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Sinn Fein Still Blatantly Selling Themselves as Irish Republicans

Sinn Fein continues to sell themselves as a republican party while acting as Globalists and Marxists. They are a massive sell out of their former republican principle for a number of reasons. They change policy like chameleons to suit their new globalist agenda and their targeted ‘woke’ electorate.

A good example of this is just few years ago Sinn Fein was pro life, refusing to back bills for abortion. Fast forward to the present and they might as well be funded by Planned Parenthood such is their overwhelming support for abortion! Regardless of your opinion on the issue surely a party should stick to its principles? Of course that presupposes that the have principles.

They support terrorist organisations like BLM and Antifa, actively sell their junk on the SF website.
Nationalist parties in other countries at least question the flood of ‘migrants’, direct provision and the money spent on asylum seekers. Sell out Sinn Fein however actively support immigration and refuse to question it and refuse to defend Irish Nationals in relation to defending free speech, the 4Shell to Sea people, they refused to defend the land league and people being evicted from their homes and refuse to acknowledge Irelands natural assets ie oil, gas, fisheries etc. Their election promises are full of empty rhetoric and false references to republicanisms as well empty promises to build 100,000 houses in 5 years. If by some miracle they did they would probably put Asylum seekers in them in line with their Marxist indoctrination!
Support for Sinn Fein is a waste of time in the hope they would fulfil the opposition role.. They are now just another bunch of champagne socialists lining their own pockets at the expense of the Irish people.

Take it down from the mast

A very popular song at Sinn Fein gatherings in the past was Dominic Behan’s song “Take it down from the mast Irish traitors” with the following chorus.

                      “So take it down from the mast, Irish traitor!

It’s the flag we Republicans claim
It can never belong to Free Staters
For you’ve brought on it nothing but shame.”

While being blatantly inconsistent in most things as they turn their back on their former republican principles they have been true to the above refrain as they are now flying a rainbow flag outside their constituency offices. There has been no reply to the party in references to questions about this other than uncomfortable mutterings about inclusiveness.


  1. The Right and the Left are two wings of the same bird, you cannot solve the problems in a society with the same level of Consciousness that created it


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