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Migrant Time Bomb Crisis for the Government and Sinn Fein

A large and an ever growing wave of disquiet is turning into anger throughout all sections of Irish society as a reaction to the government flooding the country with migrants. With more than 15% of the state’s occupants now comprising of migrants and at the present rate of growth it will soon exceed 20% at which point it will pose a threat to the very existence of the native population. This is exacerbated by the governments failure or refusal to deal with the long festering Irish homeless problem while making every effort to house more and more migrants. Sweden has fallen from its status of a model state to one of disarray and lawlessness with a migrant population of 18.5%. The Irish government are working feverishly for us to catch up with Sweden. While the government not only ignore the looming problem, they are busily fuelling its flames. The Irish population are becoming increasingly cognisant of the looming crisis and they will not accept it lying down like Sweden.

Growing Numbers – Growing Disquiet

Ireland’s Red C Research polling group indicates that the public’s growing disquiet over the governments ‘open borders’ migration policy is rapidly growing into a political crisis and a major future election issue. Just under half of those surveyed say the Irish government is doing a poor job at handling the crisis. The immigration issue barely registered politically 12 months ago. A year later with tens of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers pouring into the country unchecked, it is resulting in significant problems. Disquiet has arisen in a country of only 5 million people.

Out of Step Media

Despite attempts by the overwhelmingly out of step left-wing media censorship and support for the governments ‘open borders’ policy, their efforts to control the narrative with slogans of ‘racist’ and ‘far right’ shouting down any inquiry or dissent are a failure. The general public in Ireland are rapidly losing patience with 49% of those polled expressing the view that the government is doing a bad job of handling the crisis they created. “The idea that another 80,000 refugees may come to Ireland in 2023 is surely only going to increase pressure on government, with the immigration issue perhaps now much more important than it had been in past elections,” said Richard Colwell, the chief executive of Red C Research in an article he penned for the Sunday Business Post. Red C Research also showed the peoples rapidly diminishing tolerance for the governments bypassing of planning regulations to house migrants. 45% cent said they would not support the state’s use of emergency powers to fast track the building of modular housing for Ukrainians while 67% would back such measures for the purpose of housing the long ignored Irish homeless population, which has exploded due to government neglect in recent years.

Immigration Policy in Disarray

The Irish Government’s Open Borders policy is now in disarray due to their poor foresight, lack of planning and the absence of adequate preparation. It has had to take to Twitter with a red faced plea begging migrants to stay away. The government’s failure to predict the incoming numbers and their consequent failure to make provision for migrant housing has shown them up for their incompetence. They are lucky that there are no elections eminent.

Sinn Fein Support Base Disintegrating

Despite the rapidly growing dissatisfaction over immigration policy, the current government is safe for the moment with no election imminent. The migrant crisis poses great danger for opposition party Sinn Féin’s for supporting the governments ‘open borders’ policies which continues despite their resulting dwindling support. Sinn Fein’s policy seems to be “Brits out, everybody else in” according to a former Sinn Fein councillor. “Levels of disagreement are highest among those in society who are more under pressure, those with less income or in more deprived areas, the less well educated, and crucially those who plan to vote for Sinn Féin,” Colwell said in his article. Recent protests against the dumping of migrants into rural and urban communities have spread throughout the country where many banners label Mary Lou McDonald Sinn Fein party leader a “traitor”. The increasingly – out of step – Sinn Fein leadership need to take note of the 67% who would back emergency measures for the housing the long ignored Irish homeless population. Sinn Fein the once republican party’s name used to mean “Ourselves Alone”. Now it seems to mean “Open Borders”. The 67% won’t go away and their percentage is rapidly growing. Sinn Fein are busily digging a future election hole for themselves by completely replacing their nationalist/republican heritage with an opposing globalist philosophy.


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