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“U.S Supreme Court’s Most Historical Case Starts Today.” That was the Irish People’s headlined story of January 7th 2023. The case in question was The Brunson v Adams lawsuit which was officially scheduled for a US Supreme Court Hearing of January 6th 2023. Four Brunson brothers from Utah had filed a ‘National Emergency Petition’ directly with the U.S. Supreme Court which it accepted for hearing. The case had the potential to shatter the legal and legislative group-think that’s intertwined in this historical U.S. Constitution case. Despite great expectations nothing happened as the case was quickly and quietly rejected. The case had been met with deafening silence from the outset by the entirety of America’s and the world’s media despite its potential historic consequences. Its ejection was met by more media silence, and more silence since the mainstream media had ignored the case from the outset. More silence from them was nothing new. It looked like the case was dead.

Oath of Office Standing

Anybody but the Brunson Brothers would have been roundly defeated and that would have been the end of it. The Brunson’s however persisted and they successfully petitioned to have the case reconsidered and it is due for a hearing on February 17th. If they get four votes to have the case go ahead, it will result in the Brunson Brothers taking on the solicitor general and her team of top lawyers. In essence the case will establish whether the legislator’s oath of office has any standing because as of now it does not appear to have any. The entire case rests on one simple question “If breaking the oath of office has no penalties what is the point of having it at all?”

Two Hot to Handle

This apparently simple case becomes a ‘two hot to handle’ case as it represents the day of reckoning for 388 elected United States officials including Members of Congress, US President Joe Biden, Camilla Harris and Mike Pence. They all face the prospects of being fired in disgrace and being relieved from any and all future government positions if it is found that the oath of office they broke has any standing. The petition coming before the US Supreme court on February 17th has the potential to rewrite the history of American politics. It is an emergency petition that was presented and rejected on January 6th and now it is back to reignite the controversy around the 2020 Presidential election decision citing Congressional oath breaking procedural failure. If the US Supreme court keep their nerve and hear the case it has the potential to be the catalyst that starts the downfall of a totally corrupt legislative system. However, with the Judicial branch being as devoid of a collective backbone and as corrupted as the Executive and Legislative branches it will undoubtedly again rejected the petition for a hearing under some pretence.

Face Saving Option

There is a face saving way out for the supreme court where they can uphold the validity of the oath of office without making waves. By upholding the oath of office without any retrospective penalties being incurred by anybody the status quo can be maintained but legislators will have to be more careful in future. The Brunson’s will have won but the solicitor general and her team of top lawyers won’t have lost. The Supreme court justices will have shown that they are no longer afraid to take on thorny cases with huge political implications such as those involving voter fraud which they rejected on various procedural pretexts due to lack of backbone in the past. They tried this already with the overturning of their previous longstanding “Roe V Wade” decision but the value of that was lost in the avalanche of controversy. This is their chance to re-establish some level of credibility.



This Civil Lawsuit was proactively hand-selected directly by the U.S. Supreme Court in October of 2022. It was written and filed by a band of brothers (an actual band of trumpet playing brothers) without any legal representation. It seeks the most historic and consequential judicial remedy in American history. Why is this ‘history in the making’ case receiving no media coverage? You can only read about it in the Irish People. Have a read of the following and decide for yourself.

Today, The Day of Reckoning

Today January 6th is Having overcome almost unsurmountable hurdles and legal obstruction, the Brunson case has today finally arrived before the US Supreme Court.

Congressional Failure of Duty

Today without a whimper from the media the United States Supreme Court is scheduled to consider a complaint that 388 elected officials blocked the legal requirement for a ten-day window of review of the 2020 US Presidential election despite legally submitted complaints. The complaint seeks that all 388 elected officials including Biden, Harris and Pence be relieved from any government status – fired in disgrace – with President Donald Trump being returned to office until a new election is conducted. As we enter 2023 it shows the prospect of being politically a most exciting year.

Failure to Perform their Duty

This is not a case claiming Election Fraud. The complaint simply states that the members of the US Congress failed to perform the duty required of them. They failing to take the required ten days requested to look into legally submitted complaints brought before them concerning the 2022 Presidential election. Their claim that they had to take an immediate vote was contrary to their duty requiring them to provide for for a ten-day window of review of the 2020 US Presidential election. The Supreme Court has now accepted a complaint beginning today that 388 elected officials blocked a legal requirement of a ten-day window for a review.

A Total Media Blackout

This is probably one of the biggest if not the biggest case in American or world history and it is being totally ignored by the mainstream media who as usual are busily reporting on trashy trivia. This is a potentially seismic, landmark petition which is today set in front of the nine Justices on the Supreme Court of the United States (“SCOTUS”) with “national emergency” language added and it is met with total media silence. The silence of the media is a huge festering story in itself. The increasingly irrelevant Irish lapdog mainstream media continue sniffing along behind and they run for cover from the sniff of anything that doesn’t conform to the consensus narrative.

Irresponsible, Irrelevant and Illegitimate Media

Why have the Main-Stream-Media failed to do their due-diligence and report on this potentially momentous case? They readily and without supporting evidence, loudly claimed that the 2020 Election was legitimate when there were glaringly obvious questions that remained unanswered. A far as the media was concerned they remained unasked. The media instead labelled anyone who questions the election result as “an election denier” one of their many bludgeoning put downs to silence contrary views. Is it not the duty of the media to probe and ask questions rather than resort to immature mudslinging?

In view of their claim of election legitimacy, shouldn’t they be interested in why the US Supreme Court has accepted and is today considering this Petition and shouldn’t they be anxiously informed the Public? They would be all over this unless of course the Supreme Court narrative could possibly go against their love affair with the Biden regime as is evidenced by their refusal to report on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. They also refused to report on what is viewed by millions as a Fraudulent Election that is now finally before the Supreme Court. “Nothing to see here” is the media response when it comes to anything that might question the legitimacy of the Biden regime which makes the media irresponsible, illegitimate and irrelevant. And they wonder why their readership and listenership continues to plummet.


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