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Out of Touch Irish Governments Loony Economics and Worse

Could Paschal Donohoe, Micheal Martin, Leo Varadkar, Eamon Ryan or anybody else in the present Cabinet or the government at large please explain to us how someone working full time in Dublin on the minimum wage of €10.50 per hour amounting to an annual income of €21,840 can pay the average annual rack-rent of €23,666.76 in Dublin?

Ireland’s “Loonachaun” Economics

We know of course that is how the present and previous governments have balanced or unbalanced the books and continue to do so for the running of the country but that kind of “Loonachaun” economics doesn’t work for a man or woman on the minimum wage.

The opposition and mainly the caring concerned Left don’t seem to have any concern for the Irish people in distress. Instead they are all busy counting and identifying the ever increasing number of ‘them’ and ’they ’genders’ that never existed before and generally ‘people pleasing’ their EU and Globalist masters.

New Globalist Landlord Exploitation

Because of decades of the criminal negligence of the housing needs of the Irish people while allowing a new Globalist landlord class to outbid and take over our diminished housing stock we end up with the present disastrous situation with up to 10,000 Irish people on the streets or emergency accommodation and “Loonachaun” levels of rent in Dublin and many other towns and cities.

No Irish Here

Irish people are now being kicked out of emergency accommodation that is needed to accommodate refugees from Ukraine and other places. Racist you can yell and yell it again and again with your feigned anger and hypocritical indignation. Racist is right and racism is rampant against the Irish people who are being made homeless to accommodate thousands of expected refugees that are being invited into Ireland.

Cromwellian Times are Here Again

By all means invite those unfortunate people fleeing for their lives from war but do not kick the Irish people onto the street who can’t afford to pay the “Loonachaun” rack-rents to accommodate them. That is racism at its most rampant. Not since the anti Irish racism of Cromwellian times have we experienced such anti Irish racism. But then the virtue signalling people pleasing and spineless government primary agenda is to send the proper signals to their EU and globalist masters who have engineered the crisis that has caused the refugee problem in the first place. The Irish must make way. Get those racist Irish out. To hell or the streets, there is no Connaught this time.

The Tide will Turn

Suddenly there is a flurry or a hidden panic of activity on the housing and accommodation scene. Following decades of ignoring the housing needs of the Irish people – go on shout racist again – there is a hive of activity to find and build accommodation for the influx of new arrivals. No Irish need apply. This is the activity of a sick administration with an even sicker globalist agenda. Racist, go on shout it louder, racist, racist, racist. We no longer cringe at your name calling. Haven’t you heard of the boy who cried wolf? There will be a time of reckoning as sure as the tide turns and the Canute’s of the Irish Government can’t stop it. Their globalist masters won’t come to their rescue, they will be busy saving their own asses elsewhere.


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