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What is the New World Order?

You must have been exposed to numerous books, articles and programmes about what is called the cabal, the elite or the NWO. Is it all conspiracy theory or is there some substance to it? Is it a new form or expression of imperialism? They must seem so far away to you if they exist at all.

What if I told you ‘they’ the Cabal or the ‘New World Order’ are manipulating virtually every area of life on this planet including yours? Would you think I am delusional or insane? What if I said they are masters of deception and manipulation and that they are manipulating your life right now? Isn’t it time to read on for the next few minutes and decide for yourself once and for all? It’s not magic. It is well crafted manipulation.

Marxist Social Engineering

Global manipulation has been given many forms and operates under many banners and guises including Marxism. While Marxism is a manifestation of manipulation, it is just one tool and one manifestation of global manipulation. For a hundred years, Marxists have been used as a tool to re-engineer society. Their clandestine scheming and hidden agenda then and now could never have worked had their methods been revealed to the public.

Over the last two generations through means of stealth and deception they have tactically undermined nations, national sovereignty and personal sovereignty to disempower them, weaken society and through indoctrination they cause people to despise their country, their nation and its heritage.

Social Disintegration

Civil society and communities everywhere have been and continue to be poisoned with media propaganda, drugs, lawlessness and licentiousness at an ever increasing scale. Social cohesion and community spirit has been splintered and undermined by the persistent demonising of moral, social, national and religious values and by fermenting conflict and enmity between men and women, parents and children. This is the result of a very well designed and deliberate campaign of social engineering.

Globalist Manipulation

The Irish political establishment have embraced the globalist agenda and have entrenched themselves in its agenda by disempowering the people. This new philosophy now tightly controls the media, education, the schools and the workplace. The media is used as a tool to propagandise and indoctrinate people to undermine and transform society. Do you think this is all just coincidental or just a passing trend? What if all of this was being orchestrated by a hidden controlling elite or Cabal? Wouldn’t they have to be very powerful?

Leo Varadkar in the Lion’s Den

In answer to a ‘Dail’ question on Tuesday, 5 February 2019 Leo Varadkar boldly stated:

“I attended the 2019 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos from 23 to 25 January. The Minister for Finance, Deputy Donohoe, also attended.” This is the forum for Clauss Shwabbs ‘World Economic Forum’ to further his globalist takeover of the world. Varadkar goes on to boast “I attended a lunchtime event with political, academic and business leaders where the challenges and opportunities of globalisation were discussed.” His rambling report continued in a similar fashion. What were Varadkar and Donohoe doing at this globalist gathering. In short they were reporting and giving an account of their activities in furthering the globalist agenda in Ireland. It would be like then Taoiseach and one of his ministers reporting to Adolf Hitler in 1940. Yet there was neither a political nor media outcry as they have all sold out or have bought into the globalist or New World Order agenda.

Transformation of Society

The Globalists action plan is to blatantly transform free and sovereign nations into externally controlled and subjugated in a unified ‘New World Order’ collective. This plan is now in full swing using the Covid “Pandemic” as its spearheading weapon to be closely followed by their next salvo of the not so “Green Agenda”. It is well advanced and will soon be fully realised unless we the people wake up to its dangers and neutralise it.

This takeover plan is being managed by a carefully selected and covertly promoted self-serving middle management cadre of puppet elites and compliant treasonous governments with no moral compass and delusions of grandeur. If you think this is not affecting you, look at their successful manipulation of you and the entire planet with the real or imagined pandemic lockdown. That was just a very successful test run. They too are unsuspecting and disposable tools and are even more vulnerable than those of us they serve to manipulate and control. Once they have fulfilled their allocated role they will be unceremoniously discarded or worse.

Left v’s Right Smokescreen

This is neither a Left nor a Right takeover campaign. That’s just a convenient distraction or smokescreen. Both Left and Right are now outdated philosophies and political systems that are still being carefully manipulated and controlled to undermine, weaken and neutralise opposition by fermenting distraction, division and conflict. However they are nearing the end of their ‘sell by date’.

The Controlling Hand

Behind all of this lurks the hidden controlling hand of Corporate Feudalism which in turn is the tool of a tiny elite’s world control plan. Because of their numerical weakness, they must remain hidden. Consisting of a few interwoven families, they have over aeons of time become the hidden masters of control and manipulation through their proxies and various forms of leverage.

  • Governments are controlled mainly through bribery and blackmail
  • NGO’s are infiltrated and controlled financially to facilitate specific agendas
  • The UN and the WHO have been infiltrated and largely taken over.
  • The EU is their creation
  • Nations are being undermined by their governments open border policy leading to mass migration plantations to dilute potential nationalist opposition while the native population’s youth are systematically being driven out.
  • Education is subverted by neo liberalism to indoctrinate, undermine and control the youth.
  • The worldwide media compromised by its dependence on advertising revenue has become a willing tool to present all the societal transformation with the pretence of normality.
  • The carefully orchestrated Political Correctness brigade silences all dissenting voices by labelling them as “Far Right”, racists, Nazis and Conspiracy Nuts
  • Drugs and lawlessness are promoted to divert and destroy communities and society


All of these things seen in isolation as they are by most of us fail to notice the connections and the obvious agenda behind them all. Are you sure that all of this is just a series of uncoordinated coincidences with none of it is impacting directly on your life? Which is more unbelievable, an extraordinary series of uncoordinated coincidences or a carefully planned campaign? Take some time and think about it.

Sugar and Spice

The utopian Marxist vision we have been presented with is a sugar coated poison which fails to inform us that behind its benign facade it decrees that all property and all assets, including scientific and intellectual property must be handed over or be taken over by the state. That even includes your home and your children. In this Orwellian scenario people are required to conform to state decreed models of thinking and behaviour. Those that don’t comply must be silenced and eliminated. They do this very clinically and efficiently.

Political Correctness

The primary weapon of this onslaught against your freedom is Political Correctness that fronts a new puritanical orthodoxy that eliminates any semblance of common sense, independence, original thinking, freedom of speech, freedom of action, ownership of property and any independent or non compliant tendencies. This is the new face of slavery. Tell me that you haven’t already become more careful of your spoken expression lest you be brought to task or worse by busybodies policing political correctness. Have they managed to persuade you that all white people are privileged or that there are more than two genders?

Iron Fist or Velvet Glove

The old iron-fisted Marxists method of conquest was revolution, elimination of intellectuals and political opposition, genocidal purges of dissent and the wholesale suppression of entire populations. This in its time was all explained away as being for the good of the proletariat.

Today’s velvet-gloved neo-Marxists prefer more sophisticated and carefully honed neo liberal methods of stealth, infiltration, education/indoctrination, enemy labelling, name calling and character assassination. Shaming, labelling and demonising all dissenting voices are their first lines of attack.

Once this starts being orchestrated by the government and the mainstream media most people accept it as the new norm. Governments occasionally test the level or temperature of their progress by asking the people to honour hated past oppressors.

Storm Troopers

Marxists velvet glove methods can be enforced by not so velvet glove methods. Their storm troopers are Antifa, funded and trained to use the best Nazi jackboot and Brown Shirt methodology to violently suppress any and all popular resistance. They are basically a Marxist front of anti fascist neo fascists.

Whether using their old style iron fist or their new soft velvet glove, both are equally ruthless. Their mission to turn the world’s inhabitants against their basic desire for freedom calls for unscrupulous methods and action.

Where the velvet glove and media fuelled political correctness approach don’t work subversion is applied to weaken resistance and if all else fails they get Antifa rioting, looting, burning and assaulting to cower people into submission.

Old Marxism

Marxist reform methods fared well under the Communist label following World War I. During the following decade’s communism succeeded in infecting much of the globe, concentrating special focus on Europe and America. Marxist and secular humanism infiltrated the schools and began to turn the minds of children against their parent’s values, their heritage, their national cohesion and even their self worth. This created fertile ground to groom them for conformity, groupthink and revolt.

New Indoctrinated Marxists

By the 1970’s those children had grown into indoctrinated Marxist agents that began to infiltrate and influence western society and Christianity. Scripture was “updated” and theology was rewritten to conform to secular humanism and Marxism. Liberation Theology was the result. You could now be an atheistic Marxist Christian.

They have become so blatant that they now openly proclaim any opposing as a right wing threat to democracy. They believe that the end justifies the means and the bigger the lie, the better their chances of changing the world by distorting the truth.

Globalism and Marxism

Marxist fronts such as Antifa are now financed by Big Money Globalists that fuel them with cash. That emboldens and empowers them to keep up the pressure and hoodwink the public through misinformation, bait and reward, distraction, and other subversive tools for emasculating society and nation states. Opponents are infiltrated, egos are massaged, individuals are compromised and blackmailed and groups are kept distracted by the fermenting of infighting with me-versus-them arguments and organisational splintering.

The Campaign of Action

All opponents are systematically undermined and neutralized with:

  • Innuendo
  • blackmail
  • Smear campaigns
  • Media attacks
  • threats,
  • social stigmatisation and isolation
  • litigation,
  • undue process,

If that doesn’t works the Antifa jackboot tactics are employed. The few remaining warriors with fight left in them are labelled as conspiracy nuts. Have you ever noticed people fuelling the flames of conflict in any organisation?

Liberation or Annihilation

True liberation and freedom means freeing ourselves from the influences and clutches of the elites that manipulates the public by creating false crises, false flag operations, creating false needs, drug dependency and false hopes to manipulate the rest of us. They control the judiciary and redefine justice, ignore constitutional and personal rights and ignore or reinterpret laws they don’t like. While it looks like they have taken over the system and turned it against you all is not lost. It is time for people of good will to wake up and reclaim their self respect and sovereignty and therein resides the most powerful weapon of all.

The Winner Takes All

If you are in a game manipulated by your opponent who made it their game, who makes all the rules, changes them at will, controls the deck an all the cards you have no chance of winning. You are beaten. However you have a secret plan that will insure that you win and cannot be beaten.

The Elites Strength and Weakness

All of the institutions and systems the elite use to suppress and enslave you, corrupt society and undermine the nation were created by man. Therein lie their weakness and your strength.

They have two weaknesses

They are devoid of creativity. They have to keep repeating their tried and tested strategies so no matter how hidden they are their strategies become blatantly transparent.

They are very few in number and are weakened and dumbed down by inbreeding. This dumbing down and weakness is visible in royal families though they are at a much lower hierarchical level than the top level elite.

They must always depend on covert methodology and the use of proxy organisations and political movements or parties from Marxism to Feminism.

They are totally dependent on a sleeping or ignorant general populace which is now waking up to their consternation and terror.

The Currency weapon

Their created and have always controlled money through their banking system. The value of currency was never dependant on gold or other tangible resources. That was a myth to keep us ignorant and to keep gold out of our hands. The value of money has always been dependant on the value or wealth created by the peoples sweat and blood. They maximise what they creamed off the wealth creating labour of the general populace.

Their strength is a global network of secret societies most of whose members are unaware or are vaguely aware of hidden masters and their true agenda

They have almost completely infiltrated education with their proxies which affords them the opportunity to indoctrinate children and students through college.

NGO’s, their secret and not so secret armies

Unless we wake up to the FACT that ‘we the people’ are the source and creators of credit and indeed the source of all wealth and until we realize that and hold on to it we will remain impoverished. They ‘The Cabal’ steal the wealth we create, they bank it and loan it back to us with interest. It’s a perfect plan as long as it remains hidden. We the people are the source of all institutions, all states and all nations. They hijack those and misuse them to abuse and enslave us. Without ‘we the people’ who are the creators of all of this, none of it would exist. Nothing else gives existence to any of this. Think about as that.

We create. They steal. They then leave us in poverty and enslave us with what we have created. It’s as simple as that. We must simply take control of our own credit, our own wealth and be empowered. Then we cannot be stopped from creating a world for our benefit and to our liking.


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