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Planted Migrants Clogging Up Medical System

Dr Mary Ryan, a Consultant endocrinologist, has told Tipp FM that Ireland needs to stop taking in asylum seekers in order to provide adequate medical care to the current population.

One in two cancer cases are now getting delayed diagnoses and treatment. She said doctors have no more capacity with hospitals and GPs already calling for additional resources immediately.

She said many professionals hold the same view but are afraid to say it. “We’re already so far behind…I just don’t agree with Micheál Martin when he says they need to keep coming. The services are already stretched and I can see it on the ground as a doctor.”

She said everyone is going to get a consistently bad service unless we reduce the number of migrants. People in their 80s are already lying on trollies, and that’s going to increase.

“People have to not be afraid to speak the truth in this country. For a long time they’ve been afraid to voice their opinion because we’re being controlled, but that’s not democracy.”


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