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Ireland’s Green Energy Insanity

Electricity free Irish Winter 2022- The Green Agenda

If climate change is a genuine problem, neither solar panels nor wind turbines are capable of offering a viable energy solution. The heavily subsidised unreliable wind and solar energy solutions are economic and environmental disaster. However they are a money making bonanza for those who put money before humanity.

The Political Agenda

When climate alarmists hijacked worldwide energy policy the lunatics had now firmly gained control of the asylum. They exhort and bombard us with the support of the government and the compliant media that urgent action must take place immediately to prevent runaway climate change. Alarmist fear porn is now the driving force behind the billion Euro climate change industry resulting in endless subsidies for solar panels and wind turbines for the intermittent generation of exorbitantly expensive electricity. Ireland is at the forefront of this.

The Green Hard Left

The fear porn driven energy scam has been taken over by the hard Left Green climate alarmists who have morphed into a pervasive evil intent on striking a sense of fear and panic throughout society with carbon dioxide as the enemy. This is contrary to true politically unbiased science. The claim that human intervention has the power to modify the weather to more suitable settings by imposing carbon taxes and carbon credits and by throwing $billions in subsidies into thoroughly unreliable wind and solar is not solution but a money making fraud. Solar and wind won’t form any part of their promised ecological solution.

Alternative Energy is not Replacement Energy

One analysis pinpointed in the fewest possible words why: “Alternative energy is not replacement energy.” Such packages are sold to and then imposed on the public claiming that an ‘erg’ of green energy consumed is an ‘erg’ of fossil energy remaining in the ground. The most widely celebrated paper in recent years on the economics of climate change concludes that green-energy subsidies results mostly on increased total energy consumption rather than the displacement of fossil fuels. The impact on CO2 and temperatures is “minuscule,” according to Princeton University’s José Luis Cruz Álvarez and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg.

Green Hunger for Money and Power

The reality is that highly organized green interests are hungry for your money and political power. The entire Green agenda is an unscrupulous political power play with no consideration for genuine ecological and environmental concerns. Voters want the satisfying feeling of being told they are contributing to the control of climate and Green politicians are  unscrupulously feeding off that. The sting in the tail however is carbon tax, soaring energy costs and frequent electricity cuts caused by the unreliability of the Green solution. The result is an ecological disaster.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

Let’s look at the numbers: Fossil energy accounted for 82% of global energy consumption last year. That is down from 85% in 2016, so that is a reduction of the impact of fossil fuel or is it? In reality total energy consumption is steadily growing. Last year it jumped by 5.8%, its biggest yearly increase ever. That included a 2.6% increase in renewables and a 5.7% increase in coal. The global demand for energy keeps growing as more than a billion humans rise from poverty. Renewables are unlikely to even hold their current market share. The additional emissions will be considered as a small trade off by those who for the first time are able to live and work in better and healthier conditions. Beijing has already decided publicly that it makes more sense for China to live with rising CO2 levels rather than combat them. Other countries in areas of the world emerging from poverty think the same and act accordingly while keeping quiet about it. Government money thrown at wind and solar are so great in relation to underlying project costs, that they drive investors to build large installations in cheap locations far from consumers which destabilize the grid and results in electrons being dumped wastefully into the ground.

We’ll Turn Off Your Electricity When We Feel Like It

The world’s leading climate virtue signalling “leaders” on their mission to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions from electricity generation include most of Europe led by Germany and the UK with Ireland panting along behind with the US, States of California and New York on the other side of the pond. Research shows that the jurisdictions seeking to be Net Zero leadership have given scant consideration to the necessity of energy storage because of erratic supplies from so-called Green sources. The most prevalent failure of all those Net Zero jurisdictions is their abysmal failure to pursue any sort of sustainable storage system before committing their entire jurisdictions to such projects based on a blank check to be paid by the taxpayers. As fossil fuels are phased out and are replaced by wind and solar how will future of energy usage actually work with very little energy storage to cover the peaks and troughs of the intermittent wind and solar suppliers?

No Electricity for You Today

Look at the California Report by consultancy Energy Innovations on May 9th entitled ‘Achieving an Equitable and Reliable 85 Percent Clean Electricity System by 2030 in California‘. When you reach the mid-30’s pages of this report you will see what they euphemistically call “demand response”. It says “Demand-side measures can substitute for supply-side resources and therefore contribute to resource diversity; their increased availability hedges against the risk of deploying new clean supply-side resources too slowly (including generators and storage).”Did that make any sense to you? If it didn’t, that is because it is bureaucrat doublespeak meaning “we will turn off your electricity at random times to cover up our shortcomings whenever we feel like it.

A Cold Dark Winter in Ireland

Get ready for this in California, Germany and the rest of the virtue signallers. Get a generator unless you want a cold dark winter in Ireland which is in the running to be included in the current energy madness. The madness is in full swing here in Ireland with no checks and balances. Remember the ’08 banking crisis and prepare for the electricity supply crisis.


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