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Government Destruction of the Irish Nation

When politicians lecture you, and tell you that Ireland is legally obliged to accept limitless numbers of refugees and seekers of international protection, formerly known as economic migrants, they are blatantly lying. That includes both the Leinster House government and their colluding opposition. Ireland has treaty safeguard provisions in two cases to ‘opt-out’ with the possibility to ‘opt in’ (on a case-by-case basis) under the provisions of the 1997 Amsterdam treaty and was retained in the 2007 Lisbon Treaty. Irelands ‘opt out’ in the areas of security, freedom and justice includes migration and refugees.

Government Treason

Having secured the ‘opt out’ clauses the Irish government, without informing or consulting the Irish people must have secretly ‘opted in’ to the acceptance of limitless migrants and refugees. The result is the debacle we are in now. ‘Opting in’ was:

  1. the abandonment of the security of our borders
  2. the abandonment of the right to choose who would enter and live in our country
  3. the abandonment of the security and safety of our people and future generations
  4. the abandonment of national integrity, resulting in
  5. the surrender or sell out of our national sovereignty for which our forefathers selflessly gave their lives

The Destruction of the Nation

The ‘opted in’ was a reckless act of treason in which the government completely abandoned its obligation to protect the security of the people. As a result, the Irish people are now left completely exposed to the rabble and criminals of the world with no security and no checks or balances. 40% or more of those coming into Ireland destroy their passports or entry documentation for one purpose and one purpose only. That is to hide their true identity so they can hide behind lies. That in itself is an act of criminality. Are a new criminal class being invited by the government into Ireland? Surely the result is the destruction of the Irish nation.


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