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Rumble Fights Censorship

Rumble recently posted the following message to its users in France. Rumble Notice to Users in France.  Because of French Government demands to remove creators from our platform, Rumble is currently unavailable in France. We are challenging those government demands and hope to restore access soon. It was banned from publishing any Russian content in its platform. Fortunately, we can still get Rumble in Ireland.

EU Censorship

All this censorship started with move by EU and Ursula Von der Leyen, stopping any Russian flights to Europe. The EU has replaced the Soviet Union as the most repressive regime in Europe. Then Russian news outlets were completely outlawed and blocked. Surely the people of France and Europe can decide for themselves, who is lying and who is telling the truth.
The western mainstream media are delighted with the anti-Russian censorship. As well as removing competition it gives them the opportunity to blast their readers and listeners with blatant propaganda and downright lies without a major media platform to challenge them.  No matter how much the western governments and their media suppress the truth and blatantly lie eventually the truth will surface and expose their lies to completely destroy their already badly tainted reputation.

Fear of the Truth

Why are they all so fearful of Russian channels such as RT and sputnik anyway?
If those channels are spouting propaganda as is claimed by the EU and European governments, lets expose it to the light of day. Surely the people are mature enough to judge for themselves. The Irish government and their subservient media are as guilty of censorship as France and the EU in this regard. The EU and US obviously doesn’t like to have their narrative challenged. The question is that if they were telling the truth what have they got to fear? Only if they are constantly lying does their behaviour makes any sense.  They are terrified of transparency and alternative views, of the facts and truths, of people drawing their own conclusions from ALL the information available. Ah yes! Democracy EU style!


Despite the Wests media censorship there are beacons of truth out there if you really want the truth. One such channel is the YouTube Channel Redacted. On his YouTube channel, Redacted, Clayton Morris and his wife, Natali, present and analyse issues and stories relating to geo-politics, financial, legal, and social matters that pertain to us all. They guarantee their listeners balanced reporting, thoughtful storylines, and productive discussion. As a former co-host of Fox & Friends and veteran of the journalism world, Clayton Morris is dedicated to digging for the truth. Morris also hosts The Investing in Real Estate podcast, elaborating on steps to building a meaningful and financially stable life through passive income investing.

Uncensored Media Recommendations

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  • Alexander Mercouris


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