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Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant Failed Attacks

Overnight on the eve of September 1st the Ukrainian military, from positions in Vyshetarasovka, Nikopol and Marganets shelled the Zaporozhyo Nuclear Power Plant on the south side of the Kakhovka Dnieper reservoir. Earlier, on August 31, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had attacked the territory of the nuclear power plant with three “kamikaze drones”. All UAV’s were neutralized by Russian electronic warfare systems on approach to the station. Two of them fell on the roof of the training centre; otherwise there were no casualties or damage.

Then at 6.20 in the morning of September 1st seven fast moving motor boat loaded with up to 60 commandos landed on the shore of the Kakhovskoye reservoir three kilometers north-east of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in an attempt to storm and take it over before the arrival of the Atomic Energy Agency inspectors. As this was going on the IAEA mission in route was detained for three hours by the Ukrainians in their controlled territory. The head of the IAEA Rafael Grossi personally negotiated with the Ukrainian military to be allowed to continue towards the power plant.

Attackers Eliminated

This was the first of two planned attack groups who on landing spread out and quickly headed towards the power plant. The Russians were at all times observing their movements. The Russians National Guard unit who was monitoring their movements intercepted and attacked the group killing 47 of the 60 commandos shortly after their landing and about two kilometres from the power plant. Three more were immediately taken prisoner with the remaining 12 encircled among some buildings with no means of escape. Their fate was also sealed. Their mission had been to use surprise to seize and hold the power plant until reinforcements arrived.

Main Attack Group Sunk

Forty minutes later at 7am two giant motor driven amphibious assault barges left Nikopol a few kilometres from the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant near the village of Vodiane and headed towards the south side of the power plant with hundreds of heavily armed Ukrainian air borne assault commandos with armoured military vehicles on board. However the two barges were quickly intercepted by Russian forces and sunk by attack aircraft.

Shelling the Nuclear Power Plant

At 8am the Ukrainians started shelling the power plant site with four shells landing within 400 metres of unit 1 of the power plant with further shells hitting the neighbouring town of Vaslifka. The shelling appeared to be indiscriminate. All of this frantic activity took place against the backdrop of the impending visit by the IAEA mission to the Zaporozhye NPP. On Thursday morning, due to shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the fifth power unit had to be turned off at the Zaporizhia NPP, and emergency protection was triggered due to damage to the backup power line. The city authorities also said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired artillery at Energodar, in attempt to help the saboteurs break into the station.

IAEA Response

U.N. nuclear safety officials heading to Ukraine’s Zaporozhyo power plant faced intense shelling but continued to travel to the facility, the team’s leader said Thursday. “There has been increased military activity, including this morning — until very recently, a few minutes ago,” Rafael Mariano Grossi, the director general of the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said on Thursday morning. He added defiantly: “Having come so far, we are not stopping. We are moving now,” despite the fact “the risks are very very high.” Grossi concluded his press statement by saying: “Wish us luck, we are moving now … It’s very important that the world knows what’s happening here.”

Attempt to Disrupt IAEA Observers to Zaporozhye NPP

This Kiev regime’s attempted large-scale provocation undertaken on September 1st was aimed at disrupting the arrival of a mission of the IAEA at the Zaporozhye NPP. Military analyst Yuri Kotenok stated that landing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine could pursue several goals. “So far, the Ukrainian side has maintained stubborn silence about the events in Energodar. I think it is necessary to link the landing attempt with the aim of capturing the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant with a visit to the power plant by a group of IAEA inspectors. I think their task was a provocation at the station – to arrange chaos there, military clashes. Perhaps even kill or injure one of the representatives of the IAEA in order to subsequently blame Russia for this. It is quite possible that they were going to work “under the Russians”, this has yet to be established,” Kotenok said.

Attempt to leverage the IAEA

The second possible purpose of the Ukrainian landing was to seize the bridgehead along with the nuclear power plant and to put forward conditions for the representatives of the IAEA. He pointed out. “Perhaps, it was planned to inform the inspectors that the station is the territory of Ukraine, it is allegedly under the control of Kyiv and, therefore, the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot fire at it, “these are all Russians.” In any case, no matter what plans were made by the enemy, they ended up being thwarted, fortunately, they could not be implemented,” Kotenok stated. – In this case, the military guarding the ZNPP, the employees of the Russian Guard, played a huge role. Together they managed to defeat this landing, which was mostly destroyed (more than 50 were killed, a few were taken prisoner). Also on the approach, several watercraft were destroyed, which are presented in the media as “barges”, although, in fact, they were landing craft. That is, in fact, the number of landing troops was not 64 people, but much more, and all of them were qualified professionals, because they don’t take others into tactical landings.

British planning and Involvement

Kotenok noted that the Ukrainians acted strictly according to the methods of the British SAS and, quite possibly, British instructors were part of the landing force. “I also admit the option in which it was the special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, or the MTR. It was an extremely daring action, and those paratroopers who were blocked by the Russian military will either be captured or die,” Kotenok concluded.

In his opinion, the action at the Zaporozhye NPP, organized with the aim of provoking an incident against the international observers, is closely related to the current activity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson direction.

Recall that on the afternoon of September 1, the IAEA mission arrived in the city of Energodar, where the Zaporozhye NPP is located. “Despite all the opposition and provocations from the Zelensky regime, the IAEA mission has finally reached the ZNPP,” said a member of the administration of the Zaporozhye region Vladimir Rogov in social networks.

Update 1: Tit For Tat

According to Dima of the Military Summary Channel his thinking was that (video) the Ukrainian saboteur group was tasked with laying low until the inspectors arrive. It would then take over the plant and prevent the IAEA inspectors from leaving. They would then be held as hostages at the plant which would guarantee that the Russian side would be unable to retake the site. “If that really was the plan it was one of the craziest I ever heard off.” He concluded.

The Media Keeps on Lying

The Russian Ministry of Defence said that the planned meeting point with the inspectors had come under fire from Ukrainian artillery. Meanwhile ‘western’ media continue to quote the ludicrous Ukrainian claims that the Russia is shelling the power plant which is under its troops control since early March: On Tuesday, Ukrainian officials had accused Russia of shelling the path the IAEA inspectors took to reach the plant to force the group to pass through Crimea instead. They provided no evidence for their claims, and Russia did not directly respond to the allegation.

On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, “Russia is doing everything or even more in order to make the mission … happen, be safe, and accomplish all of its tasks.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said last week “Every minute the Russian troops stay at the nuclear power plant is a risk of a global radiation disaster”. The U.S. military finally disagreed with the Ukrainian claim that Russia is shelling the ZNPP.

On Monday a Pentagon background briefing touched the issue:

  1. [..] White House Strategic Communications Coordinator Kirby said earlier today that the U.S. does not have a way of — of accounting the number of shells — artillery shells fired around the Zaporizhzhia plant in Ukraine. I was wondering if you could give clarity on exactly what level of visibility the U.S. has on the military activity around the plant and which side is shelling at any given moment?

Spin and Admission

  1. SENIOR MILITARY OFFICIAL: Yeah, I — so what I know for sure is that the — the Russians are firing from around the plant and, you know, I also know that there are round’s that have impacted near the plant. You know, the way that we’re tracking the forces around the nuclear power plant — it’s not like there’s a — a constant — it’s hard to explain, I guess. It’s not like there are forces in every square inch of the area around the plant. And so we also know that the Russians have fired in the vicinity of the plant.

And I don’t want to say that the Ukrainians haven’t fired in that vicinity either because I think there’s probably a likelihood that they have, but in good — in a number of cases, it’s returning fire of the Russians who are firing from those locations…. and in a number of other cases they target the power plant.

Update 2: MI6 Medalling

The Russians were aware of the plan from the beginning and were monitoring all Ukrainian movements. When Boris Johnson the outgoing UK Prime Minister visited Kiev the previous week he proposed this outlandish MI6 plan to the Ukrainian authorities that would employ UK trained Ukrainian commandos and MI6 and NATO advisors. The idea was to take over the Power plant in a daring dawn raid and to be in command when the Atomic Energy Agency observers arrived later on in the day. Meanwhile the IEAEA mission to the power plant was held up at a Ukrainian road block to allow time for the takeover of the power plant by the Ukrainian commandos. The operation was coordinated by MI6 from their offices in Kiev. All 64 DRG’s who were already experienced combat troops had recently completed special training in the UK and had travelled from Warsaw to Odessa on the 29th of August. Multiple sources have confirmed that this was an MI6 operation and that there were NATO trainers on the mission with these forces.

Boris Johnsons Swan Song Plan

Gonzalo Lira who is a reliable commentator and reporter of events on the ground in Ukraine where he is located Tweeted: “This is the RUMOR of what happened at Energodar. But it seems to fit the details. Boris Johnson himself was pushing for this insanity: A group of British-trained Ukraine commandos would stage an amphibious raid on Energodar, as a beachhead for a larger attack group.

Their plan was to take the International Atomic Energy agency Inspectors as hostages (!!) and mine the Zaporozhya nuclear power plant (!!!). Get this — they would PRETEND to be Russian commandos, so they could blame it on the Russians.

They intended to use these hostages and the fear of a nuclear disaster to force Russia to evacuate from all of Ukraine. This plan would imply, of course, that they intended to kill the IAEA inspectors, so as to prevent them from later telling people that it had been a ruse.

Whoever thought that this was a rational, reasonable plan is beyond desperate. This is insanity on a major scale. It’s global nuclear blackmail. And the current information points to MI6 and Boris Johnson.  According to the current RUMOR, it was the British MI6 that planned this insane operation from their suburban offices in Kiev, at the behest and encouragement of Boris. Boris wanted one final victory in Ukraine before he departs 10 Downing St.  IF this is more or less the story, then the Brits have lost their minds. Already Ukrainian propaganda is denying that this attack on the Zaporozhya NPP even happened, and that it’s all a Russian fake. ++

The Madness Continued

On September 3rd a second attempt to storm and cease the power plant took place. This attempt to storm and take over the power plant consisted of an assault group of 250 commandos in 42 speedboats. Again the Russians were forewarned. Four Russian Su 34 bombers and two K 52 gunships attacked the boats amid-stream destroying many of them with some survivors fleeing back to where they had come from. Russian artillery strafed the area they had fled to further reduce this attack group as much as possible. This time the attackers lost around 70 soldiers. Forty seven of them were killed. Ten of them were foreigners. Twenty three of the attack soldiers were wounded during the Russian counter operation.

The Mainstream Media is Doomed

The western media maintained complete silence during those foolhardy operations thus further disgracing the alleged impartiality of the media. They did however continue spouting out Ukrainian propaganda that the Russians were shelling and attacking the power plant to thwart the IAEA observers from completing their mission. However those events were extensively and comprehensively reported on by the now booming alternative media to which more and more people are turning for news as the events took place. As the mainstream corporate media continue discrediting their credibility in this way an entire new media is replacing them. The mainstream media is doomed.

Kiev Now Admits Shelling

With the arrival of the IAEA observers to the power plant even the Ukrainians know the game is up for their “The Russians are shelling the plant” narrative. Ukraine has now finally admitted that it was they who were shelling the area around the power plant in a ham fisted damage limitation exercise. Kiev General Staff have also admitted that there were no Russian troops inside the power plant. The Ukrainian military publically admitted to striking the area around the Zaporozhyo power plant in a general staff briefing for the first time. Previously Kiev had claimed that the Russians had used the plant as a military base. Meanwhile the mainstream media keeps lying including slavish compliance from the spineless, slavish Irish media..

We will let the attached ‘Dive’ video complete this report.


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