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The Committee Of Public Safety 😊


If you wanted to start an organisation to behead a lot of people you didn’t like- what would you call it?

The Committee For Head Loss?

The Strictly Soup Meat Butchers Association?

The Committee For Human Pest Control? *


None of the above- You would simply call it “The Committee Of Public Safety”

In Revolutionary France back in 1793 that’s the name they gave to their wonderful organisation which decided who should live or die. As La Revolution progressed, some of the “noisier” factions were having problems with those who would not do as they were told. As a means of quelling dissent, The Committee was established. It was a tremendous success:

According to Around 17,000 people were officially executed in France, including 2,639 in Paris. Many more died in prison or were beaten to death in the streets. Over 200,000 people were arrested.

But why use such a sweet name for this Committee? Surely it’s false advertising? Correct! Let us remember, dear Globalists, that through our schooling and media systems we have traumatized the Little People since birth to embrace our obvious gaslighting. It’s so simple and so beautiful. We tell people the polar opposite of the truth, and if they start to figure out that we’ve been messing with them, they’ll feel too ashamed to admit it. The French Revolution was our very first serious government messaging experiment and the results were extraordinary. Let us remember the most extraordinary hero from that period:

Robespierre (who unfortunately had to be sacrificed by his own committee.)

2020: Lessons From The French Revolution


2020 was a wonderful opportunity to test out our Revolution-phraseology. Where do you think we got inspiration for such great phrases like:

“Being Together While Staying Apart”

“Flattening the Curve”

“The New Normal”

“Stay Safe”


Stacy Gallin is the director of the Center for Human Dignity in Bioethics, Health, and the Holocaust at Misericordia University in Dallas, Pa. Gallin is a master of the turn-180-on-a-dime-statement, displaying all the qualities that any self-respecting Public Safety Committee Member would be proud of.

Here’s a masterful quote from Stacy:

“As members of humankind, we have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, but that also means we have the responsibility to treat others with dignity and respect. This statement, like the COVID-19 virus, knows no racial, cultural, religious, or socioeconomic boundaries.”

Stacy Gallin: A True Master of Reversism

Stacy illustrates just how simple it is!

We Globalists should all try a little reversism in our daily lives.

*“control” meaning “extermination”


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