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US Supreme Court Petition Set to Rock American Politics

388 elected officials including Joe Biden, Camilla Harris and Mike Pence are now facing the prospects of being fired in disgrace and being relieved from any future government positions. That follows the Brunson case getting to the supreme court with a petition that has the potential to rewrite the history of American politics. It is certainly reigniting the controversy around the 2020 Presidential election decision citing Congressional procedural failure. After going through almost unsurmountable hurdles and legal obstruction in attempts to stop it, the Brunson case has finally arrived before the US Supreme Court.

Congressional Failure of Duty

The United States Supreme Court has accepted a complaint that 388 elected officials blocked the legal requirement for a ten-day window of review of the 2020 US Presidential election despite legally submitted complaints. The complaint seeks that all 388 elected officials including Biden, Harris and Pence be relieved from any government status – fired in disgrace – with President Donald Trump being placed back in office until a new election is conducted. 2023 shows the prospect of being a most exciting year. This case is not a claim of Election Fraud. The complaint simply states that the US Congress failed to perform the duty required of them. They failing to take the required ten days to look into legally submitted complaints brought before them concerning the 2022 Presidential election. The Supreme Court has now accepted a complaint that 388 elected officials blocked a legal requirement of a ten-day window for a review.

A Total Media Blackout

This is probably the biggest case in American or world history and it is being totally ignored by the mainstream media who are busily reporting on trashy trivia. A potentially seismic, landmark petition set in front of the nine Justices on the Supreme Court of the United States (“SCOTUS”) with “national emergency” language added is met with total media silence. The media silence is a huge story in itself. The increasingly irrelevant Irish lapdog mainstream media are sniffing along behind and running for cover from the sniff of anything that doesn’t conform to the consensus narrative.

Irresponsible, Irrelevant and Illegitimate Media

Why have the Main-Stream-Media failed to do their due-diligence and reported on this potentially momentous case? They readily and without evidence, loudly claimed that the 2020 Election was legitimate. They label anyone who questions it as “an election denier” one of their many bludgeoning put downs to silence contrary views. In view of their claim of election legitimacy, shouldn’t they be interested in why the US Supreme Court has accepted this Petition and shouldn’t they be anxiously informed the Public? Unless of course the narrative would go against their love affair with Biden as is evidenced by their refusal to report on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. They also refused to report on what is viewed by millions as a Fraudulent Election that is now before the Supreme Court. “Nothing to see here” is the media response when it comes to anything that might question the legitimacy of the Biden regime which makes the media irresponsible, illegitimate and irrelevant.

Prophets and Patriots – Episode 45 with Steve Shultz, Juan O’Savin, Loy Brunson and Johnny Enlow (rumble.com)



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