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Get vaccinated Never Mind Inflation

Ireland expects to run an extensive dual vaccine campaign against COVID-19 and flu ahead of a potentially worrying winter surge that could lead to the re-imposition of mask wearing in certain settings, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said on Tuesday.

Toughest Lockdown Regime

Ireland dropped all COVID-19 imposed restrictions earlier this year following one of Europe’s toughest lockdown regimes. While alleged infections are on the rise again, Varadkar said the current wave seemed to be peaking and the number of hospitalised patients was expected to start falling in the next two to three weeks.

A Winter Wave of Hypothermia

Varadkar is ramping up the narrative for new autumn and winter restrictions together with an all out campaign to push vaccines. Hypothermia is more likely to peak as a cause of death this coming winter as a result of the massive and unprecedented cost increases for all heating fuels.

Inflation Distraction

Varadkar didn’t mention this as he tries to distract us from the inflation crisis with Covid and flu fear mongering.  Instead he said “I’m more concerned about the next wave which will come in the winter because that will happen when we’re indoors more and it might come at the same time as the flu. We haven’t really had a serious flu season since 2019.” He was speaking on RTE.

He went on, “I see a very extensive COVID and flu vaccine programme happening in the early autumn…and a possibility in the winter that we may ask people to wear masks again in certain settings. I don’t envisage us having to bring back restrictions that cause businesses to close, but nobody can rule that out for sure.”


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