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No Room for Dutch Farmers in the Tri-State ‘PLANNEDOPOLIS’

farmers are convinced that the government’s massive land grab has less to do with reducing nitrogen emissions and everything to do with plans to transform the Netherlands into a giant, sprawling metropolis called the TriState City. The TriState area will cover the WHOLE of the Netherlands and large parts of Germany and Belgium as well. The ultimate goal is for TriState to become the capital of a new ‘globo-homogenised’ European continent made up of high density housing, EVs, bike paths and food “manufacturing” hubs. Any natural areas left over will be used as renewable energy platforms for powering the gigantic new “City-State”.

The End of Holland

It would mean the end of the Netherlands as a separate country, with the Dutch people’s own unique culture, heritage and way of life lost forever. Instead, they and many other Europeans are to be herded into the TriState’s ‘sustainable’, densely packed residences – akin to barracks.  There will be “green space” but NO “free space”. Inspired by the UN’s Agenda 2030, WEF’s “Cities of Tomorrow” and the EU’s Cities2030, a primary goal of the TriState will be for food to be produced within the confines of the smart cities.  It seems “sustainable” cities means “transforming the way we produce, transport, supply, recycle and RE-USE food”. Partners of ‘Cities2030 include the Gates-funded “Food Future Institute”, and BIOZOON, a company that has nothing to do with natural, organic farming and everything to do with GMO food and lab-made meat. In order to make all this a reality, however, a lot of land is going to be needed. Land that the state doesn’t own – the farmers do.  And it’s not just farmers either. The Dutch government is now talking of raising property taxes from 0.45 percent to 2.45 percent. Anything to make it harder for people to afford their own homes and get them into those barracks. Fishermen are being targeted as well. From next year, fishing licenses will be issued based on how environmentally friendly their trawlers are – solely based on the “opinion” of inspectors.  It won’t be long, the Dutch fishers say, before no-one will be permitted to hold a fishing licence.

This is Happening Everywhere

The ‘old normal’, and everything in it, is to be torn down, scrapped. It’s not just happening in the Netherlands, but everywhere. I have no doubt there are plans in a drawer somewhere, for a TriState here in Queensland. A megacity metropolis where everything will be controlled and micromanaged: housing, food, water, education, reproduction and health.

One large ‘sustainable’ Gulag.

With no room for farmers.

Or animals.

Or freedom.


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