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Ireland the Most UFO Visited Country in Europe With Listed Sightings

Ireland has been graced with the most UFO visits in Europe, new data can reveal. Ireland has recorded 105 UFO sightings making us the favourite location for alien visits in Europe. Ireland’s UFO sightings typically last an average of thirteen minutes and their usual manifestation is that of in unexplainable bright lights of red, yellow, orange, white or blue.

According to data from the National UFO Reporting Centre State Report Index Europe had reported a total of 994 UFO sightings. Ireland ranks first with 105 reported sightings with France ranking second with 71 recorded UFO sightings. Spain had 70 reported UFO sightings, mostly with a diamond shape appearance.

These sightings last an average of 12 minutes although Monaco’s typically lasted nearly four times longer up to 45 minutes. The most commonly UFO reported sightings overall are of the universally recognised but still remaining unidentified flying disc variety. Georgia had only two UFO sightings reported each lasting only 15 seconds. San Marino has had no reported UFO sightings.

From Other worlds?

The curiosity around UFO’s has grown considerably in recent weeks after March 1st sighting’s by multiple people in Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal. On top of that coincidentally the CIA has declassified more than three decades of documents on UFO’s.

The CIA’s ‘Black Vault’ documents are now available for perusal by anyone and they include reports on mysterious UFO related explosions in Russia including one account of UFO intel being hand-delivered to a Government official.

Nick Pope, the UK’s perennial UFO writer, broadcaster and lecturer who had previously worked on the UK’s Ministry of Defence’s now-defunct UFO desk has looked into his crystal ball and said that we can expect ‘big UFO stories in 2021’. I haven’t heard or seen them. Have you? The National UFO Reporting Centre State Report Index Europe has however found Ireland to have the most ET visits in Europe, with 105 recorded unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings.

UFO Experts

Media organizations worldwide were eager to determine which European country has experienced the most ET visits and the extent of their duration following the CIA’s release of thousands of documents that has brought UFO’s and ET’s back into the limelight. Experts (usually self appointed) analysed official sightings reported from across continental Europe documenting the frequency, duration, and type of UFO sightings being spotted.

Experts (that makes them feel more authoritive and important) said that Europe has had 994 UFO sightings taking an average duration of 12 minutes with flying discs being the most common type of UFO’s being reported.

Monaco had the longest UFO sightings with an average duration of 45 minutes with a prevalence of flying discs.

Liechtenstein comes second for duration with UFO sightings lasting an average of 39 minutes. Smaller countries seem to get longer duration sightings. Latvia and Ukraine follow in third and fourth position with sighting durations lasting an average of 24 minutes and 22 minutes respectively.


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