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Irish Governments “Outrageous” Migrant Spending

The Irish government’s decision to spend a €1 billion on migrants in 2022 is “outrageous”, Irish Freedom Party Leader Herman Kelly the only Irish politician with the courage to address the issue has said. The government’s decision to spend a €1 billion on migrants many with very dubious claims to be from Ukraine has been described as both “outrageous” and “wrong-headed” by Irish Freedom Party Leader Herman Kelly who went on to describe the small island nation as no longer having anywhere to house all those new arrivals.

Huge Migrant Numbers

Inspite of being one of the furthest EU countries from Ukraine, Ireland has accommodated a huge number of refugees claiming to be from Ukraine with the country ranking third highest in the number of migrants per capita received by any EU country, falling just behind Poland and Latvia, both much closer to Ukraine. According to the The Times, Ireland’s ruling politicians have now confirmed that the country is likely to spend a €1 billion this year on migrants claiming to be from Ukraine with an additional undisclosed figure earmarked to be spent on the additional sudden surge of non-Ukrainian migrants.

Ukrainian Passports for Sale

Meanwhile anyone from anywhere can buy a Ukrainian passport online to facilitate their entry into Ireland. The “Ukrainian passports for sale” business is booming. See Irish People article, “Fake Ukrainian Refugees in Ireland with Bought Passports” July 16th 2022. The question is, what percentage of those entering Ireland as Ukrainians are indeed Ukrainians? Any freeloader can come into Ireland where there is no vetting procedure in place on one of those ‘genuine Ukrainian passports’ and the unanswered question remains, why are there no vetting procedures in place?

A Huge Taxpayer Burden

Ireland is geared to spend over 1% of its gross tax returns on migrants this year while the general population is left struggling with record high rents and rampant inflation. Irish Freedom Party president Hermann Kelly told Breitbart Europe “It’s an outrageous abuse of taxpayers’ money,” He went on “As demand for housing and rents increase the government sends out search parties for more migrants. It’s wrong-headed madness. Ireland is full and we simply have nowhere to put these people.” The cost of taking in, accommodating and supporting massive waves of migrants is set to become an enormous burden for the Irish tax payer. Its impact on housing is certain to be even greater.

Accommodation Crisis

Disturbing questions are arising as to where the migrants currently residing in university accommodation will be accommodated when students return to college next month. The state is rapidly running out of both public and private migrant accommodation while continuing to ignore its responsibility towards its own homeless citizens. There is something very rotten in the State of Irelands government.

College Accommodation Uproar

About 3,000 alleged refugees have reportedly been informed that they must vacate their current university accommodation by the end of the month with no alternative accommodation on offer. Herman Kelly told Breitbart Europe that there “will be uproar” if college students end up returning to college “in September to find their apartment has been allocated to ‘Ukrainian migrants’.”

The Government Ignores Irish Homeless

Meanwhile, the number of Irish homeless people who are being ignored by the authorities’ continues to grow amid government indifference and the country’s crippling housing crisis. Last month RTE reported that figures are now nearing the previous all-time high, having reached 10,492 in June. “We have to look after our own homeless first,” Kelly said, emphasising that “Ireland is full.” Meanwhile the Irish government continues insanely to welcome the relentless surge of migrants into the country with no idea of how they are going to accommodate them. Government virtue signalling must continue regardless. Something has to give.


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