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Migrant Camp Attacked According Irish Times

The Irish Time recently published an article penned by Kitty Holland claiming that a Dublin migrant camp was attacked by masked men with dogs, sticks, and baseball bats. If that sounds a bit farfetched it is because it was a lie, a complete fabrication. One man did enter the camp with nothing more dangerous than a camera to make a video which alarmed inhabitants who fabricated a story that the woke Irish Times reported as fact without any supporting evidence.

The junior minister for integration Joe O’Brien who swallowed the Irish Time ‘report’ couldn’t wait to express his “shocked” and “disgust” on the basis of a fictitious report of an attack on a group of homeless migrants who had set up camp by a Dublin river. He then went on to dig a hole for himself by saying: Online disinformation is going to be difficult. We do have a national action plan against racism, which we hope to publish early in March. Part of that will be around the online area as well, we have to get more accurate information out sooner as well,”. What about lies and misinformation in the mainstream media such as the Irish Times Mr O’Brien? Is that not ‘Hate Speech’ or is your definition more selective?6t5t

Remarkable Holes in Migrant Story

Those of a more discerning nature did their own research and have challenged the Irish Times “facts” in relation to their ‘reporting’ of the so-called attack. The editor of Gript Media claimed that there are “remarkable holes” in the migrant attack story. “There is no footage of the attack. There is no footage of the attackers. There is no footage of the aftermath of any attack,” Gript Media editor John McGuirk wrote in an article on Monday. “The Irish Times, we are told, actually interviewed several of the attackers, but did not record them, or get them on camera. There is no evidence of anything other than the existence of the migrant camp itself. I do not know the reasons for this, but as an editor myself, let me tell you: If [Gript journalists were] on the scene of an incident like this and failed to get any publishable footage at all, they would be in the doghouse, to put it very mildly,” he concluded.

Award Winning Journalism

With this kind of reporting it’s not surprising that the ‘Irish Peoples 2022 Lapdog Media award’ went to the Irish Times and journalist Sarah Burns for their Sunday August 21st 2022 “Growth of Far Right in Ireland” piece of inflammatory fiction from a discredited source presented as a news story. The IT narrowly beat strong competition from other Irish mainstream media presentations of the same piece of trashy fiction as a legitimate news story. Kitty Holland and the Irish Times are already in contention for winning the Lapdog Media Award again in 2023.

The Irish People Awards 2022 Lapdog Media award | Irish People


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