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Sanctions Stupidity and NATO Prodding the Russian Bear

Vladimir Putin only released the wrought of the Russian Bear in Ukraine after western and NATO heads contemptuously ignored his pleadings and warnings. They had faithlessly and continuously broken their word and faith with Russia and contemptuously thought they had got away with it. But they had poked the sleeping Russian Bear once too often and too hard.

Putin and Russia today can only be understood in the context of Russia’s experience of history. Russia was invaded from the West by Napoleon and again by Hitler. The interference by the West in Russia’s internal affairs began again in the 1990’s. Central to the Russian people’s memory is the contemptuous triumphalism with which the West treated transitional Russia, seeing a weak power that could be and was trampled on with impunity. Regardless of their difficulties the proud and patriotic Russian people developed a healthy contempt for the West. Taking advantage of Russia’s perceived weakness NATO’s persistent expansion towards the Russia’s borders was a calculated act of unprovoked aggression. The destruction and dismemberment of Russia like what they achieved in Yugoslavia was NATO’s end game. The US and the EU’s interference in Ukraine was the last straw that woke up the Russian Bear. The constant poking of the sleeping bear was relentless with western instigated regime-change bloody wars in the Balkans, Georgia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. It was neither Putin nor Russia who caused the new cold war but persistent western interference

Bloody New cold war

All you have to do is to look at or listen to the blood thirsty war mongering western media to realise that this new cold war is much more volatile and much more dangerous than its predecessor. This time round there is no restraining media or public opinion, just blatant bloodthirsty aggression in a world gone mad.

The public no longer seem to have an opinion unless the politicians and the media tell them what it is. Meanwhile in the US the Russiagate smear campaign based entirely on lies has demonised not just Putin but the entire Russian people. Relentless and groundless hysteria has been ramped up by the woke, lying US media, by grandstanding politicians, and by the military and industrial complexes self-serving interests.

America’s liberal globalist elite now blindly and entirely disregard the threat of atomic war. With an idiotic compromised puppet in the White House and little or no mainstream media opinion forming restraint, nor any restraining voices of political opposition, the current warmongering policies aimed at Russia are like a vehicle with no brakes. Even at the height of the Soviet-American cold war there were always voices of restraint. This new cold war which is now heating up to boiling point is taking place directly along Russia’s borders with a most dangerous proxy civil war being fought in Ukraine.

The greatest danger in American politics is the Russiagate myth propagated by elements within US intelligence and gleefully spread by the media is that Putin has been attempting to undermine American democracy.

The New York Times and the Washington Post, Americas most hallowed media institutions no longer have any regard for the truth and when reporting on Russia are not merely malicious but are actively aggressive. The new cold war narrative is driven largely by these newspapers followed slavishly by the rest of the media based on agenda driven malicious drip feed of unverified, anonymous intelligence.

Russia’s Harsh Learning Curve

The new cold war was sparked off with a very hot conflagration in the post Soviet Russian-Western clash that took advantage of the fact that Russia was still in recovery mode during the western instigated breakup of Yugoslavia in 1998-1999. Moscow impotently gritted its teeth while the West proactively fanned the flames of destruction in the Balkans but Moscow learned from it and vowed that nothing like it would ever be allowed to happen again. This was Russia’s harsh learning curve. Russia watched NATO bombing defenceless Serbia Russia’s Slavic ally to completely disintegrate the remains of Yugoslavia and bring about the secession of Kosovo.

Kosovo is now run by a convicted criminal appointed by the West for the specific black budget purpose of the production and distribution of heroin to the West. The unprecedented breakup of a state was now justified by the West. Moscow later used this as a precedent to justify its takeover of Crimea not that it needed to since the Crimean’s overwhelmingly voted to reunite with Russia.

Counterproductive Sanctions

Western sanctions against Russia are counterproductive and will achieve nothing but pain for the West. They will only further antagonise the Russian people and bolster support for Vladimir Putin. Moscow’s foreign policy has neither been expansionist nor aggressive in any way towards its neighbours or the West in general. Russia has been far too busy rebuilding its economy, harnessing its natural resources and transitioning its society towards better form of democracy. Meanwhile the western vultures have been salivatating in the wings to replace Putin with a pro west puppet like Gorbachov.

Globalist Vultures

The globalist vultures of what passes for western liberal democrats have little support in Russia which is being driven by western interference and sanctions towards authoritarian ultra-nationalism. The West’s prevalent bloodthirsty Liberal elites and their compliant fellow travelling media may huff and puff about the Russian threat, but common sense prevails about Putin among the general public. Putin is actually a moderate in today’s Russia so the West had better be careful in wishing for his overthrow.

Meanwhile the “silence of the doves” in the West is deafening. The new cold war has many silent and not so silent critics but the media ignores and silences them. There is a strong and influential undercurrent of media silenced voices that can be heard on social media that the Germans call Putinverstehers among those with enough sanity to urge understanding of the Russian position and point of view.

Mutually Assured Destruction

In the West which no longer has any moral compass and where the media and most profession’s have completely sold out any sense of integrity, the insanity of insatiable greed and corruption prevails. The higher one goes in society the stench of corruption grows proportionally more sickening.

On top of this the consensus conformity of the hysterical anti-Russia narrative of the manic driven West is not only fundamentally wrong but it is dangerous to the point of lunacy. In a post Covid world of darkness where people of a sane or a moderate persuasion are ridiculed, censored and silenced, sanity must somehow still prevail or we are destined to provoking war with Russia and the nuclear doom of mutually assured destruction.


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