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Paedophile Priests Take a Back Seat to Sacrilegious Gender Perversion

From Pride month ceremonies at a Catholic church in Ballyfermot to St Teresa’s Church in Donore, South Dublin, a New York church capped them both in an abdominal and sacrilegious display that was videoed in a New York church. The congregation clapped in approval to the disgusting attempt of an erotic display by an elephantine drag queen prancing about in the church. The Pope and Nancy Pelosi would surely have approved while Biden wouldn’t have noticed.

Normalisation of Sexual Deviance

The nefarious hidden paedophile and deviant sexual activities of Catholic and clerics of other Christian denominations have for decades been hidden, exposed, denied and finally admitted with millions paid out in compensation. Is this the next phase of such activity where an attempt to normalise all kinds of sexual deviance including paedophilia is taking now place?

Coming to a Church Near You

An “LGBTQ+ Drag Queen Activist” known as Brita Filter recently posted on TikTok about his visit to a Catholic high school in New York City that invited him/her/it to their “Pride Chapel.” He/her/it received loud cheers and applause in a standing ovation from the congregation. “I literally went to church to teach the children today,” a drag queen who goes by the name Brita Filter wrote in a post on TikTok. “A Catholic High School here in NYC invited me to their Pride Chapel. Visibility matters and I’m so honoured to have had the chance to talk to you about my work as a LGBTQ+ Drag Queen Activist.”

Pope Francis’s Gay Crusade

Of all the things the Roman Catholic Church gets wrong it has typically always ruled correctly on social behaviour. However under the current pope, we see a movement away from adherence to traditional doctrine on sexual matters. Francis has stated that homosexuals are “God’s children,” and he conducted a mass for gay Catholics, and endorsed same-sex unions in a recently released documentary film. It should come as no surprise if the Catholic Church and all the Protestant spin-offs join her in a massive sexual rebellion and openly embrace sodomy.

Are Church Brothels Next

It has been suggested in jest that the Church’s new liberalised attitude to sex it is open to adopting the old pre Christian Roman custom of opening Church brothels in every parish with binary vestal virgins to service their congregations for the purpose of raising funds and the recruitment of new members. While that was said in jest, with the current activity we are seeing in churches is it any longer beyond the bounds of possibility?


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