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Sweden’s Right Sweeps to Power

A loose coalition of SD and centre-right parties are about to form Sweden’s new government having achieved a slim majority of three in parliament. Despite outgoing Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s Social Democrats remained as Sweden’s largest party she will not be in a position to form a government. Sweden’s right-wing bloc has a majority of 176 of the 349 seats in parliament with the left bloc trailing three behind with 173. Sweden has turned right as the country faces unprecedented lawlessness and crime as a result of failed left government policies. The chant is ‘The right have come to the rescue’.

Andersson’s Sour Grapes

Magdalena Andersson Sweden’s outgoing Prime Minister and leader of Sweden’s Social Democrats conceded defeat in the country’s election on Wednesday September 14th. The victors are a loose bloc of parties of the right including what ‘The Guardian’ labels as the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD). Far right is The Guardian’s’ favourite mantra. Andersson, called a press conference where she conceded defeat, while pointing out that the Social Democrats remained Sweden’s largest party with more than 30% of the vote – and that the majority in parliament for the right bloc was very slim.

The Guardian Won’t be Happy

When postal and overseas votes were finally counted on Wednesday, a coalition of the SD and three centre-right parties edged ahead with a majority of three in the 349 seat parliament. There is no formal agreement between the SD and the three centre-right parties on how they will form a government. In their election rhetoric the centre-right parties had said they wouldn’t countenance ministerial positions for the far right but with the SD being the biggest party in the group that will be a non starter and it won’t stop them forming a government with SD cabinet ministers. The Guardian won’t be happy.

SD in Poll Position

The SD’s strong showing makes it the largest of the party on the right and Sweden’s second largest party with more than 20% of the vote. That puts it in poll position in the negotiations to form a government. “Now the work begins to make Sweden good again,” SD leader, Jimmie Åkesson, triumphantly wrote on Facebook. “We have had enough of failed social democratic policies that for eight years have continued to lead the country in the wrong direction. It is time to start rebuilding security, welfare and cohesion. It is time to put Sweden first,” he went on. Ulf Kristerssons Moderate party followed closely behind with 19% of the vote and is now considered to become the new prime minister. Thanked voters he said: “Now we will have order in Sweden.” The final count showed that the right won 49.6% of votes, with the left at 48.9%.

Government Forming Negotiations

Given the closeness of the outcome all the parties refrained from making rash statements about the formation of a new government. However the jostling for the forming of a future rightwing coalition government with a strong SD are already clear. For many years, the SD were the only voice opposing immigration. The recent surge of gun and gang criminality and the destruction of large areas blamed on second-generation immigrant youth in Swedish cities led to the SD surge in popularity. They had dared to identify the cause of the problem and say what no one else would and now they are reaping the rewards.

A Clean Sweep

There is likely to be a new approach to the media who have controlled the narrative in a very selective way for so long. A clean sweep is necessary. There will be more money for law and order, with no more ignoring of so much immigrant criminality. A return traditional Swedish values will replace the outgoing governments policies that led to the near downfall of the Swedish nation. They will need to be defined from the top and be given the role of central importance in schools, universities the application of the law and throughout society.

A Stark Lesson for Ireland

The role for Sweden’s new government is clear if it is to succeed in returning Sweden to the civilised society it was once so proud of. There is a stark lesson here for Ireland which is so intent on making all the disastrous mistakes that Sweden must now fight hard to recover from. They must succeed for Sweden’s sake but the scars of insanity will remain.


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