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Speak Well of the Dead and Tony Holohan in Retirement

Dr. Tony Holohan marked the occasion of his final day in office as the States Chief Medical Officer with a tweet that generated a flurry of comments the majority of which were broadly positive followed by a fawning flurry of media farewells.

In Ireland we usually speak well of the dead and it appears that we now do the same for those retiring regardless of the misery they left behind. We can console ourselves with the fact that Tony Holohan is gone away to do something other than preside over the death throes of this contrived Covid pandemic and the waning uptake of the toxic experimental vaccine. Holohan can console himself with the comfort of his huge tax payer funded private retirement pension and with much more in the pipeline besides. He served his masters well and no doubt he will be rewarded accordingly. For good or ill, the future of Irish health will now become the responsibility of someone else. One Tony Holohan was more than enough.

Leaving the Sinking Ship

In a saner pre-Covid world, the idea that the country could lose its chief medical officer, its assistant chief medical officer and the CEO of the H.S.E. all at the same time would be sure to raise eyebrows. It’s likely that Stephen Donnelly will also join the ranks of the deadly departed Covid pushers in the not too distant future also. A convenient time where his departure would be achieved seamlessly would be when the Taoiseach position rolls over in December 2022. The main storm troopers driving the contrived Covid pandemic in Ireland would all then be out of the way leaving room for a better world.

No Media Questions Asked

This wave of departures from the health sector all comes without even a hint of questions or enquiry from our ‘inquiring’ media whose vigilance used to be legendary. These departures all take place while our fawning, fear mongering media looks the other way while demanding that the people remain vigilant and fearful of the next great variant of Covid or monkey pox or whatever else they can dream up to cower us all into compliance. Irish People readers won’t be mourning the loss of this bunch of self serving individuals. In fact their departure is the best evidence that the present phase of fear mongering, mask wearing, lockdowns and experimental vaccine enforcement is over and done with. The departure of these fear mongering medical despots are exhibits A, B, C & D.

Public OpinionTop of Form

Bottom ofThe wave of goodwill that exists for the departing Dr. Holohan is a reflection of the fickleness of contemporary public opinion and poor or selective memories. His failures are now long buried and are leaving behind a long trail of fading memories and ignored aching hearts.

The masses have all moved on to Ukrainian flag waving and the rainbow flag waving of the gender confused for Pride month not to forget the generally bewildered or the promotion of some newly created binary choice of the modern day warrior. The homeless better get out of the way lest they be trampled. After all this is the age of virtue signalling and the freedom of expression as long as you freely express what is currently politically correct.

A Shamefully Sorry Chapter

As this shamefully sorry chapter in Irish history comes to a muted close we will continue to remember the hellish misery created by Dr. Tony Holohan and his buddies in bodies like NPHET who together with government compliance prevented us from comforting our nearest and dearest as they died in abject isolation and then prevented us from giving them a decent traditional burial.

Tony Holohan was the perfect front man for this manufactured ghoulish and destructive drama. The drama of the doom filled daily briefings, the power crazed edicts, the solemn lectures and the doom mongering predictions together with the media fuelled frenzy fanned the flames of fear that cowered the populace into compliance.

This was an opportune time for Dr. Holohan and his buddies to stampede the people into mind numbing compliance, businesses into destruction and the country into the ground while the government complied at Holohan’s bidding enforced with Herr Donnelly’s oppressive directives and then they hid.

The Science of Deception

The primary function of Holohan, NPHET and their Pharma fanned fellow travellers was not science. Instead they played the role of a bad science fiction movie to manipulate a pandemic of fears and to stampede the populace into mindless terror driven oppressive compliance. Most of people in this country were manipulated by the media into a contrived sense of relief to have the firm hands of Holohan in charge during the early pandemic months. He and many others quickly got drunk on the surge of power that unexpectedly and suddenly dropped into their hands.

Power Hunger

This power was at first infectious and then it became an addiction needing constant population manipulation to provide regular ‘fixes’ through media exposure. Media and social media leaped into compliance by shutting down all debate. Instead they promoted and championed a reductive philosophy – that this and all of life’s problems can be resolved by simple, obvious binary choices and that people on the opposite side of this consensus are all dangerous conspiracy theorists and far right cranks that must be silenced. In a world dominated by a consensus of agenda based lies the truth can be very threatening.

Virtue Signalling Lies

The seductive narrative of the Corona virus era’s ‘single narrative simplicity’ ordains that the real world must at all costs be kept ‘far from the madding crowd’ where ugly and inconvenient truth must not be allowed to stain the pristine symbols of virtue.

It’s time for humanity to grow up and evaluate every situation rationally, and yes, scientifically, rather than be swept along in a destructive frenzy of fear manipulated by the masters of the Holohan’s of this world. That’s called being responsible.

After all Holohan was just another foot soldiers in a dirty war despite his inflated sense of importance and status, basking in his fleeting moment of power. When reality prevails again as it inevitably will, history will not be kind to Tony Holohan. He is best forgotten.


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