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The Political Gender Quota Dilemma

The Electoral (Amendment) (Political Funding) Bill became an ‘Act’ in July 2012. This Act introduced an electoral gender quota into the Irish political system which all the parties were happy with.

Section 42 of the act provides that any political party which does not have at least 30% of its candidates of each gender at the next General Election will have its State funding cut by half. However that was at a time when gender was biological and before it became illogical when there were only two universally recognised genders.

Identifying and Counting Genders

In today’s society the traditional view of gender as a binary classification, male or female, is changing rapidly. An editorial piece in Nature (the highly-acclaimed international science journal) explained that the US government found it impossible to define the number of genders as it has no scientific basis for doing so. Neither has anyone else which leaves us with a free for all and a dilemma.

The Possibilities are Limitless

Today’s academic driven boundless conceptualisations and self-descriptions of gender, non-gendered and neuter gender identities provides for limitless possibilities. Tran’s communities, trans identities and gender redefinition and identity matters are becoming more visible, less visible, invisible and infinitely more varied.

Self Identification

In many academic institutions you can ‘identify’ as one gender when going to work on Monday and another on Tuesday and a third on Wednesday. The possibilities are limitless if you can afford the clothes to facilitate the multiplicity of gender identity possibilities. Maybe nakedness is the answer but that could lead to contradictory identities and binary presumptions based on stereotypical interpretations of appearance. Some say there are 64 genders and others say there are more than a hundred. Who is counting? As I said ‘the possibilities are limitless.

The Political Dilemma

The political parties will receive some welcome respite from having to pretend that they have principles and policies. How instead will they attempt to deal with the party gender quotas since there are now so many genders and nobody can definitely say how many there are? How can political parties have at least 30% of its candidates of each gender with so many genders and counting. With only 100% to deal with the possibility of so many 30%’s the parties are facing a mathematically impossible gender crisis.

With the possibility of more than a hundred genders all claiming the right to their quota of 30% we are indeed left with a mathematical impossibility. No. There is no possible benefit in resurrecting Einstein. More than three 30%’s into 100% won’t go no matter what you do. There are no pronouns to express it.

None of the political parties can afford to back down on their party gender quotas as that would compromise their sacredly held position of ‘political correctness’ and their holier than thou ‘virtue signalling’ narrative would be in tatters. All their carefully chosen pronouns could become redundant.

Political redefinition of Gender

The only solution would be a politically acceptable redefinition of gender. That would of course have to carefully accommodate each parties’ stance on ‘political correctness’ without offending any of the other parties. It would also have to avoid diluting each parties abilities to maintain their ‘virtue signalling’ ability. It’s a prickly problem indeed with the growing number of gender identities and the possibility of causing offence which must be avoided at all costs. What if we pretended that there are only two genders? Would the World fall apart or would the delusion disintegrate?


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