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Growth of far-right in Ireland set to continue according to US monitoring group

“Growth of far-right in Ireland set to continue according to US monitoring group”

The Irish Times Gone ‘Woke’

Believe it or not, that is an Irish Times headline for the most malicious and slanderous insult to the Irish people I have ever read. One Heidi Beirich must be an expert on Irish affairs since Sarah Burns and the Irish Times have given so much space and credence to her outlandish ranting report. What is her record and what are her credentials in relation to Ireland Sarah? She is the co-founder of ‘The Global Project Against Hate and Extremism’ or for short GPAHE, who said they expected the far-right movement in Ireland to continue to grow. I kid you not. This is all contained in an IT report penned by Sarah Burns on Sunday Aug 21st  2022. There are definitely Far Right extremists under every Irish Times ‘Woke’ bed if they consider this bizarre nonsense as newsworthy. Where are the IT’s ‘fact checkers’? It seems the ‘woke’ are asleep when it comes to fact verification.

Who is Heidi Beirich?

Jerry Kammer of The Centre for Immigration Studies an independent, non-partisan, non-profit US research organization founded in 1985 tells us about Heidi Beirich. The Centre is the US’s only think tank devoted exclusively to research and policy analysis of the economic, social, demographic, fiscal, and other impacts of immigration on the United States. He tells us that “Heidi Beirich has been instrumental in building the contemptible side of the SPLC, the side, which, as we reported in 2010, is marked by “a poverty of ideas, a dependence on dishonesty, and a lack of fundamental decency.” She routinely engages in distortion, half-truths, cheap shots, smears, and character assassination. She is the SPLC’s princess of darkness. She is the reason why National Review has written that while the SPLC was “once valuable”, it has become “hateful and vile”. But she is the darling of the Irish Times.

Far Right Conspiracies Everywhere in Ireland

Beirich was speaking as the launch of the GPAHE’s published report which claimed that Ireland’s “far-right scene” had grown in recent years in reaction to progress for LQBTQ+ equality, increased access to abortion and the ‘fabricated threat’ of the Great Replacement conspiracy theory. There’s a sweeping mouthful for you. The  report went on to warn us of “a disturbing trend” in Ireland, similar to the US and other parts of the world, whereby white nationalist, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-immigrant and anti-lockdown groups “seem to be coming together and echoing each other’s hateful rhetoric”, according to the self styled Global Project Against Hate and Extremism. Can they offer us any evidence to back up their far flung sweeping claims?

GPAHE’s Transnational Hate

This group launched themselves on the unsuspecting world stage in 2020. Calling themselves by the grandiose name of ‘The Global Project Against Hate and Extremism’ and undoubtedly experts on Ireland or at least that is how the Irish Times portrays them. This outfit was founded by Ms Beirich and Wendy Via, both previously involved with the Southern Poverty Law Centre in Montgomery, Alabama that they discredited. They then saw a gap in the money making market and came together to address the “gap in efforts to stop transnational hate and far-right extremism movements”, in particular US based activity, “that is exported to other countries and across borders”. They would know that coming from the world stage of Montgomery, Alabama, wouldn’t they?

A Tirade of Fantasy

On her tirade against her ‘Irish Far Right,’ Beirich rants on: “One of the scariest things about this coalescence is that they are able to spread their extremist messages wider and recruit more people into their movements. Unfortunately, we expect the far-right in Ireland to continue to grow.” Aren’t reports supposed to contain facts rather than speculation? The report goes on to warn us of the proliferation of groups that “demean, harass, and inspire violence against people based on their identity traits including race, religion, ethnicity, language, national or social origin, caste, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity”. Wow, what an all embracing conspiracy theory!

Spotlight on Ireland

Irish Far-right Hate and Extremist Groups’’ is the title of one of  GPAHE’s first country reports in a series that will be released throughout 2022 and 2023. They will generate considerable publicity and funding for themselves by their inclusion of similar reports on far-right movements in Australia, Italy, and France. What about the rest of the world? Hasn’t far right Neo Nazi extremism contributed to what has become a terrible war in Ukraine? Have they not heard of the Azov Battalion? Why are they steering clear of the real Neo Nazi far right? The report also claim to have found (Where?) that since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, a range of movements in Ireland have been “harnessing rage over pandemic health measures, such as anti-lockdown protests, and spreading Covid-related conspiracy theories, often overlapping with other far-right extremist ideologies”. Now there’s an all embracing conspiracy theory for you.

Freedom of Speech a Far Right Conspiracy

This skewered report failed to address the one sided media reporting on the matter of the Irish government’s authoritarian response in the handling of the Covid debacle but that wouldn’t have suited GPAHE’s equally one sided narrative. Freedom of speech doesn’t seem to figure in their world view which is probably regarded by them as a ‘Far Right’ conspiracy.

Far Right Conspiracy Theory

Ms Via, the co-founder and the self proclaimed president of GPHAE, said that far-right extremist movements in countries across the world are “increasingly interconnected”. If that isn’t a conspiracy theory, I don’t know what is. “It’s critical that people, locally and globally, understand the far-right extremist landscape, how it operates, and how the dots are connected within countries and trans-nationally in order to counter the threats from these groups,” she conspiratorially ranted on. There are obviously ‘Far Right’ extremists under every bed according to this conspiratorial view. What about Antifa and the far left or is left wing extremism acceptable? But including that would require a balanced view of the world, wouldn’t it Ms Via?

Wendi Via’s Woke World View

This is Wendi Via’s take on the beleaguered Canadian truckers protest and the even more beleaguered Dutch farmers protest. “What we have been seeing in the last few years is the transnational nature of the white supremacist and far-right extremist movements,” said Wendy Via, cofounder and CEO of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism. In April, Via was shipped in to testify before the Canadian House of Commons about the pattern of cross-border activism that surrounded last winter’s “trucker convoys,” and how conspiracy theories like the “great replacement” have become “unifying concept[s] for white supremacists worldwide.” Via continued, “far-right extremists will latch onto any event or protest that they can — including the serious issues at the heart of these farmer protests — and use [such issues] to further spread conspiracy theories, reduce faith in institutions and inspire hatred, in almost every case, against immigrants and Muslims.” Her ‘out of context’ insertion of ‘immigrants and Muslims’ is mischievously disingenuous to say the least. With a distorted world view like that, this woman has to be a bought and paid for mouthpiece for the Globalist agenda and her extremely skewered views can’t be taken seriously. She is a ‘woke’ wonders of the world that condemns all protesters as ‘far right’ and ‘white supremacists’ who is wheeled out by despots such as Justin Trudeau to support his totalitarian madness. That of course makes her a darling of the ‘woke’ Irish Times.

Nazi World View

“Community safety and democracies are at risk. We hope these reports will help advocates do that.” Democracy, are you kidding Ms Via? Surely one of the bedrocks of democracy is the freedom of expression and the freedom of speech. A differing or even an opposing view doesn’t make it hate speech or a hate crime or turn one into a ‘far right white supremacist’ as you claim. The labelling and demonization of everyone and every group that doesn’t agree with the GPHAE world view being demonised as ‘Far Right white supremacists’ is hardly an expression of anything remotely relating to democracy. It seems and sounds more like a 1930’s Nazi narrow view and look at what all their expressions of self righteous hate led to. Do you advocate a return to this for all of those you label as ‘far right’ and ‘white supremacists’? Your expressed idea of democracy is a terrifying prospect.

Finger Pointing Neo Nazis

In Ireland there is an old saying that he or she who is pointing an accusing finger at others, have the rest of their fingers pointing accusingly back at themselves.  The GPHAE rhetoric which demonises all contrary views and voices, while lumping all of them into ‘Far Right’ or ‘white supremacist’ labels is more like the authoritarian views of Hitler’s Nazis. In fact your rhetoric sounds so like the ranting of Hitler and Goebbels that it is impossible not to see you as today’s version of neo Nazis. Irish Times take note.


The Woman from the Irish Times


Now Ireland’s a very dangerous place, sir
It’s become a Right Wing land
The Irish are now a Far Right race, sir
They are all in a Right Wing band
They no longer read the Irish Times
And I wouldn’t be surprised
If they aren’t plotting racist crimes
Wails the woman from the Irish Times.


Yesterday I read it in the news, sir
Headlined there in the Irish Times
They’re all cooking up conspiracy’s, sir
Perpetrating  Far Right crimes
They are marched to the Nazi goose step
Singing  A Nation Once Again
While demonising our Claus Schwab
This  Far Right Irish mob,
Wails the woman from the Irish Times.


They are all planning Right Wing plots, sir
It’s now Far Right through and through
They are Social Media’s Far Right lot sir
Posting racist hate crimes too
They are gathering together regardless of the weather
Demonstrating their Far Right view
They don’t even read the Irish Times
Instead they are plotting Far Right crimes,
Wails the woman from the Irish Times.
Their every post is a right wing roust, Sir
Every keyboard spreading hate
With every posts display Sir
Far Right slogans boldly there
Leaving me in deep despair
The Irish Times warning is too late
Our best effort’s are bound to fail
And I wouldn’t be surprised
If we are completely despised,
Wails the woman from the Irish Times.


With apologies to “The Man From the Daily Mail”.


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