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The Monkeypox Spread and Media Taboo

There is a growing theory based on the pattern of its spread and the profile of those infected that monkeypox may now have become a sexually transmitted infection (STI). It has been spreading mainly between sexual partners supporting the possibility that sexual intercourse is a means of transmitting the disease. This as yet is unconfirmed and experts disagree. Without explicitly saying so many experts are pointing to the incidents of the current monkeypox outbreak and gay sexual activity. Authorities in countries including Britain, Spain, Germany and Portugal say that most of the known cases in Europe have occurred among men who have sex with men.

Expert Support for Monkeypox Theory

“Many known patients are gay men who were tested after going to STI clinics, the WHO said. Health chiefs warned gay and bisexual men to be on the lookout for new unexplained rashes,” reports The Sun. “Cases have now been detected in Israel, Norway, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States and Canada.”

In an interview with The Associated Press, Dr. David Heymann, who formerly headed the WHO’s emergencies department, said the leading theory to explain the spread of the disease was sexual transmission among gay and bisexual men at two raves held in Spain and Belgium. Monkeypox has not previously triggered widespread outbreaks outside of Africa, where it is endemic in animals. “We know monkeypox can spread when there is close contact with the lesions of someone who is infected, and it looks like sexual contact has now amplified that transmission,” said Heymann.

The Evidence Points in One Direction

“Monkeypox. A very mild contagious disease that deserves no panic whatsoever is reportedly spreading across the world among attendees of a gay pride gathering of 80,000 people in Gran Canaria.” Natural News

“The Canaria Pride festival, held in the town of Maspalomas between May 5 and 15, has become a hotspot for the monkeypox outbreak, reports El País.” The Sun (UK)

Monkeypox… is primarily spreading through sex between men, according to the World Health Organization.  A leading doctor who chairs a World Health Organization expert group described the unprecedented outbreak of the rare disease monkeypox in developed countries as “a random event” that might be explained by risky sexual behaviour at two recent mass events in Europe. Cynthia S. Goldsmith, Russell Regner/CDC. Associated Press.

“This may just be unlucky that (monkeypox) happened to get into this one particular community first,” said Dr. Jake Dunning, an infectious diseases researcher at the University of Oxford, who is also involved in treating cases in London. “It’s just that they are a community and by having sex with each other, that is how it’s spreading,” he said.

The UK Health Security Agency’s (UKHSA) Dr. Susan Hopkins (is) saying that a significant amount of recent cases in the UK and Europe have been gay and bisexual men. BBC report.

Hive Minded Media

The evidence is clear that promiscuously engaging in gay sex between thousands of strangers spreads disease. Even the WHO is now saying that monkeypox is spreading mainly through sexual contact among gay men.

Despite the evidence, not a single mainstream corporate media outlet in the world will admit this. They tiptoe around the subject without addressing the risk posed by promiscuous sexual activity and largely ignore the fact. According to today’s mainstream corporate media anal intercourse among multiple sex partners is perfectly normal, perhaps even preferred. The politically correct line must always take precedence in the mainstream media despite how much the truth must be bent to achieve this. Today’s journalists display all the characteristics of a hive mind with only one opinion and one agenda.

Monkeypox Must Not Become Moneypox

Outside of the one identified group monkeypox presents little or no risk to the individual and virtually no risk to the world. The media frenzy surrounding the topic of monkeypox without addressing its identifiable source is the latest effort to spread fear and panic. This is a deliberate strategy in order to turn monkeypox into moneypox with the inevitable monkeypox vaccine that will then be forced on everyone if the panic level can be raised high enough.

Dumber Than a Dumb Monkey

Anyone dumb enough to fall for this latest media fanned “outbreak” hysteria is dumber than a dumb monkey. Humans are the only species dumb enough to poison their food supply with pesticides and allow themselves to be injected with a genetically altering experimental “vaccines” that can cause infertility and death. It takes an obedient media controlled human progressive to be that stupid. The media hive minds hysteria has infected a large part of the human population with dumb disease where those infected allow the media to do their thinking for them.


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