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Dutch Farmers Uprising Derail Emissions Plan

The Netherlands government has suffered a major setback in its draconian bid to impose insane emissions targets on the Dutch farming sector that would effectively put it out of business. The government minister charged with responsibility for implementing the legislation, agriculture minister Henk Staghouwer has resigned as a result of the farmer’s pressure, admitting he was not the right person to push the policy through and had failed to get farmers on board. That admission looks like the understatement of the century.

Staghouwer Brussels Capitulation

Henk Staghouwer who held the agriculture ministry portfolio for only nine months, unexpectedly announced his resignation decision Monday night. He had just returned from Brussels, where he had made the situation worse by agreeing with the European Commission to scrap a Dutch exemption to manure spreading limits. The Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland and the Flanders region of Belgium, had been allowed to exceed caps on the amount of manure farmers could spread on their fields because of their comparatively small land area. Brussels are intent on phasing out this dispensation for the Netherlands because the Dutch are failing to meet EU water quality standards and Staghouwer weakly capitulated. Bart Kemp of the farmers’ organization Agractie told Dutch public broadcaster NOS that Staghouwer a former baker was “a friendly man, but not a decisive person.”

A Failed Trojan Horse Plan

The Netherland’s lucrative agriculture sector has been in crisis since a 2019 court ruling that required the government to slash emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia, which livestock allegedly produce. These emissions from industrial sources were ignored. The proposed £22bn programme to halve nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions by 2030 which is really a Trojan Horse underhand plan to put the farmers out of business for good. Its impact on farmers would have been catastrophic while its impact on the environment would have been negligible. Furthermore those emissions could have been dealt with in a number of other ways without such a major impact on just one sector. Naturally this attack on farmers met with a violent backlash of mass protests from farmers that at times ground the entire country to a standstill.

Impact on Farms and Jobs

Farmers predicted that hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs were under threat so they took to the streets and the highways when the insane proposals were passed through the Dutch parliament in July. The farmers were angry with the sweeping emissions mandates, and especially the less-than-democratic process through which the policy was handed down. They insist that they support efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and complain that bureaucrats have ignored an alternative proposal by the main farmer’s lobby, the Netherlands Agricultural and Horticultural Association to reduce nitrogen-oxide output by 40% over the next decade.

Fighting Farmers Ferocity

Amsterdam and other cities were gridlocked when farmers used their tractors and farm machinery into the cities, torched straw bales, spread slurry across streets and set off fireworks. In some cities, dozens of farmers were brutally attacked by the police and many were arrested after rallies of up to 40,000 protesters were charged by police resulting in scenes that descended into running battles between farmers and the police. Other protests blocked motorways as columns of slow-moving tractors descended on the Dutch parliament buildings in The Hague. With the entire European farming sector under threat protests have also spread to other EU countries, with tens of thousands of farmers showing their solidarity with the Dutch.

Government Arrogant Madness

Although the Dutch government has vowed to press on with their insane policy, Staghouwer’s resignation will slow its progress, according to political commentators in the Netherlands. A government-appointed negotiator, drafted in to help Staghouwer forge an agreement with farmers attempts have also failed. Deputy Prime Minister Carola Schouten will now be tasked with the poison chalice of trying to convince farmers to accept the policy. The Farmers Defence Force (FDF), one of the key protest groups, has said it felt no more progress would be made in talks. As long as the government refuses to budge from its sweeping goals, the crisis will continue and even grow. For those facing the loss of family farms and the traditions they represent, there is nothing to lose by taking to the streets.

It’s a Globalist Scam

A statement by the FDF branded Ms Schouten “invisible”, with neither plans nor vision. Meanwhile, farming union LTO Nederland has continued to press for the policy to be dropped. The union argued the Dutch food sector was being singled out while other EU member states faced lesser controls. It also highlighted that only limited reduction targets were being imposed on other polluting industries such as aviation, construction and transport.

There is more at stake here than the future of Dutch agriculture. When thousands of protestors stormed Sri Lanka’s presidential palace in July and forced the resignation of their President, that far away event seemed unrelated to the farmers uprising in the Netherlands. However the Sri Lanka’s revolt was a response to the same forces that sparked the Dutch farmer’s protests: the corporatized fake “sustainability” agenda crafted by a billionaire-backed “green” elite with no popular constituency.

Food Production Control

These globalists aim is to remove food production from farmers who are beyond their control and replace it with factory fake food under the guise of a Green agenda. Institutions such as the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and a group of transnational corporations described as “stakeholders” in this globalist network of unelected figures have influenced government policy in supposed sovereign states across the globe. These organizations claiming to act in the interest of the planet are totally unaccountable to anybody including those who will be most severely impacted by their planned “reset” of global food production. Having already sabotaged the global supply chains with their internationally prescribed COVID-19 response, the next item on their agenda is food control affecting working people from the Netherlands to Sri Lanka and beyond.

Upside-Down Dutch Flags

The Dutch farmers protest movement continues to gather momentum and support from the Dutch public and throughout Europe. Multitudes of citizens have adorned their homes and vehicles with to show support for the farmers. The ulterior motive behind the Dutch government’s contradictory policy is that it wants the farmers’ land to address the country’s severe housing shortage. The government needs to build 845,000 homes by 2030 to meet expected population needs. There are presently 17 million people in Holland. They expect that by 2040, they will have 30 million people in the Netherlands. The farmers are in the way of their building and houses plans. The Netherlands’ housing shortage is severe and Dutch farmers own 54% of the country’s land as of 2018. Even these figures do not fully explain the Dutch government’s move but the Irish people’s article which you can read does entitled “No Room for Dutch Farmers in the Tri-State ‘PLANNEDOPOLIS’ of September 5th 2022 where you can see what they are planning as part of a grand globalist scheme.

Share this article far and wide as the Irish Mainstream Media won’t touch the story lest they upset Eamon Ryan’s fake Green agenda.



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