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The Power of Your Signature

Your Signature is worth more than gold. Your signature is your magic power and authority. I have a stone in my hand, I know it is my stone because I scratched my name on it. It is unlike any other stone because it has my signature, my personalised autograph on it and it is carved into the stone. You can see that it has my signature on it because I coloured it in ink. My signature is my authority, and my signature is carved in that stone and in ink so you can recognise who it belongs to. So both I and you know in truth and in fact, that stone has my signature on it, and it is in fact mine.

My Authority

I know in truth and in fact, that unless someone else can prove it is their stone, with their signature on it, then I am holding my stone with my signature which is ‘my authority’. My signature, like yours is what grants authority. No one else on this planet has my stone or my signature, or my authority. No one else has authority over my stone or my authority without holding my stone and being able to prove that I agreed to give them my stone and that it has my authority, by presenting that signed agreement. So I am holding onto my stone, I am holding my authority, no one else has it. No one else has my signature ‘over‘ me. My signature is mine, it is my authority and it is my authority because no one else has it.  No one has authority over me, and I have my stone to prove it.

A Judge Cannot Trespass

Unless you have my (authority) in stone by way of a valid legal contract agreeing that you do have my (authority) in stone, then you simply do not have it. Neither does anyone else.  No one, no judge, no government, no army, no Doctor, no lawyer and no God has any authority (Power) over my own (Power) of authority.  Neither a judge nor a government can ‘grant me my signature’ my authority, nor can they take it away.  A judge cannot trespass on my signature and neither can a Government. A Judge and a Government both need my signature to have the legal authority to call themselves a Judge or a Government, because it is my signature that grants that legal authority to them. No one has authority over the one who grants that authority. Me. You.



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