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Illegal Vaccine Trials Carried Out in Mother and Baby Homes and Orphanages

Evidence continues to emerge of widespread illegal Vaccine trials having taken place in Ireland over many decades that continued until recently. Despite the authorities playing down the scale and the huge significance of this scandal it will not go away. Despite the compliant media playing down and minimising the horror of what went on in widespread illegal vaccine trials it will not go away. It is a scandal of momentous proportions that inflicted untold harm on countless innocents.

Not a Cent of Compensation

Survivors of illegal trials were vaccinated with God knows what and without anyone outside of those involved being informed that those innocents were part of a vaccination trial. Victims of this large scale illegal abuse of children while under the care of mother and baby homes will not receive a cent of compensation for the abuse. No doubt the mother and baby homes taking part in these illegal vaccine trials were well compensated and will never be brought to account. Not offering compensation is a calculated attempt to minimise and down play the impact of the illegalities and damage and the possibility of it triggering a further scandal involving very prominent medical people.

The Cover-up Continues

According to the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation at least 13 Vaccine trails were carried out on more than 43,00 Children. At least 1,135 of the children used in the illegal vaccination trials were from institutions and the rest were reportedly from the General Population. Reports of similar trials having been carried out on institutionalised children and babies as well as groups in the general public have been going on surreptitiously for decades and appears to have been commonplace. Eminent doctors took part in this illegal activity with no sense of the abuse involved. Where was their moral compass? Politicians knew about it and treated it as normal activity. Where was their moral compass? Many of those throwing up their hands about it now were fully aware of it and did nothing about it at the time. The fact that no investigation has been called for or even considered is nothing more than a continuation of scandal and it’s continued cover up by todays authorities. This is more than amazing from a politically correct government and it exposes them as the bunch of hypocrites that they are.

Redress Whitewash

The Cabinet signed off on the Governments Redress Scheme for Mother and Baby Home Survivors this week with compensation linked only to the amount of time spend in the institution rather than the level of abuse. The vaccination scandal was studiously ignored in the hope that it will go away. As a result of this the vaccine trial abuse continues with no compensation being offered to those who were included in those illegal trials without anyone seeking their informed consent.

Nobody is addressing the scandal or asking the questions that should and must be asked. I ask them here and now.

  • Who gave consent for the vaccine trial abuse of those children?
  • What were they paid and who paid them?
  • What pharmaceutical companies were involved?
  • What specific trials took place?
  • What members of the Medical profession took part in those illegal activities and under whose direction?
  • Why is there no inquiry or criminal investigation? There is no statute of limitation regarding the possible harm inflicted on the unsuspecting victims.
  • Why is the cover-up continuing?
  • Who is blocking the investigation of this horrendous scandal?

Investigate This Scandal Now

This is a most shocking cover up of a horrendous scandal. This scandal will simmer to the surface sooner or later. There is a vast amount of information and records of those vaccine trials in existence and that combined with the evidence of significant numbers of children’s remains been found in a septic tank is crying out for investigation and justice for the numerous living victims. In an honest and caring responsible society a criminal investigation would be under way. The perpetrators of this horrendous scandal need to be outed and those who are still living need to be held to account and brought to justice! The media have screamed to high heavens for the investigation of lesser scandals. Why are the silent in this instance? Is it because of the fear of jeopardising the huge advertising revenue stream from the pharmaceutical industry?


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