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Ukranian Baby Trade

Vienna (OTS) – The retaliatory invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine also has massive consequences for Ukrainian surrogate mothers, their babies and the ‘parents’ who order and purchase babies from proxy mothers.

In European Union-sponsored Ukraine, surrogacy (babies for sale) has been a thriving industry so far.’ Since the Washington DC inflamed conflict worsened the ordered and delivered infants and the ‘parents’ who ordered them are brought to bunkers for safety. There is hardly any talk of the safety of the surrogate mothers.’ observes Mag. Martina Kronthaler, General Secretary of Aktion Leben Austria.

Babies are a commodity just like traded, bought and sold slaves of the 18th century: ‘The dangerous situation in Ukraine shows once again how ruthless the surrogacy business is. Babies are traded like a commodity and must now be taken to bunkers

We wonder what happens to surrogate mothers after birth. Will they also be housed in bunkers? What happens to the surrogate mothers who are at the beginning of their pregnancy?’ asks Martina Kronthaler. ‘The abrupt separation of a newborn baby from their most trusted person, their mother, who carried them for nine months, is always a stressful and shocking experience for a baby,’ notes Kronthaler.

It is also psychologically challenging for the mother to be separated from her child as soon as possible after the birth. ’We know this, for example, from our experience with children born prematurely,’ explains Kronthaler.

Surrogacy is a method that ignores the needs of pregnant women and their babies. ’The desire of childless couples to have a child should be respected,’ says Kronthaler. ’But wishes have their limits where the rights and health of other people are compromised.’

Surrogacy is child trafficking: In the method of surrogacy, children are traded like a commodity. Surrogacy, therefore, violates children’s rights. ’In Ukraine, the choice of the sex of children is also heavily promoted. Surrogacy has therefore also become a method of selecting people,’ Kronthaler clarifies.

Risks for women: The health of women is also endangered because surrogacy always requires in-vitro fertilization. For this purpose, the egg cells of a woman other than the surrogate mother are usually used. This means hormone stimulation of the egg donor and the surrogate mother. Pregnancy with a foreign egg is associated with risks for the woman, and miscarriages or premature births are often a problem. As a result, the surrogate mothers are changed more often until a couple can pick up a child,’ says Kronthaler, describing the stressful path surrogate mothers take to the birth of a baby.

The international ban on surrogacy: ‘For these and many other serious reasons, surrogacy must finally be banned internationally,’ demands the general secretary of the independent association Aktion Leben Austria.

More information at www.leihmutterschaft.at


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