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Mass’ Refugee Homelessness Predicted as Accommodation is Full

The Dublin government have bitten off more than they can chew in their virtue signalling promises to their World Economic Forum and globalist masters. Their refugee accommodation planning is either non-existent or is run as efficiently as the HSE or housing planning for Irish people. Refugees and migrants arriving in Ireland in the coming weeks could end up on the streets with our own neglected homeless sleeping rough in winter temperatures, because the government have failed to source accommodation for them. New arrivals have already ended up sleeping rough as no accommodation was provided for them. Future refugees and migrants are likely to arrive into a government made disaster with the adult asylum seeker’s emergency accommodation Transit Hub at Dublin’s Citywest Hotel being paused.

The Department Are Processing

Roderick O’Gorman’s Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) has admitted that the Citywest cannot accommodate any new arrivals. The department states that the Citywest hub would remain open for other services such as the processing of (non-existent) accommodation for ‘Ukrainian beneficiaries of temporary protection’, meanwhile the State’s ‘International Protection Accommodation Service’ (IPAS) will continue to provide accommodation for ‘International Protection’ (IP) meaning families with children.

We Are Full

Last week, beleaguered Minister Roderic O’Gorman warned that the with Citywest almost full, newly arriving refugees and asylum seekers may end up with our own homeless on the streets, as there is a “very real risk” government will not be able to accommodate them. That will not go down well with the governments globalist masters. Anti-migrant protestors have been carrying placards saying “We are full!” for months and that is no “Hate Speech”, it is a fact. The minister wasn’t heeding. Ireland has already accommodated over 73,000 people in the past year alone by covertly bussing them under the cover of darkness into hotels, office blocks and schools and imposed or rather ‘dumping’ them without consultation into the midst of unsuspecting communities.

“The response to the ongoing migration crisis has now entered an extremely difficult phase, with insufficient accommodation available nationwide for IP applicants, and the outlook for accommodation for people fleeing the war in Ukraine is also challenging,” according to a DCEDIY statement which went on: “As a result of this, it has now become necessary to pause the provision of emergency shelter for IP adults arriving into the Transit Hub at Citywest. Due to the nationwide shortage of available accommodation for IP applicants, particularly single males, the transit hub has been providing emergency shelter while applicants wait to be assigned to accommodation. It is no longer possible to provide emergency shelter to IP adults as the transit hub has now reached capacity. The department said any IP applicants who are not provided with accommodation upon arrival, or when applying for international protection at the International Protection Office, will have their contact details taken and be contacted as “soon as accommodation becomes available”. It concluded that the decision would be kept under review.

Mass Homelessness

The Irish Refugee Council Chief Executive Nick Henderson warned that the decision means “Mass homelessness likely. This is a horrifying situation which will likely mean a humanitarian crisis. New protection applicants, men and women, will not be accommodated. It requires immediate attention and coordination. Of additional concern is that it is likely to persist for at least several weeks and all adults, women as well as men, will not be offered accommodation. We have written to government with concerns and recommendations.”

Fighting Migrants

Meanwhile three Citywest migrants received hospital treatment for minor injuries following a fight that broke out Citywest on Monday. Video footage of the incident showed males fighting and the throwing of objects. Gardaí confirmed as usual for such incidents no arrests were made. Similar altercations and stabbings are on the rise in migrant accommodation centres throughout the country. A DCEDIY spokesman said the decision to pause entry to the Citywest Transit Hub was “flagged by Minister O’Gorman in advance of the incident” and “is not connected”. ‘Doras’ a migrant charity CEO John Lannon excused the incident saying it is “reflective” of “overcrowding, uncertainty and stress” in the asylum seeker accommodation system. “People are in situations where… it’s difficult for them to cope and as a result, we have incident like that. We sensed that there’s a dramatic lowering in the standards for reception and accommodation of asylum seekers and we know that we have people in unsuitable factory and garage type accommodation. We have people in tents and now we’re at risk of having people homeless as well. That creates additional stresses and difficulties across the board. We… need an urgent response from government, right from the top, to ensure that we can continue to provide for asylum seekers… We do need a plan that gets us out of this crisis and that ensures that everyone who seeks protection is safe while their application is being processed,” he said.

Enough is Enough

Think ahead. Act now” the General Election slogan of the Green Party is now long forgotten as their Minister Roderic O’Gorman turns the ham fisted government refugee policy into a total disaster. More and more Irish communities are having their very existence threatened by the imposition without consultation or warning resulting in the dumping of large numbers of migrants into their midst by a “Headless Chicken” government. “Where will we dump them next” seems to be how far ahead the government migrant policy thinking goes. Anyone who opened their mouth to question this was immediately labelled as a racist or far right. The name calling no longer works no matter how loudly Leinster House politicians, RTE and the compliant media mafia scream out in derision. From Carlingford to Fermoy with Dublin’s East Wall leading the way people are now uniting in opposition to migrant dumping and are loudly objecting to the dumping of large numbers of migrants into their midst. The red carpet days for migrants and refugees in Ireland is truly over whether through government incompetence or community opposition. “Ireland is full” as the banner says.


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