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FR Sheehy an Unknown Kerry Priest an International Overnight Celebrity

After sparking government sponsored media outrage with his anti-LGBTQ+ sermon, Fr Sheehy said that he was preaching “the word of God” as all priests should do.

The Bishop of Kerry resides in an episcopal seat where any reference to sexuality is tainted by activities of a predecessor Dr Eamon Casey. Dr Brown the present incumbents’ reaction to a doctrinally correct sermon on homosexuality and LGBTQ+ activity from Fr Sheehy places the bishop in an unenviably weak position. “The views expressed do not represent the Christian position,” Bishop Ray Browne said. “Ray Browne’s version of Christianity is at extreme variance with the bibles version” a Fr Sheehy supporter said.

A Strong Character

Fr Sheehy is strong, strident and highly articulate as well as being doctrinally correct. If Dr Brown had not shouted his mouth off the incident would have blown over like a storm in a tea cup. Instead he put his two feet firmly in his mouth and turned a small parish sermon into a national and indeed an international incident in his hurry to be politically if not doctrinally correct. Dr Brown created the conditions for media attention and this gave Fr Sheehy a whole new platform from which to express his views.

The Angry Offended

Fr Sheehy then caused political outrage when he said that Leo Varadkar – who will resume the role of Taoiseach in a couple of months – will go to hell, together with other openly gay people as well as those who legislate for same sex relationships, unless they repent. “Absolutely, if they don’t repent on sin and seek forgiveness,” Fr Sheehy warned on Radio Kerry. The amazing thing is all the journalists, politicians and people everywhere getting upset and offended at Fr Sheehy for quoting the Bible they neither read nor believe in which said that if you don’t repent for the sins you are happy to indulge in, you will go to Hell that you don’t believe exists.

Satanic Condemnation

It all started when Fr Seán Sheehy, a retired priest deputising for the Listowel parish priest Fr Declan O’Connor, said during his sermon at St Mary’s Church that repentance would save people from Satan and his “wiles and ways”. He also said that Irish legislation took a “lunatic approach” to “transgenderism”. The woke were horrified and all 20 of them walked out in protest swelling to thirty in the medias minds. FR Sheehy responded to this saying: “Those of you who happen to be leaving today, God help you is all I have to say. God bless you who are here and worshiping God. God bless all of you.”

Woke Media in Overdrive

Irelands woke media had a field day but the popular reaction was contrary to their ‘out of step’ expressions of shock and horror. The Irish Independent said 3 women were in tears. Official Ireland whether it be clerical, media or political have completely lost their sense of the pulse of the Irish people.

Many countries around the world still outlaw same-sex marriage and relations. Heterosexuality has always been the norm form of sexual relationships. Homosexuality is now being pushed and supported by authorities in western countries where their proponents are given media and influential positions way beyond their numbers in an attempt to achieve not just acceptance but to gain normality in the woke West.

Educational Grooming

Practices such as lesbianism, gayism, bisexualism, transgenderism and even paedophilia are now being taught and promoted to minors in school as normal expressions of sexuality where their sexuality is being questioned as part of what passes for sex education. That is nothing short of grooming. Children are being told there are many genders contrary to science and biology to further undermine their innocence and their innate sense of personal gender and self.

Doherty’s Seven Genders

This is being promoted by the government. Senator Regina Doherty told the Scottish Parliament recently with a straight face that there were seven genders without offering any supporting evidence. Is this the Doherty Doctrine? A nominee for the American Supreme Court couldn’t define a woman when asked and universities have completely abandoned biology for woke madness which is a new political orientation that can’t define sexual orientation and can’t differentiate between it and countless imagined gender identities claimed by the sexually bewildered. Academia’s sexual bewilderment will be looked at by future generations with amusement at the very least.

The UN Gets in on the Sex Act

A resolution recognizing the LGBTQ community was passed by the UN. Thus sexuality was officially removed from biology and made political. If you really want to screw things up put it in the hands of politicians. However, as of 2017, and to date 74 nations still criminalize homosexuality and place stiff penalties including the death penalty for those found practicing it. Laws vary from country to country in this respect. Only 23 countries recognize same-sex marriages.

Keeping the Shit Show Going

What is being billed as “a peaceful and loving response” to Fr Sean Sheehy’s controversial homily at Masses in Listowel last weekend is being planned for the town next Sunday. The event, in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, will take place outside St Mary’s Church at 11.35am. The organisers say flowers will be gathered and placed near the church to highlight that Kerry has a LGBTQ+ community and that they also belong to God.  The event is in response to Fr Sheehy’s homily that condemned same-sex relationships, transgenderism and HSE condom dumping.  It is described as a silent gathering aimed at providing an opportunity for people that might wish to empathise with those mentioned in the homily and wish to act in solidarity with the rainbow community in Kerry and throughout Ireland. “It brings great sadness to my heart that someone so holy can think that he can decide who are the children of God and who are not,” said one of the organisers of the planned gathering. Fr Sheehy never made such a claim but never mind truth in the interest of point scoring. “Everyone is welcome but please note that no hate speech, anger or pointing fingers is allowed,” she added. Those planning to attend are asked to bring flowers and messages of peace.


Countries Where Homosexuality Is Illegal


Most of the countries that criminalize homosexuality and enact laws against it are drawn from the Asian continent. At least 20 Asian countries have outlawed it while nine countries allow people in same-sex relationship to serve in departments such as the military. In Afghanistan, homosexuality is completely illegal and its practice leads to imprisonment or death.

In Bangladesh, those engaging in it are sentenced to 10 year’s imprisonment. Bhutan has a lenient sentence of only one-year imprisonment. In India the practice will attract a penalty of up to life imprisonment and sometimes torture and fines. Other countries in Asia where LGBTQ has been outlawed include Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Qatar, UAE, and Yemen.


In most African countries, homosexuality is considered immoral and is mainly practiced in private with the LGBTQ community preferring not to disclose it. In some of the countries, it is considered illegal and laws have been passed to punish those who engage in it. In Egypt, engaging in homosexuality will attract 17 year’s imprisonment while in Morocco and South Sudan one will serve 3 and 10 years respectively. In Sudan, men are condemned to death on third offense while women are condemned on the fourth offense. Other countries where the offender will be prisoned for life include Gambia, Tanzania, and Uganda. In Nigeria and Mauritania, those found guilty are punished by death.


Most of the countries in the Caribbean have legalized certain aspects of homosexuality such as same-sex sexual activities. However, the majority of the countries are yet to fully embrace the practice. Antigua and Bermuda have completely outlawed homosexuality with those convicted of the same are sentenced to 15 years in prison. Other countries include Barbados, Dominica, and Saint Vincent.

Polynesia and Melanesia

Polynesian countries that have outlawed homosexuality include the Cook Islands and Samoa where penalty ranges from 5-14 year’s imprisonment. The Solomon Islands is the only country in Melanesia where homosexuality is outlawed.

Are Laws Against Homosexuality Enforced?

Although most of the countries that have criminalized homosexuality through legislation, in some countries, especially Muslim countries, it is the application of Sharia laws that have led to the criminalization of the act. However, most countries do not enforce such laws. In Kenya, those who engage in the act are simply “cursed” by the community as in some other African countries. Some of the laws are often vague and difficult to interpret, making it almost difficult to enforce. Some human groups have also challenged such laws like in India and Kenya where the outcome is expected to have a great influence on the LGBTQ community.

List of Countries Where Homosexuality Is Illegal

Antigua and Barbuda
Cook Islands
Papua New Guinea
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands
South Sudan
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates


February 21, 2013 2,573 Views

BISHOP David Moriarty of Kerry was one of the leading lights of the Catholic Hierarchy in the 1800s.
He had been educated locally and then in France before he went to Maynooth. Within a few short years of ordination, he was chosen as vice president of the Irish College in Paris and afterwards, as president of All Hallows College in Dublin. From there, in 1854, he was appointed coadjutor bishop of Kerry and in 1856, succeeded to the see on the death of Bishop Charles Sugrue.
He proved an enlightened and reforming bishop. He travelled all over his diocese preaching, administering sacraments and emphasising the importance of teaching children catechism. He advocated regular parish missions and arranged regular retreats for the diocesan clergy at which he himself preached.
Linked in with this he invited the Franciscans and Dominicans to return to Kerry. He firmly believed in education and was a staunch supporter of the, recently introduced, national school system. To further develop education services, he was responsible for the building of the diocesan seminary St Brendan’s in Killarney, which is still one of the foremost secondary schools in the country.
He did not confine his building to schools but also encouraged the building of many parish churches as well as completing the building of St Mary’s Cathedral in Killarney. It was one of his sermons, however, in the cathedral in Killarney, which led to his most infamous moment when he ventured into the realm of politics.
The mid-1800s saw a huge decline in the political power of the Church in Europe. It lost the Papal States and in 1870 lost Rome to the Italian government. In an encyclical in 1864, Pope Pius IX wrote strongly against the revolutionary movements and condemned anyone who advocated the separation of Church and State.
The Irish Church followed Rome and, led by Cardinal Paul Cullen, spoke strongly against the newly established Fenian movement. They considered it a secret oath-bound society which was contrary to Church teaching. In England and America where the new organisation was strong , they refused the sacraments to its members. They feared that those who defied the political and legal authority of the state would subsequently treat the church in a similar manner.
Cardinal Cullen’s attitude to the Fenians was shared by most, if not all, the hierarchy but most of them were shocked by the forcefulness of Bishop Moriarty’s opposition and the vehemence of his outburst. Following a long sermon at his Sunday mass, he went on to condemn the Fenians describing them as swindlers, criminals and God’s curse.
He used the infamous phrase that “when we look down into the fathomless depths of the infamy of the heads of the Fenian conspiracy, we must acknowledge that eternity is not long enough nor hell hot enough for such miscreants”.  His speech was quoted, twice, in the House of Commons the following week. Lord Naas, chief secretary for Ireland, told the house Bishop Moriarty had informed him by letter that no one left the Church as a consequence of what he said and that he never addressed a more attentive audience.
Bishop Moriarty of Kerry delivered his ‘hell isn’t hot enough’ sermon on the Fenians on February 17, 1867 – 146 years ago this week.



The Shit Show in New Zealand


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