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Ooh Ah Up the ‘Ra

The song ‘Celtic Symphony’ was sung by the players in the dressing room as the Irish women’s football team celebrated the win that qualified them for the World Cup after their victory at Hampden Park on Tuesday night of last week. This was a historical achievement by a team of great athletic Irish women. Congratulations girls. The celebrating players were filmed singing the ‘Celtic Symphony’ song which included the line ‘Ooh, Ah Up the Ra’ and a clip of the offending chant ‘Ooh, Ah Up the Ra’ was posted on social media. Then all hell broke loose.

Demonization Instead of Jubilation

The girls great triumph was immediately cast aside and forgotten and instead they were demonised as ‘terrorist supporters’ by the moralising politically correct. The media went slavishly into overdrive getting quotes of condemnation and consternation from the usual suspects. The FAI which should have been proud of their players went into defensive mode. It shouldn’t have happened’ said the girls fine manager Vera Pauw as she apologised for the players chant. Distancing herself further lest she be contaminated by association, she said she was not in the dressing-room at the time. Then taking on the role of judge and jury she added that there were no excuses for the actions of the players. Next taking on the role of player’s spokesperson she went on: “From the bottom of our heart, we are so sorry because there is no excuse for hurting people. It was unnecessary,” she said. “I have spoken already with several players about it and the one who posted it is devastated, she is crying in her room. She is so, so sorry. But there is no excuse for it.” She can be forgiven for this stance as it is in her best interests to protect her players. You are a great manager Vera.

The Offended and Hurt

Despite Vera’s best efforts those who choose to be offended and those who choose to be hurt were hurt and offended regardless and they made sure that everybody heard them howling. The burden of being politically correct is a very heavy and painful one. Next week they will be offended and hurt by somebody else, possibly a heterosexual man or woman asserting their right to be so or by the failure of every sports club of every code to include 50% males pretending to be females in their women’s teams because they couldn’t make the grade with their own gender. The sexually bewildered must be catered for by the politically correct regardless of the consequences. After all the globalist agenda must be protected by their minions. It’s all part of the same agenda.

Ooh Ah Up the Girls

Our women soccer players are wonderful achievers and they are achieving what their male counterparts haven’t a snowballs hope in hell of achieving. We should be justifiably proud, very proud of them. Their male counterparts however are politically correct wimps that kneel slavishly in support of the “Black Lives Matter” racist burners of US Cities without a word of protest from our moralising betters.

The Bloodstained Poppy

Most of them have no problem wearing the bloody poppy the symbol of slavery and the bloody genocide of British Imperialism. Kneeling spineless, poppy wearing losers will never inspire anybody like the inspiring football girls. The same applies to our spineless ass licking poppy wearing politicians like Leo Varadkar. Our heroes and heroines don’t wear poppies. Brian Warfield who wrote the song said the women involved were being “persecuted and bullied for a song they like” What the hell is wrong with IRA? It is the Irish Republican Army. It is the people who put us here and gave us some hope when we had no hope.”

The Parachute Regiment

Warfield bringing a bit of reality and balance into the ridiculously inflated controversy said that critics of the song had no problem with ‘God Save the King’ even though it now honours King Charles III, who was the honorary colonel of the Parachute Regiment which shot dead 13 civilians on Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972. “There were terrible things that happened on both sides, but don’t give me the argument that it was one sided. Don’t tell that you can’t sing Celtic Symphony but you can sing God Save the King? Don’t give the argument that Land of Hope and Glory isn’t a rebel song. It is. In England they wear poppies and rise them up to sir this and sir that for killing for English expansionism but to kill to gain Ireland’s freedom is a terrible crime.”

A Personal Perspective

Warfield said he had a family reason for being opposed to British militarism. He said three of his great-uncles died in the first World War – his grandfather’s brothers Henry and George Warfield and their sister’s husband John Misseu, who was Irish of Huguenot extraction. At the time of the first World War the Warfield’s were a Protestant family who later converted to Catholicism.

The Last Laugh

‘He who laughs last, laughs best’ is a very true saying in this instance as the loud mouthed perpetrators who fanned the flames of this controversy have highlighted the expression of a harmless celebration in their attempt to demonise the celebrating victors. They have driven a largely forgotten song that most people would probably never have heard to the top of the charts. Every party and disco are playing the song to the delight of their audience. It is now the theme song, the anthem of defiance and celebration among a whole new generation and is giving them a whole new focus of expression.

Come Out Ye Black and Tans

Did they who condemn learn nothing from Charlie Flanagan’s attempted rehabilitation and celebration of the traitorous bloody RIC that drove “Come Out Ye Black and Tans” to the top of the charts thus giving that song a whole new lease of life which hasn’t died down to this day? If you scratch even the least political Irish man or woman in the wrong way you will get surprising results. The Politically correct clowns can’t let sleeping dogs lie. Some people never learn especially if they are treading the moral and political high ground. Their inferiority complex hangover from centuries of oppression must compensate by finding expression in politically correct condemnation of any expression of nationalism as they are still mentally and emotionally tied to their enslaving oppressor. The fall is a long and painful way down. ‘Ooh, Ah Up the ’Ra.’

The EU is screwed. It’s hard to believe but Sweden backed out of the Nord Stream investigations and won’t say who took it out. Germany knows who attacked the EU energy hub but will not say. A 25 billion euros project wiped out and Russia has no interest in it being fixed now. Most would know America done it America sabotaged EU infrastructure America attacked the EU and Sweden and Germany do nothing, who’s pulling the strings who wants us to collapse, because its quite evident now the EU is in serious energy troubles, now Turkey is opening the turk stream that’s a sure thing now they will have control of the EU energy market and also they control how many people they leave flood into the EU through their borders from war torn countries. Our open borders are going to destroy us and the loss of revenue from nord stream will finish Germany. The EU politicians have sided with America and have thrown the EU citizens under a bus they do not care. They are under control but who, who are the money men that are pushing the EU politicians to the destruction of the EU


  1. Kerron Ó Luain
    12 October at 18:28
    Franz Fanon could’ve been writing about the backlash to the Irish women’s football team singing Up The Ra when he noted that “colonialism is not satisfied merely with holding a people in its grip and emptying the native’s brain of all form and content. By a kind of perverted logic, it turns to the past of the people, and distorts, disfigures and destroys it.”
    Not content with silencing the Irish language, the attempt to silence people singing songs of resistance such as Celtic Symphony or saying “Up the Ra” is yet another attempt by the colonizer, and their local bootlickers, to police Irish rebelliousness and distort our history.
    The gall of an English sports tv presenter to question an Irish woman on her knowledge of Irish history is laughable. Blood-soaked British imperialism is interwoven into the fabric of English sports as next month’s poppy hysteria (or rather, fascism) and militaristic displays will demonstrate.
    I thought Chloe Mustaki, put in that position (which she shouldn’t have been by the FAI in the first place), handled the situation quite well. She shouldn’t have apologized but at least she pushed back when the clearly salivating imperialist asked the question about education.
    But whatever about English presenters, the local Irish bootlickers – with journalists of the Seóinín rags and radio stations leading the charge – who emerge in apoplectic outrage every time the native dares remember their history of struggle, are much more nauseating.
    Here there is usually a class bias and a fear of the risen people. If we remember that we fought for our national freedom in the past, then we might also get notions and fight for a fundamental change in society in the present. The plan is to dampen such notions through the politics of “respectability”.
    This is not unlike the hysteria directed at Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for saying she “detests Tories”. In both instances the strategy is the same; to divert attention towards “uncouth language”, and away from imperialism and Tory polices, thus distorting history and reality. Don’t fall for it.
    Up the RA! An Phoblacht Abú!


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