist ideological theory devoid of reality, who forced the farmers off their land. They replaced them with huge collective farms for greater efficiency that proved to be highly inefficient. You can’t run a farm on theory and expect it to work. That theoretical madness led to disaster in Ukraine with a terrible human cost in which millions perished in the resulting famine.

Wake Up Ireland

If you think this can’t happen in Ireland that is the kind of thinking that may be the death warrant of Irish agriculture which was for long the backbone of the Irish economy and of society in rural Ireland. Don’t think for a moment that this ideological madness can’t take hold in Ireland. We have a loony government determined to implement the climate cult’s net carbon reducing policies dictated by the E.U.s irrational ideology. With Eamon Ryan dancing on reality to his globalist tune and the cabinet dancing along with him, the future is black, not green. What is happening in Holland, Australia and Sri Lanka today is facing us in Ireland tomorrow.

Destructive Bureaucratic Ideology

None of these schemes based on computer models work without massively environmental and social disruption and the callous destruction  of the lives of the people, family farms, small businesses, small enterprises and rural society. This is what happens when you legislate without consideration of the consequences to achieve projected climate targets. A dystopian world awaits us all in the folly of pursuing the bureaucratically mandated reductions in energy supplies and the farm production that sustains our food supplies, our health, our shelter, and our way of life.

Black, Not Green

Turf banning today and dairy herd reduction tomorrow are the early signals that the destructive globalist dictated madness has already taken hold among the treacherous Leinster House yes men. They are more than eager to do their globalist masters bidding as they fall over each other in their virtue signalling compliance. Unless this madness is stopped now, our way of life and our very lives will be destroyed. They are intent on creating a future that is black, not green.


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