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FREE collection of 906 survival guides, manuals and books

This collection of 906 survival guides includes manuals and books from the entire spectrum of emergency preparedness and self sufficiency.
If you are putting together any kind of family emergency preparedness binder, you can always print out physical copies of these guides as resources to refer to.
That way, you can access the information when the time comes–whether you have electricity or not.
Collection contains titles from the following categories:
Military, Combat and Tactical (68 downloads)
Wilderness Survival (67 downloads)
Food Production, Preservation, Storage and Preparation (298 downloads)
Homesteading Skills (105 downloads)
Health and Emergency Medicine (88 downloads)
Security and Defense (29 downloads)
Bushcraft (20)
Communications and Electrical (28)
General Survival and Disaster Preparedness (57 downloads)
Alternative Energy (40 downloads)
Water Storage, Treatment, and Resupply (50 downloads)
Alternative Home and Shelter Construction (26 downloads)
Knot Tying (13 downloads)
Street Smarts and Urban Survival (17 downloads)
SIZE: 1.83 GB


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