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Government’s Migrant, Accommodation and Excessive Numbers Debacle

The refugee’s accommodation shortfall has created a major crisis for the government that could leave up to 17,000 new arrivals without accommodation by the end of March. In their panic the government are even considering the hiring of luxury cruise liners a proposition they previously rejected as the continuing flood of arrivals forces them to reconsider any hare-brained scheme including offers it previously rejected. Meanwhile Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien says he is developing a multifaceted plan to address the shortfall of space for refugees and will table his plans in the coming days. Has he been asleep up to now and will he go back to sleep after he has tabled his plans?

Growing Unrest

On the other side of the coin community protests are growing in numbers and determination with more than seventy protests taking place nationwide in the last week against the excessive numbers of migrants, with 40% or more of them undocumented and many more with questionable documentation. If anyone cared to look they would find passports in toilets and garbage bins at Dublin and other entry airports. The government are caught between the two in the growing crisis they created and they should realise that ‘the centre cannot hold’.

Growing Opposition

The latest February 5th opinion poll of from the Sunday Independent/Ireland Thinks says that a majority of people now believe Ireland has already too many refugees. The poll found:

  • 56% of Irish people believe Ireland has taken in too many refugees in the past year
  • 30% disagree
  • 14% are unsure
  • 48% say opponents are primarily concerned local residents
  • 44% believe the media and politicians mantra that they are far-right ‘agitators’.
  • 38% say the media reporting is balanced and a fair.
  • 42% believe reporting is biased in favour of refugees and against those with concern
  • 20% say it is biased against refugees and in favour of people with concerns.

Immigration now at 19% has soared by10 percentage points in a month. 74,000 refugees and ‘international protection applicants’ are now living in state-funded accommodation. This includes 49,227 Ukrainians and 23,382 asylum seekers with up to 40% destroying their documents before presenting themselves at emigration. Women in working-class communities and older generations are strongly of the opinion that Ireland has taken in too many refugees, and among:

  • 89% of Aontú supporters
  • 76% of Independents
  • 61% of Sinn Féin supporters
  • 56% of Fianna Fáil supporters

Even a minority of the following ‘woke’ pro globalist parties support the view we have taken in too many refugees and migrants:

  • 47% Fine Gael
  • 41%Labour
  • 33% Social Democrats
  • 21% Greens
  • 16% Solidarity/PBP

The poll makes no mention of the long suffering 11,600 homeless Irish people and neither do any of the politicians. There will be no cruise ship for them.

Loud Condemnation Replaces Policy

Meanwhile the media and the political parties are busy coming out with their usual shrill condemnations. Anyone who dares to voice or question the wisdom of flooding the country with unvetted migrants and refugees especially small communities are now labelled as ‘far right’ and ‘racists.’

The Howler in the Park

Among the loudest of those ranting is Michael D. Higgins, the howling hypocrite acting as President in a huge and largely empty stately home in Dublin’s Phoenix Park. When challenged he says he and the first lady and the dogs only occupy a small area of the Aurus. Nobody dared to ask him about his ‘rented out’ houses in Galway. Will he make them available for occupation by refugees or migrants on whose behalf he is so loudly and shrilly ranting? His howls are nearly as bad as his poetry. You have never expressed such emotional concern for those who elected you into office and who you are supposed to represent. Are you the President of Ireland or the President of migrants? Have the ghosts of the Vice Regal Lodge got to you Michael?

Lying Irish Government

When politicians lecture you, and tell you that Ireland is legally obliged to accept limitless numbers of refugees and seekers of international protection, formerly known as economic migrants, they are blatantly lying. That includes both the Leinster House government and their colluding opposition. Ireland has treaty safeguard provisions in two cases to ‘opt-out’ with the possibility to ‘opt in’ (on a case-by-case basis) under the provisions of the 1997 Amsterdam treaty and was retained in the 2007 Lisbon Treaty. Irelands ‘opt out’ in the areas of security, freedom and justice includes migration and refugees.

Government Treason

Having secured the ‘opt out’ clauses the Irish government, without informing or consulting the Irish people must have secretly ‘opted in’ to the acceptance of limitless migrants and refugees. The result is the debacle we are in now. ‘Opting in’ was:

  1. the abandonment of the security of our borders
  2. the abandonment of the right to choose who would enter and live in our country
  3. the abandonment of the security and safety of our people and future generations
  4. the abandonment of national integrity, resulting in
  5. the surrender or sell out of our national sovereignty for which our forefathers selflessly gave their lives

The Destruction of the Nation

The ‘opted in’ was a reckless act of treason in which the government completely abandoned its obligation to protect the security of the people. As a result, the Irish people are now left completely exposed to the rabble and criminals of the world with no security and no checks or balances. 40% or more of those coming into Ireland destroy their passports or entry documentation for one purpose and one purpose only. That is to hide their true identity so they can hide behind lies. That in itself is an act of criminality. Are a new criminal class being invited by the government into Ireland? Surely the result is the destruction of the Irish nation.


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