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Dolores Cahill Gone Rogue?

Dolores Cahill went on the run, and remained hiding in a “remote location north of the border” to avoid arrest “down south” as she waits for the “new world” to begin. She was running from a minor offence with little consequences. Strangely there was also supposed to be a UK warrant for her arrest but she walked right into and remained in that jurisdiction for some time. To date she remains un-arrested. There appeared to have been “Much adoo about nothing” or maybe the “new world” has begun unannounced.

Chief Justice of Fantasyland

All of this could have been seen as a minor aberration but then she appeared with the fantasist Billy McGuire who claims to be the “President of the Sovereign Republic of Eire” who recently appointed a cabinet of fellow fantasists to his fantasyland state. She accepted the position of Chief Justice of this non-existent entity. She can’t resist titles. She further compounded her flight of fantasy by appointing eleven more judges none of which have any training in law. But that’s a minor consideration in fantasyland. After all she purchased a castle from which to save Ireland. She also set up an airline, more about that in the following article. She also promised a radio and TV station which have also come to nothing. She seems to be very busy going nowhere.

Strange Patterns

Where did all this unexpectedly strange behaviour from a previously world renowned professor come from? Is it new or is it part of a continuous pattern that remained unnoticed? Did she hit her head on her fall from her lofty ivory towers of pharmacology and academia? I decided to do some research to see if Dolores has had any previous pattern of strangeness. I didn’t have to look far. The following article which we reproduce here in full gives you a flavour of the strange goings on in the strange and extraordinary life of professor Delores Cahill.

Read here the whole article:


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