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MEP Calls EU Vaccine Purchase ‘Biggest Corruption Scandal in the History of Mankind’

At a time when Irish MEP’s of every persuasion are singing dumb, Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic took to Twitter on Wednesday, October 12, to announce that the European Union’s purchase of far too many ‘unproven’ Covid vaccines equates to what has been described as the “biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankind.”

Irish MEP’s Sing Dumb

Evidence of the biggest corruption scandal in the EU’s history is simmering to the surface with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen refusing to answer questions about her direct involvement in the purchase of vaccines from Pfizer. All of the Irish MEP’s in the EU Parliament are singing as dumb as von der Leyen. Are they happy with her total lack of transparency and her refusal to reveal the details of her dealings with Pfizer? Why aren’t any of them asking questions? Are they incapable of comprehending the seriousness of her secret Pfizer dealings? Do they represent anybody other than themselves?

von der Leyen’s Dirty Deal

Thank goodness for Kolakusic the Croatian MEP who stated in a video message: “The purchase of 4.5 billion doses of the Covid-19 vaccine for 450 million EU residents is the biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankind.” Croatia’s outspoken MEP explained that the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen bought 4.5 billion doses of Pfizer’s Covid “vaccine.” He slammed von der Leyen for refusing to disclose details of communications surrounding the deal’s conclusion.

Ground Hog Day

Ms von der Leyen the European Commission President is in the eye of the storm over her dodgy dealings with Pfizer and has vehemently denied personal responsibility as she did when admitted ‘mistakes’ in her multi-million contracting scandal during her stint as Germany’s defence minister. She then told MP’s in the Bundestag, the German parliament: “Irregularities in the awards procedure occurred.” She was the minister responsible in that instance but she denied any responsibility on her part. She is essentially giving a repeat performance in her dodgy dealings with Pfizer. The question is whether she is totally incompetent or totally crooked. Is she dodgy or dopey? Either way she is not fit to hold the role of president of the European Parliament and whose presiding presence reduces it to the level of a village circus. But that’s okay with Irelands silent MEP’s.

4.5 Billion Doses

Kolakusic the Croatian MEP who takes his role seriously said; “Today, 10 of us (None of them Irish) MEP’s asked her the following question: When will she present to us, the members of the European Parliament, as well as the EU citizens whom she supposedly represents, the communication she had with Pfizer during the procurement of 4.5 billion doses of vaccines at a time when there was absolutely no proof of the effectiveness, and especially not of the harmfulness of that product.” Kolakusic added: “Imagine four and a half billion doses for 450 million people. Great Britain is no longer with us, so there are quite a few (less) of us. Based on that calculation, each child, newly born, should receive ten doses of something that no one in the world, except maybe two or three people, knows what it contains.”

What’s in the Vaccine?

What’s in the vaccine or is it a vaccine? Hasn’t the definition of what a vaccine is been changed to enable Pfizer and others to label their concoctions as vaccines? Kolakusic went on: “This is about secrets, protected patents. I don’t think that any kind of government or European agency knows exactly what is in that product.” He continued. “Nobody knows that. And nobody tells you that. They approved that vaccine, that pharmaceutical product, just based on statements of the pharmaceutical companies.”

No Medical Research

Kolakusic stormed on: “They did not get to see any medical research. To date, no medical research has been handed over to the members of the EU Parliament’s Covid committee or the European Medical Agency to anyone. How is that possible?” Kolakusic asked. “We are talking about corruption here. The procurement of 4.5 billion products with the intention of injecting them into people, without anyone knowing what is inside, is surely the corruption affair in the history of mankind, not only in the history of the EU,” the Croatian MEP concluded. Do the Irish MEP’s have any interest in what is being injected into their constituents? Have they no sense of the responsibility that the Irish people have bestowed upon them? Corruption exists and flourishes because of such silence.


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