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King Charles Vast Tax Free Inheritance

Queen Elisabeth the 96-year-old monarch who has just passed away reigned as the British and Commonwealth Monarch for a record 70 years. Elizabeth II and the royal family are estimated to have assets worth in the region of €78 billion. She had assets and wealth that was last valued in billions in 2017 according to consultancy firm Brand Finance and that’s just an uninformed guess.

Royalty are Above the Law

The Queen’s personal wealth was estimated to be closer to €490 million in the form of investments, art, jewels, and real estate, according to a 2021 estimate published by Forbes. That estimate is probably only a fraction of her true wealth as those assets were never individually valued. The Queen’s true net worth remains unknown as it has never been disclosed by ‘The Firm, and is never likely will be as royalty are not subject to the same disclosure requirements as everybody else. There are no disclosure requirements in law for them unlike everybody else. Royalty are above the law.

Embarrassing Wealth

The queen succeeded in persuading the compliant British government in the 1970’s to change the law in order to hide her of wealth from the public. She claimed that it would be embarrassing for the public to know. Would it not have been much more embarrassing for the Queen for the public to know? That revelation would surely have tarnished the shine of the Queen and the British Monarchy for the fawning classes.

A Bonanza for Charles

King Charles III will now inherit the majority of the Queen’s estimate net value of €492 million and all the rest that remains hidden without paying a penny in inheritance tax. In 2017 the entire royal family was guestimated to be worth at least €78 billion, but the structure of the wealth behind the crown is as complex as it is incalculably vast and is spread out among family members.

A Bonanza for the Royals

These sharing in the vast royal inheritance besides King Charles and the Queen Consort Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall are William Prince of Wales and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge; her children, Princess Anne, dodgy Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and his wife Sophie, the Countess of Wessex and despite claims to the contrary wayward Harry is likely to be included. Not a penny of inheritance tax will be paid by any of them despite their vast inheritance.


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