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Irish Governments Sell Out to the WEF

Power hungry criminal megalomaniacs have been plotting to seize control of the entire world throughout history. Irish history contains a litany of the Papacy and English monarchs criminally interfering in Irelands affairs. That included numerous invasions and repeated genocidal attempts to wipe out the Irish people and replace them with a number of ‘plantations’. If you think that kind of activity has been consigned to history and has no relevance to the present or could never happen in our time, you had better think again.

History is Repeating Itself

We have been led to believe through the slanted version of history we were presented with that Dermot MacMurrough was Irelands great traitor when he reputedly opened the doors to the Anglo Norman invasion by inviting Strongbow to join him in his dispute with Rory O’Connor High King of Ireland. We were not told that Pope Adrian IV aka Nicholas Breakspear the only English Pope who, with no justification and no authority, had already granted the Lordship of Ireland to Henry 11 of England. The Synods of Cashel and Kells worked feverishly to undermine the authority of the High King. You may ask, what has that got to do with us now?

The present Leinster House Parliament are busier undermining the sovereignty and integrity of the Irish people than were the Synods of Cashel, Kells and Dermot MacMurrough a millennium ago. Everything is happening in the same way as it did then except today’s players and the methods are different. Replace in your mind Pope Adrian IV with Claus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. Replace the Synods of Cashel and Kells with Leinster House and Stormont whose politicians who are slavishly following Schwab’s dictates to undermine Irelands independence in every possible way including flooding the country with a new plantation under the guise of refugees and migrants. The Irish government have submitted themselves to the status of WEF puppets.

Nothing Has Changed

Who are the WEF and what have they got to do with Ireland? They are the present manifestation of Roman emperors, European warlords, English kings and other relentless wagers of wars for world domination. Succeeding empires throughout history have all engaged in genocidal wars to conquer nations in their attempts to rule the world. Maniacal desire for world domination has always been the primary empire building motivation resulting in countless wars throughout history. The current media narrative and the sanitized teaching of history in our time have lead the consensus believers into thinking that the maniacal desire to rule the world has somehow miraculously disappeared.

Diabolical Lust

Nothing could be further from the truth. The diabolical lust for world domination is more alive today than ever before. New technologies for surveillance and population control together with the all-encompassing mind controlling media are providing the WEF with unprecedented resources to enslave the entire human race, with very few people even realizing it.

Today’s game of conquest has changed completely. There is no longer any need for invading armies with tanks, guns and rockets to conquer the word. Ukraine is an anomaly. Today all the conquerors need to do is convince the world that a terrible danger such as a deadly virus or global warming is threatening them with extinction.  Most people will immediately surrender all their rights and freedoms for the promise of safety. The Nazi leader Hermann Goring, explained how this is done: “It’s easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and… they will follow their leader. This works in every nation. Just make the people afraid, and they will do whatever you want, in order to feel safe again.” Claus Schwab the son of a Nazi SS Officer is carrying out Goering’s plan to the letter. He does this through “The World Economic Forum”.

The Weapon of Mass Terror

The current weapon of choice to terrify the entire world with some “deadly danger” is the mainstream media. With control of the news media you can manufacture public perception to determine what people think, believe and react to. Today’s news media is an all-powerful mind control weapon. Most people unquestioningly believe everything they hear and see on the news. Covid with a survival rate of 99,7% was, for example, whipped into a frenzied contagious killer using the news media to inflict terror on the minds of the masses. Most people as a result, compliantly agreed to become prisoners in their own homes, wore worthless masks consisting of dirty, bacteria-infested mouth pampers keeping out clean air, and toxic air in. People even drove around in their cars wearing masks. They agreed to be injected with an untested concoction presented as a vaccine. They brought their children and begged to have them injected with an experimental, untested, gene-altering cocktail of undisclosed toxins.  People will literally do anything, no matter how devastating to protect themselves and their loved ones, in compliance with the hypnotic media mantra “You are in mortal danger, but this will make you safe.” The result is a world that willingly becomes an open, self-policing concentration camp. With full control of the mainstream media it has become all too easy for unscrupulous power hungry megalomaniacs and criminals to control the masses. Fear based control can achieve any desired outcome. Covid according to the WEF was just a test run.

Own the Media to Control the Narrative

A few corporations have acquired ownership of all mainstream media outlets worldwide, which enables them to control the narrative, the flow of information. This enables them to control what the people think and believe, and steer them in any desired direction. The majority of all large corporation shares are owned by the same few people, giving them control over the policies of thousands of the world’s most influential companies throughout industry, be it health care, agriculture, travel, insurance, media and ultimately governments.

Supreme Brainwashing

The lust for world domination has been the common theme of elites throughout history. Their efforts today are made easier than ever before because their weaponised mind control has reached such a level of sophistication that most people refuse to believe there is a plan in operation to rule the world. Those who understand history are stunned by such cognitive dissonance, denial or ignorance that results in the majority of the public’s perception. The supreme expression of brainwashing is when an entire population call the lessons from human history a “conspiracy theory” a phrase coined by the CIA to shut up valid enquiry following the JFK assassination.

The Lust for World Domination

We all know that the world suffered cruel oppression throughout history. But who are the present-day tyrants desiring to control the world? The two answers to this question consist of (1) the simple version, and (2) the complex one. The simple version is that (1) the entity aiming for world domination is the World Economic Forum. Every year the WEF invites the world’s most influential people including kings, presidents, prime ministers, bankers and leading corporate CEO’s to their annual meetings in Davos. There, they discuss and decide the future of our world. They are steered to a consensus that strategizes how to steer humanity in their desired direction. It’s like steering sheep into the slaughterhouse. Neither democracy nor the needs of humanity count any more as elected governments treasonously sell out their electorate and succumb to the WEF agenda for world domination or “A New World Order”.

Their Sources of Control

The WEF controls the United Nations, the World Health Organization, virtually every NGO and most other globalist organizations. Thousands of billionaires and millionaires are invited annually to Davos to participate in the WEF’s process. There they are subjected to refined methods of persuasion and mind control including more overt manipulation methods such as promises, threats and coercion including blackmail to convince them to go along with the WEF agenda. Through sophisticated election fraud, the WEF positions their chosen political leaders, and together with their limitless financial resources they are able to steer the direction of health care, business, finance, governments, etc., all driven by the media narrative.

The WEF’s agenda for world domination comes under the titles, The Great Reset, Agenda 21, Agenda 30, Build Back Better, 15 Minute Cities and more preposterous promising such as “You will own nothing and be happy”. Worldwide control through a system of corporate feudalism is the single agenda behind all those fanciful titles. While no one has ever elected the WEF, they have positioned themselves as the rulers over the worlds governments, and are dictating to them and all of humanity what to do. They have ordained themselves as the untouchable, unelected rulers of the world, the big bully’s over all of humanity.

The More Complex Control Mechanism

The WEF is (1) the easy and visible answer, the visible entity presenting itself for public consumption on the worlds stage. The WEF is no independent entity. It is in turn controlled by concealed entities who pull all their strings. (2) They are commonly referred to as “The Cabal” consisting of ancient bloodlines of royal dynasties going back hundreds and even thousands of years. They have always been the hidden, shadowy, movers, shakers and manipulators of world events. They have an overwhelming sense of superiority and entitlement to dominate and enslave humanity whom they see as beasts of burden. By concealing themselves in the shadows they safely manipulate everything on the visible world stage. Their limitless resources enable their tentacles of influence to infiltrate every aspect of society.

Fortified Headquarters

The headquarters or fortifications of “The Cabal” consists of misnamed “Sovereign States” comprising of the City of London (The Square Mile), the District of Columbia (Washington DC), and Vatican City (Rome).

A sovereign state example is the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) that controls most of the world’s central banks which in turn control the worlds commercial banks and your money. They are the “Cabal” owned and most powerful financial entity in the world, pulling the strings of world domination from behind the scenes.

Criminal Sovereign States

The 1987 Headquarters Agreement for the Bank of International Settlements demonstrates how criminal these excuses for sovereign states really are. Their used their BIS power to negotiate for themselves their very special position with the Swiss Federal Council. Here are a few key articles from the treaty they negotiated giving them total immunity from any law anywhere. Under this treaty they have:

  • Full inviolabilityfor all BIS buildings, including the land beneath and around them, regardless of who owns them.
  • Full immunityfrom criminal and civil prosecution and proceedings for the bank.
  • No payment of taxeson transactions and the salaries of BIS personnel.
  • No disclosureto governments regarding the activities of the BIS.
  • Not subjectto any jurisdiction.

The same inviolability and immunity as described above also applies to the sovereign states of the City of London, the District of Columbia and the Vatican City State.

States Within States

These pseudo independent “sovereign states within a state” are not subject to the laws of the states within which they are situated. They answer to no government, pay no taxes, and are legally untouchable. The majority of humanity – including most political leaders – have no idea that these sovereign states even exist. All we see are the politicians and corporate businessmen – who are merely puppets of their “Cabal” puppet masters who in turn are concealed within and by those “sovereign states”. Their strength lies in their secrecy and their complete obscurity. By remaining hidden, those sinister shadow entities operate unknown, unchecked and unaccountable to anyone or any government. Doesn’t “The Cabal” sound like the “Unknown Mafia Incorporated”.

The Cabals External Entities

The World Economic Forum, United Nations, World Bank, World Health Organization, and all other controlling globalist entities have been set up by hidden representatives of “The Cabal”. They determine everything of note that happens in the world. Many books and online articles have been written about these controlling entities. A great resource you can download for free is shown below the next paragraph.

Experts from British Intelligence, the British Navy, the US Marine Corps, the World Health Organization, the United Nations and the CDC, have testified before 11 international lawyers and a judge outlining the official plan for world domination by financial elites, who operate from within those sovereign “states within the state“. Their expert testimonies are summarized in the Grand Jury Evidence, which you can download below for free.

Lawyers present evidence to Grand Jury that pandemic is being used for world dictatorship (stopworldcontrol.com)



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