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TD’s Publicity Seeking Stunt’s Media Success

A publicity seeking Fianna fail back bench TD has made a complaint to Ennis Gardaí about what he described as a “threatening” online video which criticised a speech he made in the Oireachtas some weeks ago and which has finally gained him some much sought after publicity.

Woke Warning

Cathal Crowe, a Co Clare FF TD went to Ennis Garda Station where he reported the sinister contents of the month old video. The short four minute video contained a warning regarding “woke” commentary. The unidentified video speaker said he would “defend with violence” property he owns. The offending video appeared on social media an entire month earlier and had remained there throughout the intervening time and had attracted more than 3,000 views. Despite that Cathal wasn’t even aware of the offending video’s existence until it was brought to his attention and now he has brought it to the medias and everybody else’s  attention.

Hate Messaging

Crowe has finally become aware of the video after he had been notified by concerned constituents and friends of the videos existence on social media last week. The video footage contains an old clip of Crowe speaking to the converted in the Leinster House Oireachtas chamber where he made a virtue signalling publicity seeking criticism of “hate messaging” to his riveted audience in regard to gender and immigration issues. Unfortunately for Crowe his Oireachtas comment generated no publicity as it was a well flogged donkey.

The video contains a male voice over by a speaker who criticised Crowe and called him a “toxic, inarticulate piece of sh#t”. It’s interesting how a “Hate Messaging” speech would generate a “Hate Messaging” video in response. “The Universe works in mysterious ways” said Biddy Early who was being channelled through a well known fortune teller who wishes to remain anonymous.

More Hate Messaging

Cathal seems to have a bee in his bonnet about hate speech. On March 9, during an Oireachtas debate on a European Commission proposal on hate speech, Crowe took the opportunity to accuse the Irish Freedom Party of engaging in “hate messaging” He went on “There is a political party that does not yet have a seat in this chamber, the Irish Freedom Party. It practises hate messaging, and it is how it operates. Its member’s message on topics of gender, transgender and immigration. They are the issues on which they campaign.” Cathal has been accused of using Parliamentary privilege to make “scurrilous remarks” about the IFP days after its chairman, Michael Leahy, filed an objection against his plans to build a house in Cratloe. What a hateful thing to do.

Rainbow Liveried Garda Cars

The offensive video that upset Cathal shows images of rainbow liveried cringe provoking Garda cars as well old shots of pride parades and some old news articles covering the repeal of the eighth amendment. Crowe found this all very sinister and was justifiably shocked as the video concludes abruptly and dramatically with what sounded like a gunshot. Having fretted over the video as well as considering its publicity value he decided to go and make a complaint to the Gardaí as any good publicity seeking TD would. The media had to be made aware of this because otherwise what was the point of the exercise.

TD Strikes Publicity Gold

Eventually striking gold as TD’s always seek to and often do ‘The Journal’ listened attentively to Cathal’s woes and his account of his civic duty in reporting the offending, dare I say, sinister video to the Gardaí in Ennis. Cathal explained his action by saying he felt the tone of the video was threatening and after spending the weekend “mulling over” the videos contents he decided to go and complain to the Gardaí. He told The Journal “This individual lives in a virtual world and he thinks he can hide in there but I live in the real world. I have gone to the guards, the real guards, and reported this. He cannot hide behind a vale of anonymity. The guards will investigate this and I hope they will call to discuss the content with him. If he wants to take umbrage with what I say in the Dáil there are a number of legitimate ways to do that,” he said.

A Not So Flattering Introduction

A Garda spokesperson confirmed that Gardaí have begun to enquire into the video. “An Garda Síochána received a report in relation to an online video today, 25 April 2022. Enquiries are ongoing,” he said. The Irish People suggests that if you have any information about this offensive video you should contact Ennis Garda Station. Meanwhile the video is now being posted all over the place and has gone viral internationally now that Cathal Crowe TD has drawn everybody’s attention to it. Most people’s first introduction to Cathal’s existence will be from the videos not so flattering description of him. As Biddy Early said “The Universe works in mysterious ways”. Did Cathal let the Genii out of the bottle?


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