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What is a Public Trust?

A Public Trust is a collective self interest. What happens when a public trust is abrogated, usurped, subjugated, subordinated, violated and invaded? It collapses, that’s what happens. It is no longer a public trust. It has been abandoned and any rules that were formerly part of that public trust no longer apply, nor have any “legal” or lawful force.

A Legal Construct

A public trust is therefore a “legal” construct and fundamental principles of law underpin it, in the same way that the “laws” of physics underpin and are foundational to that body of knowledge known as physics. Once a public trust collapses, it does so in a “legal” context, or in the context of “the law”, or at least what was commonly perceived to be “the law”. If a building collapses, it falls into its own footprint, in a cloud of dust, rubble and steel. If a public trust collapses, it collapses in a legal sense and thereafter no legal or lawful force or effect derives therefrom. Most of us have heard of trials collapsing. That’s what is means; the fundamentals have somehow been compromised and it can no longer continue, it is impossible, usually because some maxim of law or another has been violated.

Fundamentals Never Change

To comprehend, wield and master that body of knowledge that has come to be known as “the law”. One must familiarize one’s self with the fundamentals. Fundamentals never change, they are generally immutable. They are accepted and have been accepted for as long as we have been studying what was perceived as “the law”. Before going too much further, the fundamentals referred to above were known as Maxims of Law. So now you know; “the law” as we have come to know it, was predicated on MAXIMS.

No Going Round a Maxim

The one thing that can never be defeated, in particular by the purported “judiciary”, who are in fact engaged in a human trafficking operation, whether they realize it or not, are MAXIMS. There is no going around a maxim. That is not to say that the former and purported “judiciary” have not been going around them, in Ireland, for quite some time now; compounding the fact, on a daily basis that they are not “the judiciary” any more and have no “legal” or lawful authority whatsoever.

Fundamentals V’s Specifics

Once you start talking in fundamentals and leave aside the minutiae or specifics of any given situation, watch how an alleged “judge” reacts. They start to move around uncomfortably or suddenly start paying more attention and the reason for that is because they know that they are on the record. In other words everything they say is recorded and everything anyone else says is recorded, so they know they have to be very careful about what they say and do, in particular when you start talking about MAXIMS and COMMERCE.
All law as we have come to know it is commercial” – i.e. it is predicated on commerce.
All law is in the now moment and all law is oral” – In other words nothing matters until at least two living beings are in the same room and capable of having a discussion. Anything that was entered on the record before that is in the past and therefore necessarily hearsay. Anything that was in the past quite possibly has changed by the time we get to the NOW moment.

An Offer to Contract

Is there a difference between “law” and “the law”? – Yes, once is specific and the other is universal. Is there a difference between truth and “the truth”? – Yes, one is what IS and the other is some one’s specific interpretation of what IS.

So that puts a whole different flavour on things when some one, who more than likely is unidentified, requests one to put their hand on a bible and repeat the words – “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth …”. When you really look at it, it’s an offer to contract, an enticement into involuntary servitude and above all, a deception, to bind one into an obligation that one would not knowingly and intentionally enter if all of the circumstances had been made known prior. So be careful with “the truth” 🙂

Be Wary

The point that I am trying to get across here is to BE wary and BE conscious of the words that come out of one’s mouth and the assumptions and presumption about what IS, that accompany them. It is designed to encourage one to open up their consciousness about this thing that was called “the law”, to open up the context of what one perceived that to be and that there may be far more to it than previously imagined. Once one “sees” it for what it is and one has some sort of realization around it, one is released from its imprisonment, FOREVER. “As it was bound, so is it now unbound“.

The Sole Authority

The bottom line is this – one IS the sole authority / soul authority in all things, and that has got absolutely NOTHING to do with “constitution” or “democracy” and in that state one is absolutely free, and once remembered, was never forgot. So stop perpetuating and recreating a nightmare and a slavery system for one’s self by persistently vocalizing, emotionalizing, energizing, intending and directing that which one does not wish to create with one’s words and intent. “We don’t know how powerful we are“.

Military Mind Control

Govern ment” – to govern the mind; and since a Governor was often and traditionally was a military officer, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to suggest that “Govern ment” is a military mind control operation. There are other reasons why this is absolutely true; that’s another discussion. At this point and under the PRESENT circumstances NOW, one does not in actuality have a “govern ment“. It is collapsed. It does not exist, in a legal sense. It is foreclosed, defunct, no longer functional, bankrupt or otherwise cancelled for due cause, ABANDONED. What one actually has is a bunch of “people” running around under the illusion that they are “the govern ment” yet are, in actuality, operating in their own capacity and whether they realise it or not; and are DEBTORS (if they want to operate in commerce) to the those ones who are SECURED PARTIES, because that is what they chose to be. No body forced them. That is the actual “legal” and lawful position at this moment.
The only law, (if one truly wants one) IS, do no harm. That’s it, nothing more. Once that is widely known and accepted, everything else falls into place.



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