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Exposed: Ireland’s Vile Child-Sex Rings

Paedophilia in Ireland is rampant and involves the rich, the powerful and the famous. “Those people are untouchable”, a now grown up victim told the Irish People. “Ireland has many Jimmy Saville’s” she said. Most of the victims come from what she described as “paedophile families rather than street children.” Those families appear on the outside to be respectable families and even pillars of the community. Many of the families involved were described as “Generational paedophile families”. Satanic rituals are a common occurrence involving a number of people where children are subjected to horrific and terrifying experiences. “This is all taking place right under your noses” she said.

Organised Paedophilia

An Irish Independent investigation by Gemma O’Doherty and Jerome Reilly way back in 1998 uncovered disturbing evidence of organised paedophilia in this country. They found that the `dirty old man’ stereotype has been replaced by wealthy businessmen who were prepared to take major risks to satisfy their sick perversion. The 1998 investigation exposed evidence of highly-organised paedophile networks operating along Irelands east coast. Childcare professionals told of loosely-structured paedophile rings centred on Dublin and a sinister group of sexual predators were exploiting children in the Louth region.

Rich and Powerful Paedophiles

That was 1998 and now in 2022 The Irish People have learned from victims now grown up, of a highly organised network involved in the systematic abuse of possibly hundreds of children including babies throughout Ireland. They have even invited foreign politicians and celebrities to Ireland where they have been involved in the lucrative business of pimping out children to their guests. One woman in the Munster area made a complaint and gave an extensive statement of her abuse to the Gardaí but they said that without corroborating evidence or witnesses they could do nothing about it. “These are the rich and untouchables and Ireland has many Jimmy Saville’s” she concluded.

Weekend Paedophile Orgies

The 1998 report said that Gardaí in Galway were then amassing an extensive dossier of sinister activities in the Salthill suburb of the city. The problem has now gone rural and has moved far from the prying eyes of the Gardaí. Our informants tell us that secluded holiday homes in rural areas of County Galway and Mayo are being used by high profile individuals from the world of politics, the judiciary, business and entertainment. Weekend orgies involving minors are said to take place on a regular basis in those holiday homes. “Epstein Island doesn’t hold a candle to paedophile Ireland. If the names of those involved was revealed it would rock the foundations of Irish society” one informant told me requesting I withhold his name out of fear for his life. “Do you mean by criminal gangs” I asked? “No, the cream of Irish society” was the reply.

Profile of a Paedophile

The 1998 report spoke of an identified core group of about 30 serial paedophiles many of them professional, middle-aged married men. They were described as businessmen, managing directors and wealthy property-owners. Today’s Galway/Mayo group fit a similar profile but contains a much broader scope of individuals both male and female. The one thing they have in common is that they are all rich and powerful and are outwardly highly respectable. Those involved are not from the area in question nor are their victims who are shipped in for their weekend debauchery sessions.

Profile of a victim

Children enticed by the promise of money, gifts, drugs and alcohol, don’t fit the profile of the victims in question. They are children supplied by paedophile families for money who prostitute their children out for the weekend. Some are children adopted or fostered by families for that specific purpose I was informed. That, I was told is a growing racket. Those children are systematically abused sexually within their families from a very young age. Many come from homes of generational abuse. The victims are mostly girls but there are also some young boys.

Satanic Ritual Abuse

One woman told the Irish People of her and her siblings being repeatedly subjected to Satanic ritual abuse which she said is widespread among what she described as “the elite paedophile community.” Her descriptions of what went on were horrific and far too graphic to describe here. She says this is still going on and the numbers involved are growing all around us and right under our noses. At that level of society everything goes and the problem is much more widespread than you can imagine.



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